AC Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?

Mu Yuesheng suddenly looked up and her gaze landed on the envelope in Speechless’ hand. There were two big words written on the surface of the envelope.

“Challenge Letter!?” Mu Yuesheng exclaimed.

Speechless grinned and said, “I’m willing to replicate the Hero King’s legend because his legend is truly magnificent and I would not go as far as going against the family. However, it does not mean that I’m silly enough to do what the Hero King once did wrong. Is it necessary to instigate a war between the three realms in order to single-handedly challenge the three kings? There is no need for it to be so complicated. I just need to steal the Celestial Jade and leave a letter of challenge for the Celestial King. Following that, I can steal the Infernal King’s Infernal Sword, and leave behind a letter of challenge. Similarly, by destroying the Transcendence Holy Tree and leaving a third letter of challenge for King Leonis, everything will be done. Although by doing so, the three kings will not be as angry as after experiencing war, they would unlikely to show mercy to the person who stole or destroyed their treasures. The effect would be the same. Silly girl, do you really think your brother is as stupid as those rotten old men?”

When Mu Yuesheng heard this, her serious expression slowly turned softer, as a smile slowly suffused across her lips.

At that moment, a commanding voice echoed in the clouds!

“Who dares to cause a din outside the Celestial domain!”

And following that, the sound of stone door to the Celestial domain opening was heard.

Speechless and Mu Yuesheng turned their heads and saw a three-meters-tall armored wolf-headed guard, who held a spear in hand, walking out slowly from the Celestial domain’s stone door.

It was a guard of the Celestial domain’s stone door!

Speechless turned his head sidewards and said to Mu Yuesheng, “I’ll be making a move then.”

After saying that, Speechless kept the letter of challenge and approached the wolf-headed guard. He said loudly, “I come from afar and have defeated all mighty figures in the world and remain undefeatable. I heard that the Celestial domain has hidden mighty figures and deliberately came to take a look. Quickly get your strongest person in the Celestial domain. A trash like you doesn’t even have the right for me to stretch out a finger. Of course, if you want to try without any thoughts for your life, you can go ahead and try. If you can even touch me, I’ll concede defeat.”

These words were what the young and rash Hero King said when he previously came to the Celestial domain.

Back then, the wolf-headed guard angrily attacked, but the Hero King sneezed and sent him flying. Immediately after that, the divine army of the Celestial domain surged out but were no match for the Hero King. They didn’t even manage to touch the Hero King, causing a stir throughout the Celestial domain.

The Hero King wreaked havoc throughout the Celestial domain and finally forced the Celestial King out. The Hero King deliberately hid his strength to tie with the Celestial King. As the saying goes, friendship grows only when you exchange blows, the Celestial King invited the Hero King as a guest, and hosted a banquet for him.

As Speechless recalled the story, his mouth curled into a smile.

He was using the Hero King’s method, but he would definitely do it better than the Hero King.

Speechless slowly sucked in the air, waiting for the wolf-headed guard to angrily attack him, so that he could send him flying.

However, what happened next was something completely unexpected for Speechless and Mu Yuesheng!

They saw the wolf-headed guard stared with widened eyes, and after a momentary daze, he knelt down in panic!

The wolf-headed guard trembled and said, “Your Majesty, how would this lowly person dare to touch you, the Celestial King? How would I be able to get the mightiest person from the Celestial domain out? You, are the mightiest person of the Celestial domain! If this lowly person had done something wrong, feel free to punish me. A joke like that… is something, this lowly person cannot afford!”

Infernal domain, Infernal King’s Palace

Under the Infernal Queen’s lead, Shi Xiaobai and company arrived in the Infernal King’s palace. Along the way, they met several Infernal devils. Most of them were ugly as expected, but there was also no lack of beautiful succubi who were palace maids. However, in front of the Infernal Queen, these succubi appeared lackluster. It was like a rice grains in front of a bright pearl.

And after entering the Infernal domain, it had confirmed Shi Xiaobai’s guess. He had been designated the role of Infernal King by the assessment program. It was not only limited to the Infernal Queen, even the guards and palace maids immediately recognized him as the Infernal King. They would all bow before him when he walked past.

After arriving in the palace, Shi Xiaobai immediately got the Infernal Queen to get the succubus palace maids to take Sunless and company to wherever they wanted to go. He also informed the Infernal Queen to tell everyone in the Infernal domain that meeting Sunless and company was no different from meeting him. Whoever offended them was no different from offending the Infernal King.

The Infernal Queen could sense that Shi Xiaobai thought highly of the humans, so she did not show any signs of neglect. She instantly made the decree.

Liu Yu immediately headed for the Infernal Library, and since Pulp Farmer had nothing to do, he followed as well. Sunless wanted to accompany Shi Xiaobai by his side, but Shi Xiaobai said that he had things to do, so she went to the Infernal Library as well, hoping to see if she could find any sword manual that was worth browsing.

Feng Yuanlin got his wish of entering the arsenal which was under heavy guard.

The silver-haired girl was brought to where banquets were hosted in the palace. Shi Xiaobai specially ordered the palace maids to get the chefs to make a feast for her.

Although it was unknown what the delicacies the Infernal domain had, it was surely not bad. It was clear along their journey through the Infernal domain that it did not resemble a dark and horrifying world. Instead, they saw several plantations, with fruit trees and vegetable crops. It looked like a paradise.

Soon, there was only Shi Xiaobai and the Infernal Queen left in the palace.

