AC Chapter 404

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Chapter 404: Who exactly are you

Infernal domain, Infernal King’s bedroom

“You would, of course, do it because you are not the real Infernal Queen either!”

A glow flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes that seemed to see through everything.

The Infernal Queen was startled and said with a puzzled expression, “I’m not the real Infernal Queen? Darling, why are you making such a strange joke?”

Shi Xiaobai smiled without saying a word. After looking into the Infernal Queen’s eyes for a few moments, he pointed to his right armpit and said, “Unfortunately, This King does not have a red mole under This King’s right armpit.”

When the Infernal Queen heard this, her expression remained the same as she said with certainty, “I’m certain that Darling has a red mole underneath your armpit.”

Shi Xiaobai chuckled, “This afternoon, This King had deliberately taken off his clothes while in the bathroom. This King had looked using a mirror but there was no red mole. Do you think that This King made a mistake?”

The Infernal Queen fell silent for a moment before her expression gradually turned serious. She pondered for a moment before saying softly, “Maybe I remembered wrong. It might be under the left armpit.”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head with a laugh as he said, “Unfortunately, there was none under the left armpit either.”

A look of surprise flashed in the Infernal Queen’s eyes as she exclaimed, “Impossible!”


Shi Xiaobai said with a sneer, “Do you mean that it’s impossible that This King doesn’t have a red mole under either of his armpits or do you mean that it’s impossible for This King to be so insipid as to check his armpits so carefully?”

The Infernal Queen fell silent as she looked at Shi Xiaobai and said with a faint grumble, “Darling, are you trying to make things difficult for me?”

Shi Xiaobai chuckled, “You know that This King has a birthmark on his chest because This King’s clothes had been changed before, but you did not obtain more private information. However, in order to make This King believe that he is the Infernal King, you used the very persuasive argument of the existence of a red mole under the armpit. That was indeed a very wise lie because ordinary people would not pay any attention about the existence of a red mole under the armpit. And there was no way anyone would take off their clothes on the spot to check. After someone realizes that he was the Infernal King, he would not make the unnecessary move of verifying it. This is a lie that nearly could not be exposed. But you must have never thought that This King will really check. Furthermore, This King had checked both armpits!”

The Infernal Queen sighed and said, “Darling, aren’t you just splitting hairs? When Darling kept insisting that he wasn’t the Infernal King, I was anxious and said a lie, so as to stop Darling from joking. Darling, you could lie and say that you are not the Infernal King, so why can’t I make a harmless lie?”

“Of course you can lie,” said Shi Xiaobai with a nod. “You were quite clever to not say that you remembered wrongly. Lying is indeed the best excuse. This King also believed that you had said a lie because of your anxiousness, but unfortunately, that is not the only thing you did that let the cat out of the bag!”

The Infernal Queen said in a soft voice, “What did I do to make Darling misunderstand me?”

“Perfume.” Shi Xiaobai said softly, “This room is filled with a perfume scent.”

The Infernal Queen said in surprise, “Is there a problem spraying a bit of perfume in the room?”

“It’s very normal to spray perfume in the room, but the problem was that the perfume is poisonous!”

Shi Xiaobai said with a sneer, “You probably never expected that not only is This King immune to poison, This King can also easily detect the existence of poison. The perfume in this room contains a strong aphrodisiac poison. It confused This King’s mind temporarily, but thankfully, This King is immune to poison, or This King would have indulged in lust.”

The Infernal Queen gaped and whispered, “Darling, you returned after so many days, and I was lonely. I wanted to spray some aphrodisiac perfume to enhance my appeal. Is…that also wrong?”

“It’s not wrong, and it’s very reasonable, but the mistake was that you were too eager.”

Shi Xiaobai stretched two fingers out. “Twice. You sprayed the perfume twice. The amounts that were sprayed both times were completely different. You probably never expected that This King could precisely distinguish the level of toxicity in the perfume. The amount of aphrodisiac perfume sprayed tonight is 3.3 times more than it was in the afternoon. If you were only doing so to increase your appeal, is there a need to increase the concentration of the aphrodisiac perfume?”

The Infernal Queen said with a wry smile, “I, I might have made a mistake and sprayed too much. Darling, if you don’t like such methods of enhancing appeal, I won’t spray it in the future. But how can this say that I’m not the real Infernal Queen? I only did this in a moment of folly because I love you too much…”

Shi Xiaobai nodded and said, “Indeed, these two points would not be able to explain anything. Be it the red mole under the armpit or the aphrodisiac perfume, it at most proves that you have lied and that you are not as honest to This King as you appear. But unfortunately, you made the biggest mistake. Think back carefully. Back when This King said ‘You know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King’, how did you answer?”

