AC Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: A King that doesn’t know how to bow his head has no right to stand above the heads of his subjects

The commotion caused by the girl was not trivial. With the Infernal Queen’s strength, she quickly sensed the abnormality of the situation and rushed here from the bedroom.

The first thing she saw was the crumbling walls and the cracks on the ground. The Infernal Queen felt slightly alarmed, but the next scene she saw rendered her astounded.

Her husband was holding the silver-haired girl’s chin and had two of his fingers inserted between her pink lips!

And the silver-haired girl had her eyes closed. Her cheeks were red and the tears on her face had yet to dry.

From the scene of destruction and the tears on the girl’s face, as well as the intimate actions the duo was presently in, the Infernal Queen began to automatically imagine what had just happened.

Shi Xiaobai had used force to sexually harass the silver-haired girl. He had caused the destruction in front of her, and the girl was no match for him, so all she could do was bear the humiliation with tears streaking down her cheeks!

The Infernal Queen could not believe that such a scene had happened. But combined with the fact of how Shi Xiaobai wanted to go back to the bedroom upon arriving in the Infernal domain, the Infernal Queen had no way to deny the guess—her husband’s desires could not be fulfilled!

The Infernal Queen could not help but shout out to interrupt the hot scene in front of her.

“Darling, what are the both of you doing!?”

The Infernal Queen’s cold voice gave the silver-haired girl a fright. She suddenly opened her eyes and immediately stretched out her arms to hold onto Shi Xiaobai’s right arm. Taking advantage of the moment when Shi Xiaobai was in a daze, she pulled out his two fingers from her mouth. She took a big step back and hurriedly freed herself from the embarrassing situation.

The silver-haired girl’s heart was beating like a drum. She lowered her head and did not dare to lift it up. She was not entirely repugnant to Shi Xiaobai’s good intentions, but to be seen in the act, it was a fatal blow to a girl’s reservations.

The silver-haired girl only wished that there was a hole for her to burrow into. Furthermore, with what had just happened, she felt like her mind was in disarray. She needed to calm down.

“I’ll go back and sleep.”

The silver-haired girl hurriedly took out her writing board and wrote a few nearly unrecognizable words. Without even waiting for Shi Xiaobai’s reply, she rushed out of the room like she was fleeing. The Infernal Queen had already prepared individual bedrooms for all of them, so what the silver-haired girl wanted to do now was to hide in her room and cover herself with a blanket.

From the beginning to the end, she bowed her head deeply.

The Infernal Queen sighed in her heart as she glanced at the silver-haired girl’s back. She was even more sure of her guess. Look at that girl, she was running like she was fleeing for her life. She must have been extremely reluctant.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment, but he did not retain the girl. Although he had not fully healed the wound in her mouth, what the silver-haired girl needed most at the moment was to be alone.

“Darling, what were you doing?”

The Infernal Queen asked the question once again. She was still reluctant to believe her guess and hoped that it wasn’t the truth.

Shi Xiaobai faltered slightly before he turned to look at the Infernal Queen. After a moment of hesitation, he replied truthfully, “This King was treating her wounds.”

The Infernal Queen was stunned, but as she opened her mouth, she did not continue what she wanted to say. Eventually, she did not say a word.

She naturally could not believe that he was treating a wound by inserting his fingers into a young girl’s mouth. It was the most ridiculous joke.

However, Shi Xiaobai had given her such a crappy excuse which could be easily exposed. It was obvious that he was feeling guilty conscience.

The Infernal Queen finally confirmed her guess, but she did not want to harp on the matter any further. In the end, if she had not been too reserved by not willing to have intercourse with Shi Xiaobai during the day, such a situation would not have happened.

The Infernal Queen’s love was great and selfless. So even though Shi Xiaobai had been unloyal, she blamed it on herself. She had failed to satisfy him.

The Infernal Queen fell silent, but Shi Xiaobai said, “Sorry. The destruction here and the death of the four palace maids was the fault of This King. This King…”

Shi Xiaobai never evaded his responsibilities, nor would he shirk his responsibilities. Although the destruction and the death of the four palace maids was a result of the silver-haired girl’s cry, the root cause was because of his carelessness. He had failed to discover the demonic beast core in the steak. It was he who chose the dish, so the responsibility was something he had to bear.

Shi Xiaobai did not want to explain the situation in detail because the devil-like voice was probably a secret the silver-haired girl wanted to hide. Therefore, he would obviously not reveal it without her permission.

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she looked up and glanced at Shi Xiaobai. She interrupted Shi Xiaobai’s words and said gently, “Darling, there’s no need to blame yourself. If not for Darling, the Infernal domain would not be enjoying its current peace and happiness. Every citizen in the Infernal domain is willing to die for Darling, much less the four palace maids. Leave this to me. The relatives of the four palace maids will receive the compensation they deserve.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he could not help but fall silent. The Infernal Queen’s words gave him a deep sense of the Infernal King’s status in the Infernal domain. In fact, after he entered the Infernal domain, the devilish citizens he encountered along the way looked at him with fervent awe. It was as if he was their religion.

Shi Xiaobai did not doubt the words of the Infernal Queen. Although the citizens of the Infernal domain were willing to die for him, this only gave him a heavy sense of pressure.

He was not the real Infernal King. He did not make any contribution to the Infernal domain, so he was not worthy of the four palace maids sacrifice for him.

However, he did not have any other means. He could not save lives that were lost. In front of death, he was equally helpless.

“This King wants to personally apologize to their families,” said Shi Xiaobai earnestly.

Apology and compensation was useless to the dead but to the survivors, it was an essential comfort.

The Infernal Queen said in shock, “Definitely not. Darling is the most noble king, so how can…”

Shi Xiaobai stretched out his arm and interrupted her words. He said seriously, “A King that doesn’t know how to bow his head has no right to stand above the heads of his subjects.”

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she was stunned for a few seconds. The look in her eyes gradually turned soft as she gave an appreciating smile. She said, “I understand.”

After Shi Xiaobai washed his hands, he left the palace with the Infernal Queen incognito.

The two of them were extraordinarily powers, but in order to not cause unrest, they deliberately left the palace secretly. No one noticed that the two noblest existences in the Infernal domain had already mixed into the populace.

When they came to the first palace maid’s home, the person who opened the door was an elderly succubus. She was given a fright before she venerated herself in front of the Infernal King and Infernal Queen.

When Shi Xiaobai explained the reason for his appearance—sadly informing the old succubus of her loss and extend to her his most sincere of apologies—the old succubus revealed a smile.

What she said remained on Shi Xiaobai’s mind for a very long time.

“Death befalls all devils alike—it may be weightier than Mt. Infernal or lighter than a feather—but it’s her honor to die for you. My dear king, if you blame yourself, please sit on the throne for one additional second. By just doing so, her death will be filled with value.”

Shi Xiaobai could tell that the old succubus was not forcing a smile, but that she truly felt that her daughter had a worthy death. He said that it was his fault and did not even tell her how the palace maid had died but the old succubus did not inquire any further.

In the eyes of the old succubus, the king in front of her was more important than anything else.

What sort of fanatically loyal subjects were these?

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