Although Shi Xiaobai wanted to taste the delicacies of the Infernal domain with the silver-haired girl, he did have something important he needed to do.

Shi Xiaobai turned to look at the Infernal Queen and softly said, “Let’s go. Bring This King back to the room.”

The main reason why Shi Xiaobai entered the Infernal domain was for him to figure out a matter—If the “King’s Mandate’ mentioned by the Absolute Choice referred to the “Infernal King’s Mandate”, what would be the Infernal King’s Mandate?

Shi Xiaobai had to be clear of the matter. And with matters regarding a mandate, there were typically clues or traces left behind in one’s most private location.

For example, a notebook would be hidden in a certain place, or something was written down on a piece of paper.

And the place with all these clues was clearly the Infernal King’s bedroom!

However, Shi Xiaobai did not know where the Infernal King’s bedroom was, so he needed the Infernal Queen to lead the way.

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she exclaimed verbally, as her snow-white skin flushed with a red glow. She turned her head and looked at the bright sky outside the compound. She lowered her head and said, “Now?”

Shi Xiaobai nodded as though it was taken for granted, “Yes, now.”

The Infernal Queen’s ears immediately turned red as she looked up to give Shi Xiaobai a glance. Her eyelashes fluttered and she bit down on her lower lip. With a delicate voice, she asked, “Darling, are you so much in a rush?”

Shi Xiaobai found it odd when he saw the Infernal Queen’s reaction. He did not know why the Infernal Queen was acting in such a manner, but he was indeed in rush. The Absolute Choice had left a psychological scar on him, so Shi Xiaobai did not wish to delay even for a moment. He wanted to figure out what it meant by the “King’s Mandate”.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai said seriously, “Yes, there is no time for delay!”

The Infernal Queen gaped as a struggle flashed in her eyes. Finally she sighed and said faintly, “I’ll do as you wish. As long as… Darling is happy.”

After the Infernal Queen said that, she turned and slowly walked into the inner sanctums of the palace.

Shi Xiaobai immediately followed closely behind.

The Infernal Queen walked rather slowly, as though she was deliberately prolonging the trip to the room. However, the Infernal King’s bedroom was not far from the palace’s hall, so in less than three minutes, they had arrived in front of the bedroom.

After entering the door, the large bedroom came into view.

The Infernal King’s bedroom had almost everything. There was a large and soft bed. There were desks and bookshelves, and there was even a bathing pool in the bedroom. It was extremely spacious.

Shi Xiaobai immediately cast his gaze at a desk that was filled with books and paper slips. His eyes lit up slightly because the clues he was searching for could very well be on that desk.

At that moment, the Infernal Queen slowly closed the doors to the room, and a feminine voice sounded from her.

“I’ll first do a dance?”

Shi Xiaobai turned to give her a look and saw the Infernal Queen having her head deeply bowed. He could not see her expression, and did not understand why the Infernal Queen would talk about dancing the moment she entered. There was ample space in the room, so she could dance as she wished, but he had no mood to watch the Infernal Queen dance.

Shi Xiaobai was eager for the Infernal Queen to leave so that he could search for the ‘secret of the Infernal King’ in the room. However, he could not find a good excuse to make her leave. Considering how she would be dancing, it was possible that she would not notice that he was rummaging through the desk.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai said with a nod, “Alright, go ahead and dance.”

After saying that, Shi Xiaobai turned and headed towards the desk.

At the same time, the Infernal Queen lifted her toes and began dancing.

The Infernal Queen had a beautiful body with slender curves. Her loose clothes could not hide the proud figure she had. It was truly a beautiful sight when she began dancing.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes and mind could not appreciate such an act that would make the blood of most males boil to the point of them losing control. He began burying his head into the desk as he began searching. He flipped through the book that was on the desk.

It was a book on political governance. Shi Xiaobai was slightly astonished. From the looks of it, the Infernal King he was playing was a good ruler that governed the country well?

As Shi Xiaobai read it for a while, he immediately felt exhausted. Reading books was truly something not suited for him.

Shi Xiaobai shook his head helplessly and instinctively glanced at the dancing Infernal Queen. He wanted to see if the Infernal Queen was paying him any attention.

When Shi Xiaobai looked up, he was immediately given a fright!

“What are you doing!?”

Shi Xiaobai exclaimed in surprise!

It was unknown when the dancing Infernal Queen had shed her colorful gown. The only thing left on her body was a red bodice known as a dudou. However, it could not hide the two ample breasts and the white undergarment by her crouch. A large area of snow-white and milky skin was exposed. The sexiness exuded by her was suffocating.

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she immediately stopped dancing and with both arms holding her chest, she turned sideways. She looked somewhat embarrassed, and said with a tone of grievance, “I was dancing a striptease. Darling, don’t you like it? You said, it will be more… appealing.”

Shi Xiaobai was startled.

He liked watching stripteases?

He never expected that the Infernal Queen’s memories of him as the Infernal King was as such!

Shi Xiaobai was rendered speechless and said to her, “This King doesn’t like it. This King is not such an Infernal King!”

The Infernal Queen slowly lifted her head as she gave a perplexed look. Suddenly, her eyes flashed a look of enlightenment!

She gently bit her lower lip and with slightly red cheeks, she walked towards Shi Xiaobai without wearing the clothes left on the ground. She came to a gradual stop when she came to the study desk.

The Infernal Queen slowly closed her eyes and placed her arms behind her. Lifting her chest with a deep ravine, she pursed her lips gently and said in a faint voice.

“Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?”

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