A trace of surprise flashed in the Infernal Queen’s eyes. She carefully recollected what her first response was.

Back then, she had said the words “Darling, you are joking once again! If I knew that you weren’t the Infernal King and not my husband, how would I do such bold and shameless deeds?”

Was there something wrong with that?

Where was the problem?

The Infernal Queen’s pupils suddenly dilated as she looked in disbelief at Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai sped up his speaking speed and said, “Do you understand now? Your guilty conscience answer has completely exposed you. When This King said, ‘You know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King’, you instinctively rejected the matter that ‘you know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King’, and not that ‘This King isn’t the Infernal King’! It’s because you know that This King is not the Infernal King, so you never realized the pitfall of that sentence. You were too eager to deny the fact that you knew that This King is not the Infernal King. But by doing so, you exposed the truth!”

“Then, with the ‘You know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King’ as a premise, all your actions can be explained. You know that This King isn’t the Infernal King because, in order to make This King believe that he is the Infernal King, you said the lie about the red mole under the armpit. You know that This King isn’t the Infernal King, so he would not have intercourse with you normally. Therefore, you sprayed aphrodisiac perfume. When you realized that the effects were not obvious, you allowed This King more latitude first before striking later. You waited until the night and increased the concentration of the aphrodisiac perfume. And all of your actions, be it the striptease or you being naked at this moment, your goal is extremely obvious. You want to seduce This King!”

“If you are the real Infernal Queen and with you knowing that This King isn’t the real Infernal King, how could you possibly take actions to seduce This King? Therefore, there is only one truth. You are not the real Infernal Queen!”

The Infernal Queen fell silent and after looking into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes for a moment, she said softly with a laugh, “What Darling said are just wishful speculation and inference. There is no evidence at all. I admit that I said a lie, sprayed aphrodisiac perfume and did very bold and shameless acts of temptation. The question from before was me answering incorrectly because of a moment of confusion. But what can all this prove? I only did so out of loneliness, hoping that Darling can quickly show his love to me. By doing this, wouldn’t it perfectly prove my feelings for you? Darling, your inference sounds very reasonable, but there is no evidence that can prove that I’m not the real Infernal Queen.”

Shi Xiaobai sighed and said, “The evidence you want is very simple. You can change everything about you to be identical to the Infernal Queen, but there is one thing that you instinctively ignored. That’s because you didn’t think that This King would be able to discover the thing that you couldn’t be bothered to hide. Your strength is ridiculously strong.”

When the Infernal Queen heard this, her eyes widened.

Shi Xiaobai focused on the Infernal Queen’s naked and alluring body and confirmed that he did not make a mistake. When he gathered his killing intent to concentrate on the body in front of him, he did not see a single red line.

Not a single one!

This was unprecedented for Shi Xiaobai. He could see about three or four red lines even for the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign or King Leonis in his fourth state. But, Shi Xiaobai could not find a single one inside the Infernal Queen in front of him!

“You are very strong. You are so strong that there is no need to hide your power level because you know that This King will not be able to see your true strength. And that’s true. This King can’t tell, but it’s because This King can’t tell which lets This King know that your strength far exceeds the real Infernal Queen! You are a fake Infernal Queen!”

Shi Xiaobai focused on the Infernal Queen’s eyes and said with a deep voice, “Your strength can clearly one-shot This King! Why are you pretending to be the Infernal Queen and trying all means to seduce This King! What is your goal? And…who the hell are you!?”

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  1. may i ask why hero king is called hero ? he commited immense crime, started three way world war, had millions of innocents slaughtered and when he came to atone for his sins which wasnt really atonement what he did was create organisation *clap* *clap* and he gets to get called hero king. .and the age in which he lived gets to be called era of heroes… so every criminal is hero is what they are implying ?? every killer gets to be hero then if they atone with being in jail? what the f*ck is this logic i dont understand… person doesnt become hero by creating massive massacre and then creating organisation destined to save lives.. like this doesnt make goddamn sense ..yes people he slaughtered werent “alive” but they were lives regardless, they had personalities,their lives and they were human more or less, so even if it was created by system they were still alive in a sense, so he isnt a hero nothing but a slaughterer,i want SxB to shame him ! SHAME! and i think SxB will kill speechless li and gargantuan,cause that’s the price for attacking his domain! Hmph

