AC Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: An “Ouch”

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat surprised as he said, “Won’t you know if you just try one mouthful of each?”

The silver-haired girl immediately rolled her eyes and wrote on the writing board, “Eating too much is fattening!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but laugh as he shook his head. After a moment of consideration, he looked towards the succubus palace maid and asked, “Which of the dishes here are the most delicious?”

The palace maid hurriedly said apologetically, “These dishes are the best dishes of the palace chefs. This slave does not have any right to eat them, so she doesn’t know which are the most delicious ones.”

Shi Xiaobai nodded his head nonchalantly when he heard this. He obviously would not blame the palace maid. As he glanced at the silver-haired girl who was staring at the table full of food while in a struggle as to which to eat first, he laughed with a shake of the head as he grabbed a pair of chopsticks.

“This King happens to be hungry as well. Let This King try and see which tastes better.”

When he said that, the palace maids standing by the side stared with widened eyes. The distinguished Infernal King was taking the initiative to be a food taster, it was something that made them momentarily unable to believe their ears.

The silver-haired girl was also slightly surprised, but she quickly squinted her eyes and gave a sweet smile. She wrote, “Brother Shi Xiaobai, you are really the best!”

Shi Xiaobai smiled slightly. In fact, he wasn’t hungry, but he had a craving. The aroma from table of food was tantalizing, and in his opinion, it was even more attractive than the Infernal Queen, who had nearly stripped completely.

Shi Xiaobai stretched out his chopsticks and grabbed a piece of grilled meat that was oozing with aromatic juices. It was unknown which creature the meat came from, but it looked fresh and delicious.

Shi Xiaobai placed the piece of grilled meat into his mouth without hesitation as he began chewing.

The grilled meat was slightly hot, and as he chewed at it, the meat juice was like a bubble that burst as its aroma filled his mouth, and an intoxicating fragrance went straight to his head. As for the grilled meat, it was very chewy, but it was not vexing to chew on it. The doneness was perfect.

Delicious. The piece of grilled meat was no doubt a delicacy.

However, Shi Xiaobai frowned.

It was a delicacy, but it was a dish that failed his standards because… the piece of grilled meat’s nutritional value was nearly negligible!

The nutritional value referred here was different from the common nutritional value people understood. Ever since he fell unconscious in the sixth level, Shi Xiaobai realized that he had become odd. Not only did he have a baffling sense of hunger, he was able to eat anything. He could even taste the flavor of chicken from a hard piece of rock.

Shi Xiaobai knew that it was not an illusion caused by hunger, but because his physique had undergone a baffling change. And the most obvious manifestation was how Shi Xiaobai could clearly feel how much energy each food he consumed had.

He could even give a value to measure the energy contained in different foods, which is the value of the food. If the stones in the Silent Desolate Lands were used as reference, and were considered as food with a nutrition value of one point, then the gigantic black scorpions had nutritional value of ten. The fruit on the Transcendence Holy Tree was at 10,000, or even higher.

As for the nutritional value of the piece of grilled meat in front of him?

It was a pathetic two points!

It was just a little more than a stone!

The nutritional value was not only a pure number. It did not mean that eating 10,000 rocks would accumulate the energy that matched the holy tree’s fruit. One’s body would reach a level of saturation or even turn immune to any food. The lower the nutrition value of the food, the amount of yield would definitely be lower, regardless of the amount eaten.

Shi Xiaobai was very displeased with the piece of grilled meat. Even though it was very tasty, the nutritional value was just too low!

Shi Xiaobai immediately used his chopsticks to pick at another dish.

However, after he took a mouthful, Shi Xiaobai frowned once again. The nutritional value of the dish was even lower. It was at 1.5!

Since Shi Xiaobai had taken the initiative to be a food taster for the silver-haired girl, he felt that he had a certain degree of responsibility of choosing the best dish for her. The taste was only secondary, for the real key was the food’s nutritional value.

Shi Xiaobai continue tasting the food again and again, and ate dozens of dishes consecutively, but Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows only became more furrowed.

Out of the dozens of dishes, the dish with the highest nutritional value was only three points!

What was going on?

The materials used to make these dishes did not look inferior to the gigantic black scorpions, but why were their nutritional value so low?

Was it a problem with the chef’s handling?

Or were the materials used by the Infernal domain only deceptively good?

The palace maids noticed that the Infernal King was constantly testing the food, but his expression was turning ugly. They immediately lowered their heads as their hands trembled. They thought that the food was too unpalatable that in his rage, not only would the chef suffer, even they as palace maids would suffer his wrath.

However, when the silver-haired girl saw Shi Xiaobai’s expression, her smile became even sweeter. It had to be Shi Xiaobai being extremely meticulous and serious in his selection for him to be so picky, instead of being perfunctory. This made her very happy.

However, was none of the food really tasty?

The silver-haired girl was somewhat puzzled. The fragrance from the food was very enticing.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up slightly.

“It’s this!”

Shi Xiaobai pointed with his finger. He had just taken a mouthful of the the Honey-glazed Steak.

The steak’s nutritional value was only eight points, but it was outstanding compared to the pile of food that was lower than three points!

Shi Xiaobai was relieved. Thankfully, not all the hundred dishes were junk food. The Honey-glazed steak’s nutritional value was pretty good, and its flavor did not lose out to the other dishes. So this shall be it!

Shi Xiaobai had taken a long time to pick the food, and finally chose this dish after testing dozens of dishes, so the silver-haired girl did not hesitate at all. She immediately reached out with her chopsticks and grabbed a piece of steak. She placed it in her mouth with great anticipation and eagerly began to chew.

The silver-haired girl had been famished since a long time ago. She squinted her eyes, making her look like a kitten that was enjoying its food.

However, after a few bites, the silver-haired girl’s expression changed drastically.


The silver-haired girl cried out in pain as she spat out a half-chewed piece of meat. Inside the meat, there was a black bead that resembled a peach’s core.

It was obvious that the hard black pearl had caused pain to the silver-haired girl, causing her to involuntarily cry out in pain.


She cried out in pain?

Wasn’t the silver-haired girl a mute?

Shi Xiaobai immediately looked at the silver-haired girl in surprise.

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai suddenly felt an invisible energy surge from every direction, as though he was being surrounded by hard boulders. It felt like that they would crush him, so with a change of expression, Shi Xiaobai immediately circulated his psionic power to resist the energy.

At the same time, several screams sounded almost simultaneously. Several palace maids fell into a black rift that suddenly opened and without any resistance, they vanished.

As for the table that was covered with food, it disintegrated as food splattered onto the floor.

The silver-haired girl hurriedly covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes.

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