AC Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight

The old succubus shocked Shi Xiaobai.

And for the other three palace maids’ families, their reactions were identical to the first elderly succubus.

The Infernals had black skin, and most of them were born ugly. However, Shi Xiaobai was shocked by the pure loyalty they had.

It was a truly beautiful loyalty. You could call it fanaticism or craziness, but you could not deny that such loyalty was a form of beauty for a king on his throne.

Shi Xiaobai was not the real Infernal King. He had not done a single thing for the country or these people. However, after gaining such a beautiful loyalty, he could not feel a sense of hate for them, despite the fact that devils were impressed on humans as an ugly and evil existence.

The loyalty of these Infernals was much more beautiful than humans or Transcendents.

“Give them the best treatment,” said Shi Xiaobai softly.

The Infernal Queen nodded. “Alright.”

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and asked the Infernal Queen, “This King wants to make the country even better. What should This King do?”

The Infernal Queen faltered for a moment and said seriously a few moments later. “Do as you did in the past. Darling, you have already done a very good job. You are the most perfect king that I’ve ever heard of, seen or imagined.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he could not help but turn silent.

Back in the Infernal King’s bedroom, Shi Xiaobai had seen several books on governance and he had guessed that the Infernal King was probably an enlightened ruler, but he never expected that the Infernal King would be given such high acclaim.

From the attitude of the Infernals, it was obvious that the Infernal King was an excellent monarch.

“Let’s go back.”

The Infernal Queen said when she noticed the darkening skies.

They spent an entire afternoon’s time to settle the matters regarding the four palace maids. As the most noble existence in the Infernal domain, Shi Xiaobai did not need to do so. It was also unprecedented for a king to personally apologize to his people.

But because of this, the look of admiration and love in the Infernal Queen’s eyes became more intense.

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he nodded. It suited him because he wanted to return to the Infernal King’s bedroom to see if there were any clues left. He wanted to know what sort of king the Infernal King was.

After returning to the palace, Shi Xiaobai did not immediately return to his bedroom. Instead, he first paid a visit to Sunless and company. He was surprised to discover Sunless, Pulp Farmer, and Liu Yu engrossed in their reading. Sunless had brought a few books back to her room, but Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu decided to stay put in the library. It could be euphemistically called ‘reading by the lamplight’.

When asked, it was revealed that many of the books in the Infernal Library were extremely beneficial to them. Many theories and knowledge were different from what the humans knew, but they had their own unique views. It gave them an enlightening feeling as they realized that things could be explained in particular ways.

Even Sunless was full of praise of the Infernal domain’s sword manuals. It even made Shi Xiaobai feel like grabbing a few books to read. However, Shi Xiaobai, who never had interest in reading, felt dizzy just thinking of the densely packed words in the books.

It was enough just thinking about reading.

Shi Xiaobai next went to the arsenal and discovered Feng Yuanlin still in there. Feng Yuanlin’s superpower was not creating shields out of nothing. He needed to come into contact with real shields to be able to replicate them. By being able to come in close contact with the shields in the Infernal domain’s arsenal was a great opportunity for Feng Yuanlin.

Shi Xiaobai did not disturb Feng Yuanlin, who was immersed in enhancing his strength. He only conveniently took a shield and ate it along the way.

The black metal shield that looked hard and sturdy tasted like chocolate cookies. Furthermore, its nutritional value was eleven. It was tasty and pragmatic. It completely trashed the hundred dishes cooked by the Infernal domain’s chefs.

Shi Xiaobai chewed the black metal shield in satisfaction as he thought about finding an opportunity to head to the arsenal tomorrow to have a sumptuous meal. Wouldn’t that be great?

When Shi Xiaobai walked past the silver-haired girl’s room, he knocked on it gently but the girl did not open the door. Shi Xiaobai did not disturb her any further as it was likely for her to be asleep.

After going his rounds, Shi Xiaobai finally returned to his bedroom.

Shi Xiaobai pushed the door and entered. Scanning the room, he realized that the Infernal Queen wasn’t in the bedroom. He was delighted because it was a perfect opportunity.

Shi Xiaobai closed the door as he eagerly walked towards the desk.

However, just as he was halfway there, he heard a splash.

Shi Xiaobai turned his head in shock and a naked figure came out of the water in the bathing pool.

The first thing he saw was snow-white skin.

The Infernal Queen, who came out of the bathing pool, was completely naked. The most private parts of her body were not covered in any way. Water droplets rolled down her smooth skin, but what was even more crystalline than the water droplets were her pair of charming eyes.

“Darling, I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight.”


This day was destined to be a day forever recorded in history for Transcendence.

In the afternoon, the western city wall had been destroyed. The gatekeeping gargantuan had left and King Leonis had disappeared.

But in the afternoon, the gatekeeping gargantuan returned.

And what was most astonishing was the head in the gatekeeping gargantuan’s hand.

It was King Leonis’s head.

Leonis was dead!

It sent shockwaves throughout Transcendence.

And at that moment, the gatekeeping gargantuan bellowed a terrible roar at Transcendence—”All of you get the fuck out and meet your new king!”

Moments later, the residents of Transcendents realized that the new king the gatekeeping gargantuan referred to was himself!

The Transcendents scoffed. This watchdog that even beggars could bully wanted to be their new king? Even if King Leonis was dead, it would never be your turn!

But soon, many people realized something. Why was King Leonis’s head in the gargantuan’s hands?

Combined with the gargantuan’s roar about usurping the throne, the Transcendents came to a terrifying conclusions—the gargantuan had killed King Leonis!

Regardless if it was a guess or fact, the gargantuan’s intentions of vying for the throne incurred the animosity of many powerful warriors.

However, in a short afternoon, not a single person dared to make a sound.

The eight Transcendent Bravehearts, including Moya, were easily overwhelmed by the gargantuan. If not for the gargantuan showing a tiny bit of mercy, the eight Bravehearts would have died instantly.

At that moment, every Transcendent finally realized that the gargantuan in front of them was very strong. He was ridiculously and unbelievably strong. He was even stronger than King Leonis!

It was the tradition of the Transcendents where the strongest person was made king. Since the gargantuan’s strength was not to be doubted, he became the new king of Transcendence.

And in that cold night, the gargantuan suddenly announced a chilling decree.

“Inform all countries that Transcendence will be declaring war on the Infernal domain. All Bravehearts must come to Transcendence tomorrow or their titles as Bravehearts will be removed. If they dare to use the title of Braveheart after having their titles denounced, This King will personally kill the person as well as destroy the person’s country!”

The gargantuan’s words made every Transcendent panic.

Having suffered another abject defeat, Moya, who could only swear allegiance, said aghast, “My esteemed king, do you want to launch a war?”

The gargantuan sneered and turned to look at the Infernal domain. He said coldly, “War has already begun.”

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