AC Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: How can it be put into the mouth just like that. Hands had to be washed first!

Tears welled in her eyes before streaming down her fair cheeks. The silver-haired girl covered her mouth with all her might, forcing herself not to cry. She looked like she had her mouth blocked. Even her cries were choked back.

The invisible and raging energy finally disappeared. And the empty room was already in ruins. The floor and walls had holes in them or they were cracked. The table of food and the plates it was holding were all shattered to the ground. And worst of all, the four palace maids that were standing by the side had been sent into a spatial rift, leaving nothing of them behind.

Why did such a situation suddenly happen?

From the silver-haired girl’s reaction, the conclusion could be easily drawn.

The invisible energy came from the silver-haired girl when she instinctively cried out ‘Ouch!’ in pain.

The silver-haired girl was not a mute, but a simple ‘Ouch’ created damage blindly. So how could the kindhearted girl dare to speak?

Shi Xiaobai instantly understood the situation. He once found it strange and pitiable that the silver-haired girl was a mute despite having such a talkative personality. Now, he realized that she was not a mute, but because she had no choice but be a mute.

She liked chatting, but she could not speak. It was not because she couldn’t, but because she did not dare to speak!

Seeing the silver-haired girl that was trying her best to cover her mouth while being sad and feeling remorse, but was afraid that she would make a sound from her cries, Shi Xiaobai felt his heart pain for her.

If she could not escape the devil-like voice, she would only live in more pain the more kind she was.

Shi Xiaobai could not help but take a step forward and hugged the silver-haired girl into his arms. He let her head rest on his chest as he gently stroked the girl’s back and said softly, “You did not do it on purpose.”

If she could make a sound, the girl would have been muttering about how she didn’t mean to do it. However, she could not even speak, not even her sobs could be uttered.

“It’s not your fault.”

Shi Xiaobai whispered gently into the silver-haired girl’s ears, “It was a mistake of This King. The dish was chosen by This King for you. If This King was more careful and realized that there was something wrong with the dish, this would not have happened. If there is anyone to blame, it should be on This King.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes flashed a hint of remorse. The words he said were not only to comfort the girl, but because he truly felt that he should have discovered something wrong with the dish.

Why did the dishes that were at best three points in nutritional value suddenly have a dish with eight points of nutritional value? Shi Xiaobai only believed that his luck was good, and did not go a step further to think of the reason.

And now, the reason was revealed. Inside the steak, there was a demonic beast core. The reason why the other dishes had low nutritional value was because the chef had specially removed the demonic beast’s core when handling the dishes. As for this dish, the chef had been careless and did not remove it. It caused the silver-haired girl to accidentally munch onto the demonic beast core.

Back when Shi Xiaobai was eating the gigantic black scorpions and steel rhinoceroses, he had directly eaten the demonic beast cores. They were no different from biting on toffee sweet.

However, the silver-haired girl was an ordinary person. She had bitten on a demonic beast’s core that was harder than steel without any warning, so it was obvious she would cry out in pain.

The silver-haired girl immediately shook her head vigorously when she heard his words before sinking her head into Shi Xiaobai’s chest. Her hand was still tightly covering her mouth and her trembling shoulders made her seem like she was sobbing in grief, but she did not make a sound.

Shi Xiaobai said with a sigh, “Cry, cry out verbally. This King will be fine.”

The girl obviously refused. She shook her head vigorously once again as she buried her head deeper, as though she wanted to hide into Shi Xiaobai’s chest, and escape the tragic reality.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s nose scrunched up, as he frowned.

He smelled a hint of blood.

Shi Xiaobai’s heart missed a beat as he released his arms and took a step back. He stretched his hand out and raised the silver-haired girl’s head up. His pupils could not help but constrict violently. He noticed that there was shimmering blood in between the girl’s fingers that covered her mouth.

The silver-haired girl’s physique was weaker than Shi Xiaobai imagined. After she bit down on the demonic beast’s core, she had shattered a tooth.

Shi Xiaobai forcefully pulled the girl’s hands away, and even continued by opening her mouth. He saw her oral cavity completely covered in blood. The hole where her tooth had cracked was still seeping with blood.

The girl wanted to dodge and shake her head to indicate that she was fine, but it was impossible for Shi Xiaobai to forget it. The girl frowned in pain as she tried her best to not make a single sound. It truly wrenched one’s heart.

Without any hesitation, Shi Xiaobai immediately used his left hand to open the girl’s lips. He stretched his right hand’s index and middle finger right into the girl’s oral cavity and gently covered the bleeding gums.

With a foreign object inserted into her sensitive oral cavity, the girl’s eyes widened when her soft tongue touched the unfamiliar fingers. She looked incredulously at Shi Xiaobai.

The girl instinctively struggled.

“Don’t move.”

Shi Xiaobai whispered, “Your wound needs to be treated.”

The girl was appalled but she quickly realized that the painful wound that she could hardly endure was healing. The pain was also subsiding. Shi Xiaobai’s fingers were emitting a warm energy that healed her wound.

The girl was startled. Although she knew that Shi Xiaobai was doing it for her own good, such intimate contact made her feel shy and embarrassed. However, Shi Xiaobai’s forceful attitude did not give her a chance to reject him. Furthermore, she did not have any means of making a sound to refuse Shi Xiaobai’s good intentions.

As Sunless had already returned Holy Radiance to him, Shi Xiaobai’s right hand once again possessed Holy Radiance’s power of light. Shi Xiaobai’s first thought was to use the healing powers of Holy Radiance to treat the girl’s wound. Therefore, he had inserted his fingers into the girls oral cavity without any hesitation.

When he stuck them in, Shi Xiaobai somewhat regretted.

Shi Xiaobai gave the girl an apologetic looks. He thought to himself. This King should not have done it. How could he do such a thing? How could he be so reckless?

Hands had to be washed first!

The girl noticed the apologetic look in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes and thought to herself. Brother Shi Xiaobai did so unintentionally. He’s only worried for me.

The girl closed her eyes as her cheeks turned red.

The power of light covered her gums. The tender flesh began to slowly heal as an unbearable itch immediately rushed to the girl’s head.

The girl subconsciously used her tongue to lick the itchy spot but accidentally licked Shi Xiaobai’s fingers. The girl retracted her tongue in shock as her ears suddenly turned red. She felt like her head was on fire.

As she was opening her mouth, saliva began to gather naturally and secrete after a long period of time. The sticky liquid began dripping out of her mouth, and naturally stained Shi Xiaobai’s fingers.

The silver-haired girl was so embarrassed that she would rather die.

If this was a punishment from the heavens, wasn’t it a bit too cruel? However, should the sinful her supposed to gladly endure the hardship?

The silver-haired girl’s mind was in chaos.

At that moment, a cold voice like a winter wind sounded.

“Darling, what are the both of you doing!?””


Author’s Note: Panic-inducing. Don’t dare to write further in fear of being censored.


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