AC Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: War has already begun!

Celestial domain, Celestial King’s palace

Speechless was sitting on the Celestial King’s throne in a depressed manner.

At the Celestial domain’s stone door, the wolf-headed guard had knelt down in horror and called him “Your Majesty”.

Speechless originally believed that the wolf-headed guard had made a mistake, but after he entered the Celestial domain, he realized that every Celestial inside the Celestial domain recognized him as the Celestial King. No matter how much he denied it, even to the point of claiming to be here to steal the Celestial Jade and challenge the Celestial King, as well as taking out the challenge letter he had prepared.

However, not a single Celestial believed Speechless’ words or had any doubt about his status as Celestial King. They prostrated before him and requested him to stop joking while trembling.

Speechless was rendered speechless. He had no choice but to accept the ridiculous plot setup.

“Little Yue, why don’t you comment on what’s going on? Does the Celestial domain think that whoever is the most handsome is the Celestial King? This Emperor believes that his face can easily one-shot the entire Celestial domain, but This Emperor doesn’t have a modicum of interest being the Celestial King,” Speechless grumbled as he silently played with the holy item of the Celestial domain in his hand—the Celestial Jade.

Mu Yuesheng could not help but roll her eyes. Disregarding Speechless’ shameless act of touting his own horn, his body language appeared as if he enjoyed it. She despised him for it, but she too could not figure out why he had suddenly become the Celestial King.

Unlike Shi Xiaobai, the two of them did not even think of the wondrous possibility of the ‘assessment program’s designation’. The only thought they had was that something had gone wrong, or that Speechless had done something he had failed to notice. Those acts might have initiated a hidden plot.

Mu Yuesheng pondered for a while with her eyebrows furrowed before she gave up thinking on the matter that provided no clues. She said, “You seem like you are enjoying it. As Celestial King, it is equivalent to you possessing all the resources of the Celestial domain. Even a holy item like the Celestial Jade can be held by you easily. This is a great opportunity that others would love to have.”

When Speechless heard her, he squinted his eyes as he tasted a mouthful of the grape wine from the table. He said in admiration, “The Celestial domain’s wine is indeed delicious.”

Speechless set the glass of wine down and looked at Mu Yuesheng. His eyes suddenly turned serious as he said, “However if This Emperor were to become the Celestial King, how is he to challenge all three kings?”

Mu Yuesheng was slightly surprised as she immediately looked down and said, “Do you really need to challenge all three kings? Can’t becoming the Celestial King be your excuse?”

Speechless fell silent for a moment before he said with a deep voice, “It can be used as an excuse and the old fogeys of the Li family have no choice but to accept the excuse, but…how can This Emperor accept such an excuse?”

Mu Yuesheng looked up suddenly and said in surprise, “What do you mean? The act of challenging the three kings is of your own will?”

Speechless nodded and said, “Of course. This Emperor had prepared seven years for this day.”

Mu Yuesheng gaped and hesitated for a moment before she whispered, “But you once said that you want to be Speechless Li.”

“Not only does This Emperor want to be Speechless Li, he also wants to surpass the Hero King,” Speechless said in a deep voice, “But the premise of surpassing the Hero King requires This Emperor to accomplish his past achievements and nothing less!”

Mu Yuesheng shook her head and say with a wry smile, “I can’t agree with your point of view. I believe that Speechless Li can surpass the Hero King, but there is no need to become the Hero King before surpassing him. Speechless Li can carve out a new path that belongs to him, creating a legend that he can call his own.”

Speechless laughed in spite of himself and said, “To think that the name ‘Speechless Li’ is such a lofty existence in your mind. Sorry, Little Yue. Your Brother Speechless is not as great as you imagined. After fully understanding the legend of the Hero King, I believe that no one after him can create a legend that can surpass his. A legend that surpasses the Hero King does not exist from my point of view. To surpass him, I believe that one has to follow his life trajectory before taking one more step than he did.”

Mu Yuesheng gave Speechless a penetrating glance and said seriously, “On this point, you are inferior to Shi Xiaobai. If it were him, he would not hesitate and do what he wants and walk down a path that belongs to him. Brother Speechless, do not let the ‘Hero King’ be your shackles that restrict your own expression.”

Speechless was stunned when he heard this. He said with a chuckle, “What you said is very reasonable. I have nothing to offer to your viewpoint. But if from the day you were born, you were arranged and trained to become a particular person, wouldn’t you have a grudge against that person? Would you think of telling this world and telling the people who designated your fate that you can surpass that person? Do you understand? What I want to do and the path I want to take is to follow the Hero King’s footsteps and go even further than him!”

Mu Yuesheng gaped as she lowered her head slightly. She no longer spoke.

Speechless sighed and fell into silence.

The atmosphere turned heavy and oppressive.

At that moment, the sound of footsteps broke the heavy silence.

The two looked up and saw a bull-horned Celestial guard who was three meters tall enter the palace.

Although the bull-horned guard wore a guard’s uniform, he looked rather majestic and had an extraordinary bearing. It was obvious at a glance that he was no ordinary guard.

“Is there something?” Speechless asked curiously.

The bull-horned guard bowed his head but he did not kneel. He said in a deep voice, “Your Majesty, the first division has already begun the mission. Should the second division be ordered to be on standby?”

Speechless was stunned. “What do you mean? Speak clearly.”

The bull-horned guard looked up slightly as his eyes had a trace of doubt. However, he quickly lowered his head as he enunciated his words clearly, “According to your command, the Celestial army’s first division—the kamikaze squad has launched a preemptive assault on the Infernal domain in the wee hours of the night. They will likely open up a path in the Infernal domain. Your Majesty, when do you plan on letting the second division begin the second wave of attacks?”

Upon hearing that, Speechless and Mu Yuesheng were given a fright as they stood up from their seats.

Speechless said in a deep voice, “When did This Emp…This King issue such an order?”

The bull-horned guard immediately replied with a deep voice, “Two days ago, you raised the motion of launching a full-scale attack on the Infernal domain at the round table meeting. You were unanimously opposed by the seven Elders, but you were insistent on it and determined. You used the ‘Will of the King’ that every Celestial King can use once during his reign, forcefully passing the motion of invading the Infernal domain. According to your plan, a three-hundred-strong kamikaze squad will use their lives to launch a sneak attack tonight so as to open a gap in the Infernal domain! All of this can be testified by the seven Elders, the ten Divine Generals, as well as me!”

Speechless and Mu Yuesheng looked each other in the face. They had only just arrived in the seventh level two days ago.

In that case, the command was issued by the real Celestial King?

But why would the real Celestial King issue such a command?

This situation had never been seen in the history of the trials that humans have seen in millennia.

Speechless was left shocked for a moment before he quickly calmed down. Regardless of what the Celestial King had done, he was now the Celestial King.

Speechless said to the bull-horned guard said, “It must have been a moment of folly and not the wishes of This King. Quickly pass the order to get the first division to retreat. The plans of invading the Infernal domain have all been canceled!”

The bull-horned guard looked up and gave Speechless a penetrating gaze. He shook his head and said in a deep voice, “I’m very sorry. The first division had already launched a sneak attack on the Infernal domain three minutes ago. Most of them should have died valiantly in battle, so it is unlikely that the plans of invading the Infernal domain can be canceled.”

“Your Majesty, war has already begun!”

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