    1. Wow wow chill down a little dude..SXB doesn’t go around everywhere smacking people in the face..especially if he/she is a good guy..You might accidentally missed out a few words on several chapters back there when SXB and company in Transcendence…SXB was not impressed and was even disappointed and there was no shocking reversal on the story…but his friend Liu Yu said this is only the stain in Hero King life..he was a genius ignorant to the disastrous effect of vortex of war and when he learned of it..he quickly challenged all three kings to put an end to the war and soon after he left the tower he done many good things..helping people..marking the start of the Age of Heroes and many more…besides everyone makes mistakes and also why should SXB kill Speechless Li and the gargantuan?Earlier you said about even though they weren’t alive they are technically still alive in a sense..he is the bad guy?You can’t say that..since this only happened because of what SXB did and hes partly responsible…and since you even supported the lives of tge things that will respawns later why even think of makin SXB killing Speechless?Speechless did not even harm a hair on SX hair…although they fought..thats only testing tge strengths of each other doesnt matter who wins..Speechless only likes to fight and SXB also are interested in th guy called “Speechless Li” and he did not even have grievances with each other…also when Speechless talks with Mu Yuesheng he said that SXB is indeed someone with talent and also is someone kind but he dares and can eat everything..but thats not a bad thing since if you see someone eating rocks and things like that you will be shocked too but other than that all he said about SXB is all good things…so theres no reason to kill him is there?? (^_^)

      1. yea there is no reason at all that’s why im getting vibe that this author of ours might do that .. there was no reason for our MC to be infernal king or original sin now was there? no there was not but here we are, im saying that SxB might get mad seeing his domain get attacked and his people slaughtered you do know how SxB is even tho he knows all of this is fake he still loves his people cause they put their lives into his own hands so ofc he will not dare to dissapoint them so maybe SxB will go mad and kill gargantuan and maybe speechless as well? we never know what author will do maybe give him quest? like kill gargantuan and speechless li rank S reward, subdue gargantuan and speechless li rank A reward and survive join attack Rank C reward or something like that

        1. Hahahaha yea I agree with you too there.This author of ours is practically unpredictable and he might actually makes SXB kills both The Gargantuan and Speechless and what I meant in my comment above literally meant this author of ours might not make SXB kill Speechless but I forgot to edit it and says but SXB might kills him too since ever since he gets this power of Kali he is easily provokes to anger and as for those small details like how you can’t compare killing virtual people and killing real people or how you can’t compare SXB is stronger than hero king since hero king killed 3 kings while SXB barely kill King Liones 1vs1 doesn’t matter and I never compared the strength of SXB and Hero King in the 1st place I wonders who said it like that hahaha.

    2. Wow you sir need to learn how to read properly, english is not my first language and i understood it better than you, your comment is so stupid you made me log in on my phone which is thing i never thouht i would do. 1st of all, the hero king killed virtual people, they are not real peolle how can you compare it to a real murderer. 2nd of all, he became the first hero, kind of like superman, and started saving the people and the world, than he created the super hero organisation, he did countless good deeds that probably will be mentioned in the future, it’s that creating the war, killing the 3 kings is only 1 of countless legends that the hero king created, SXB barely could kill king liones 1vs1 while the hero king kill all 3 at the same time, and again i will mention that nobody is real in this world except the trail takers. Another thing is that speechless didn’t declare war and he even tried to revoke the order but he couldn’t. Please go back and read again you are missing so many details i really don’t know what you are doing while reading.

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  2. Can someone explain the “real Infernal King” “Infernal King” trap he’d laid out. Maybe it was lost in translation, but as spoken, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her response, unless he was expecting her to say something like “what you do mean you’re not the REAL Infernal King, of course you’re the REAL Infernal King, Darling.”

    As I read it:
    You (Fake Queen) know that This King (Lord SXB) isn’t the real Infernal King (Real King)

    Expected response if Real Queen:
    Darling (Real King), you are joking once again! If I (Real Queen) knew that you weren’t the Infernal King (Real King) and not my husband (Real King), how would I do such bold and shameless deeds (😚)?

    1. Honestly, none of it really made sense except for the aphrodisiac and the ridiculous strength she has. He could have just gone with the fact that she’s way too strong to actually be the infernal queen.

    2. Honestly, just like you said, I don’t think it make sense either. Maybe it’s because of the translation, or maybe the Author himself wrote something similar like that so the translation at best can only be like that.
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      1. “You know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King.”
        “If I knew that you weren’t the Infernal King and not my husband, how would I do such a bold and shameless deed?”

        In that sentence, she was rejecting the fact that she did not know that he is the Infernal King; hence the “If I knew”. She should have said, “Aren’t you the Infernal King? I did such a bold and shameless deed because you are the Infernal King and my husband”, hence exposing her lie.

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