AC Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: We aren’t real

Infernal domain, Door of the Bravehearts

The whole world believed that there was only one entrance to the Infernal domain—the narrow Door of the Bravehearts. This was because entry from any other direction would cause one to fall into a maze and lose their sense of direction. Even if one could finally walk out of the maze, one would appear outside the Infernal domain and never inside.

The Door of the Bravehearts was the only entrance that would not lead to a maze. It was also the only entrance that connected the interior of the Infernal domain to its exterior.

And it was because of this that the Infernal domain was easily defendable. Even if one had a million-strong army, trying to gain entry through such a narrow entrance would only result in a battering by the armies guarding the Infernal domain.

However, there were people who knew of a secret—the Infernal domain’s mazes were not natural, but a result of several array formations. And these array formations were within the Infernal domain.

This was one of the biggest secrets of the Infernal domain. Mortals would not have any way of knowing, but the Celestials were different. Due to a particular reason, the Celestials knew of this secret.

Therefore, the Celestials were the greatest enemies of the Infernals as well as their greatest threat. This was because they knew that as long as the maze array formations were destroyed, it would result in a hole in the exterior barrier of the Infernal domain. And one maze array formation was all that was needed to have such an effect.

As the saying goes, an ant hole can cause the collapse of a great dike. Just a tiny hole would allow the Celestial army to directly destroy the Infernal domain’s exterior barriers.

And the Celestial army’s first division was a reconnaissance squad. They were endowed with the most confidential of missions—using three hundred kamikaze soldiers to destroy at least one array formation.

The first squad’s commander, Maio, was already eighty years old. He was once one of the ten Divine Generals. After he retired, he did not choose to lead a peaceful retirement. Instead, he volunteered to be the commander of the first division.

Although this division was numbered one, it was the division that most Celestial soldiers hated to be assigned to. This was because the division was the first to make the charge and the first to die when war broke out.

Although the Celestials lived in isolation and had not warred for millennia, no one knew when the flames of war would ignite or when the smoke would waft to them.

Honor was dear, but life was dearer.

Of course, there were people who valued the treatment received by the first division. As the most dangerous division, the wages exceeded the other divisions. Things like pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance, board and lodging, allowances and year-end bonuses didn’t exist, but the wages they received every month were twice that of the soldiers of the same rank!

Therefore, both honor and life could be given up for money.

There was no lack of such money-grubbing worms in the first division.

These worms were easily recognizable. Maio could tell at a glance that more than half of the young soldiers were trembling. His eyes flashed a look of disappointment.

However, there was a small minority of young soldiers who seemed to face death calmly in the eye.

This made Maio feel a tiny sense of comfort.

“If we succeed, would the war begin?”

A shivering soldier said with a tremble, “Shall we flee instead? For peace?”

With that said, there was immediately a number of soldiers that echoed him. Of course, there were other soldiers that laughed derisively.

Maio sighed and said with a heavy voice, “If we fail, there’s still the second first division. And if we become deserters, your parents, spouse and children will be chased out of the Celestial domain.”

With that said, all the soldiers fell silent.

Maio looked at the dark sky and said, “Ever since His Majesty used the Will of the King, the war has already begun. If the Infernal domain is not conquered, the Celestial domain will be in danger. For our family, our lives will not be in vain. Children, time is up. Let us send ourselves to our deaths!”

Infernal domain, Infernal King’s bedroom

The completely naked Infernal Queen stood up from the bathing pool. The most private parts of her body were not covered in any way.

Water droplets rolled down her smooth skin, but what was even more crystalline than the water droplets were her pair of charming eyes.

“Darling, I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight.”

Bold words that had a bashful tone to it came out of her light pink lips. Her soft voice sounded slightly hoarse which gave it a temptatious allure.

The Infernal Queen lifted her right foot out of the bathing pool as she walked to the middle of the room with water dripping down her body. A splendid scene could be seen from time to time as her thighs separated with every step she took. The full and ample bunnies on her chest bounced up and down in a supple manner.

Shi Xiaobai watched in a daze for three seconds. This was the first time he had seen the naked body of the opposite sex. Furthermore, it was one that he would consider very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. Shi Xiaobai could not help but look for an additional three seconds.

This was a major influence on his pure heart.

There were huge differences between the bodies of men and women. And the greatest difference was between the legs.

Shi Xiaobai came up with a very scientific conclusion and could not help but ponder over the reason for the difference.

Unlike other teenagers, Shi Xiaobai would be dozing off in anatomy classes. He had never seen raunchy stuff before. Even in animations, games, or websites, he would turn a blind eye to the pornographic content. He did not have the desire to delve further into it. And it appeared as though his roommate, Yang Wei, was happy with such a situation happening. He deliberately chose not to inform Shi Xiaobai of the anatomy knowledge that even primary school students would more or less know.

Shi Xiaobai knew that there existed the possibility of ‘mating’ between men and women. He also knew that the term “Pa Pa Pa” represented intimate actions between men and women, but for the actual act or the specific details, they were things Shi Xiaobai did not know. He temporarily did not have the interest to know either.

In a world where sex and desires prevailed, there were always people who did not know a thing. They were obsessed with certain things, so they would miss out on some general knowledge. You could call them idiots or retards, and Shi Xiaobai was such a youth.

The scene in front of his eyes made Shi Xiaobai ponder.

Like the legendary story, Adam and Eve began thinking when they looked at each other’s bodies—Why were there such huge differences between the bodies of men and women?

Such a thought made Adam be instinctively attracted to Eve and eventually, he tasted the forbidden fruit.

And at that moment, Shi Xiaobai was facing a similar test.

But it was different from Adam’s. What Shi Xiaobai was facing was not the equally ignorant Eve, but the Infernal Queen, who clearly knew everything.

The Infernal Queen was taking step after step in an enchanting manner as she came to a meter away from Shi Xiaobai. She gave an embarrassed smile and stretched out her slender and soft hands. Placing them on Shi Xiaobai’s cheeks, she said gently, “Darling, am I beautiful?”

The Infernal Queen’s naked body was in close proximity, but even under such close scrutiny, there was no sign of a blemish on her soft and fair skin. It was like flawless milky jade.

Shi Xiaobai had no way but to admit that the Infernal Queen in front of him was very beautiful. He nodded slightly as his eyes seemed to glaze over slightly.

The Infernal Queen chuckled in joy as she stretched out her hands to hold onto Shi Xiaobai’s hands as she slowly pulled them towards her chest.

“Darling, I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight, as long as you are happy.”

The Infernal Queen’s eyes were filled with affection and obsession, as though she was willing to give up everything for the person she loved deeply.

But just as Shi Xiaobai’s hand was about to touch the ample bunnies, Shi Xiaobai suddenly pulled his hands back from the Infernal Queen’s grasp.

The Infernal Queen was left stunned as she asked curiously, “What happened?”

Shi Xiaobai slowly took a step back. His eyes were bright and clear as a lake. “You know that This King isn’t the real Infernal King.”

The Infernal Queen laughed in surprise as she said, “Darling, you are joking once again! If I knew that you weren’t the Infernal King and not my husband, how would I do such a bold and shameless deed?”

Shi Xiaobai grinned as his eyes flashed a penetrating wisdom, “You would, of course, do it because you are not the real Infernal Queen either!”

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