AC Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: Because you want to be Speechless Li

In front of the stone door to the Celestial domain.

“Waiting for me?”

Speechless’ eyebrow pricked up.

Mu Yuesheng nodded and said, “I never had a chance to thank you for what happened when I was little. Brother Speechless, thank you for standing forward to plead for me.”

Speechless faltered for a moment. Some faded but never forgotten memories began to surface as he realized which matter Mu Yuesheng was referring to. Immediately, he said with a wry smile, “Why is there a need to thank a meaningless request? I was too young at the time. They heard what I said, but they completely ignored it. It was like they were listening to an unruly kid’s tantrum. Sorry, I didn’t managed to help you, not one bit.”

Mu Yuesheng shook her head and seriously said, “How could it be meaningless? Back then, my parents faced it in silence. The elders that always loved me also remained silent. Only you stood up. In my saddest and most despairing moment, you warmed up my nearly frozen heart. As for whether it served any purpose, how can I blame it on you? Offspring who fail to make the mark are driven out of the country, sent to collateral relatives. The rules of the Mu family have always been ruthless. The only thing to be blamed is my low Mind Expanse, and how I awakened my superpowers too late.”

“It’s all bullshit rules!”

Speechless said with a sneer, “So what if your Mind Expanse is low? A bunch of idiots who only know to talk about talent. Over the past hundred years of the Mu family, how many of their descendants have been able to reach the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower? As for you, just because of a meaningless test you took at the age of three, you were unreasonably driven out of the family because of ‘failing to meet the mark’! Geniuses are not born, nor are they fated! What bullshit rules. This Emperor will abolish them sooner or later!”

Mu Yuesheng smiled slightly and said gently, “You will abolish them, and you definitely will be able to do so. I’ll look forward to that day. However, you do not need to be angry for me. In fact, their act was partially for my own good. After all, by being part of the Mu family, we are born to shoulder the responsibilities of the Mu family. We would receive all sorts of training and tests from a young age. With my Mind Expanse, it is true that I wouldn’t be able to catch up with children my own age. That would only increase the suffering. I haven’t only suffered once because of my low Mind Expanse for the past ten years. The reason why I could reach the seventh level is also because I got to know an impressive… friend. If I didn’t receive his help, I might never have been able to come to this point.”


Speechless was slightly surprised as he asked, “An impressive friend?”

Mu Yuesheng nodded and said, “I’m not sure if you have met him, but I believe that both of you can definitely become friends. That’s because both of you are not only the most amazing geniuses I have ever met, but the both of you are the kindest people as well.”

Speechless immediately said with a chuckle, “In terms of kindness, your Brother Speechless doesn’t dare to brag about it. It’s only of the standard of ‘checking if there is a grandma crossing the road to help, or take a seat on the public transport so that the seats can be given up if there’s a pregnant lady, or willing to spend ten bucks for a cab to a police station to hand one cent found on the streets to the police’. If your friend is also of that standard, he is indeed quite amazing. However, geniuses that can be compared to me, I have never seen one up to now. I’m very curious who your friend is for you to give such an evaluation.”

Mu Yuesheng was clearly amused as she could not help but laugh a few times. After a few moments, she wiped her smile from her face and said seriously, “You must have heard his name. His name is… Shi Xiaobai.”

When Mu Yuesheng said the words ‘Shi Xiaobai’, she had subconsciously increased her tone. It was as though the name itself was filled with energy.

Speechless was left dumbfounded. After a long period of time, he said seriously, “About Shi Xiaobai, I met him not long ago. He is indeed an impressive genius. If you say that he can compare to me, that would barely count. You mentioned that we can become friends, and that is true too. But! But Little Yue, as your cousin, there is something I have to say. That Shi Xiaobai is a monster. He, he dares to eat anything, and can eat anything! Heavens, you better stay away from him. What if he loses his mind one day and eats you out of not being able to discern man from beast, what then?”

Mu Yuesheng was surprised, momentarily failing to understand what Speechless meant.

Eat her out?

After a moment, Mu Yuesheng came to a sharp awakening and immediately turned red. She said angrily, “Brother Speechless, I want to take back the words I just said. You have turned nasty and you are not upright at all. How can you say… such shameless words! Shi Xiaobai would definitely not do such a thing. He is more upright than you!”

Speechless fell silent.

How were his words shameless? Was Mu Yuesheng thinking that he was insulting Shi Xiaobai?

Speechless thought to himself.

My dear girl, you haven’t seen the fellow picking up rocks and eating them like drumsticks or the way he was eating them in relish.

However, Speechless also knew that no one would believe it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes. He did not plan on harping on this matter. He immediately said, “Anyway, just be a little more alert! By the way, it couldn’t be that you specially rode the skyward sea current into the Celestial domain and waited for me in front of the Celestial domain’s stone door just to thank me, right?”

When Mu Yuesheng heard this, her agitated heart which was a result of her embarrassment gradually calmed down. Her expression turned calm again as she looked at Speechless and nodded her head seriously. She muttered, “The reason why I’m waiting here for you… is to stop you!”

Speechless was surprised as he asked, “Stop me?”

Mu Yuesheng nodded and said, “Brother Speechless, I knew that you would come to the Celestial domain, and I knew you would choose to go down the same path as the Hero King. However, I know that you do not wish to do so. How can the kind and upright you be willing to instigate a war that is destined to wipe out life? You would definitely do it because you have to do it. Therefore, I want to stop you, and I have to stop you. If my hindrance can become your reason and excuse, then please do not hesitate.”

When Speechless heard her, he fell into a prolonged silence.

“You can’t stop me.”

Speechless said with a smile, “No one can stop me. It will not become an excuse because the Li family would not accept such an excuse. You should know that as a progeny of the Li family, and as the most talented progeny in the past few millennia, my destiny has been set from the beginning. By being born from the Li family, the family that bears the same surname as the Hero King, my life has been always about becoming the second Hero King by doing my best to replicate the Hero King’s legends and life.”

Mu Yuesheng shook her head hastily, “No, your life belongs to you! Brother Speechless, you hate and resist those rotten rules. You once said that you admire the Hero King, but you do not want to be him, because you want to be Speechless Li. I have always remembered that sentence, and I have always used it to motivate myself. I…”

Speechless stretched out his hand to interrupt the agitated Mu Yuesheng. He said with a sigh, “Ten years is a long period of time. It can change many things.”

Mu Yuesheng gaped and lowered her head in sadness. She muttered, “Do… do you really plan on instigating the war between the three realms?”

Speechless said with a chuckle, “What do you think?”

Mu Yuesheng lifted her head once again, with a look of stubborness in her eyes. She said firmly, “If that’s the case, I will stop you. I will give my everything to stop you. Yesterday’s villain may become tomorrow’s hero, but everyone knows that what the Hero King regrets the most is yesterday. I do not wish for you to regret this matter. Just like you came forward ten years ago to defy the Mu family’s rules. This time, it’s my turn to step in front of you!”

Speechless faltered in silence. The stubborness in her eyes was identical to the one she had in her childhood. Back then, it was that stubborn look that moved him, giving him the courage to step forward.

It had been ten years but her eyes were no different. Nothing had changed.

Speechless smiled, a smile that came from the bottom of his heart. He suddenly took out an envelope and gently said, “Silly girl, take a look at what this is.”

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