AC Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: In order to not be bored

The Hero King stole the Celestial King’s Celestial Jade, giving it to the Infernal King, and then he stole the Infernal King’s Infernal Sword, giving it to Leonis. After that, he pretended to be a Celestial and destroyed half of the Transcendence Holy Tree, causing the Celestials to hate the Infernals, the Infernals to hate the Transcendents, and the Transcendents to hate the Celestials. It instigated the first three-realm war in history!

It was not an easy task to do the three things simultaneously. The Celestial Jade and the Infernal Sword were the most precious treasures of the Celestial King and Infernal King respectively, so it was obvious how high the security around the two items was. It was not easy at all to steal them from their respective kings’ hands.

And destroying the Transcendence Holy Tree was something unbelievable. After all, the holy tree was termed the guardian holy tree of Transcendence. Legends said that the tree had a sacred spirit in it. Trying to destroy it, even if it was just a portion of it, was unfathomably difficult.

However, the Hero King had managed to do it all, in just three days.

It was truly something admirable which was understandable that the feat would gain the assessment program’s approval, but why did he do so?

Why did he use such a ‘despicable’ method to instigate a three-realm war that was destined to cause death and destruction?

The matter was definitely not simple. The Hero King definitely had his reasons for doing so—a reason which fitted his bearing as a ‘Hero’.

Just like how Shi Xiaobai destroyed fifteen cities in the second level, he was originally accused as a City Destroyer Villain, but his final goal was to quickly gather all the rookies in one city before launching a counteroffensive on the Demon City. He used the actions of a ‘villain’ to complete the feat of a ‘hero’. This resulted in him finally receiving the cheers of being a “City Destroyer Hero”.

The deeds of a man, who had the title ‘Hero King’, ought to conform to the word ‘hero’!

This was what Shi Xiaobai believed so he said with great affirmation, “The story hasn’t ended.”

Liu Yu’s answer was—”The story has only just begun.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes immediately lit up slightly as he quietly waited for Liu Yu to continue his story.

“The Celestials had isolated themselves from the world, and did not participate in the conflict between the mortal world and the Infernal domain, but in fact, it serves as a balancing weight between all three factions. The reason why the Infernal King does not dare to rashly attack the mortal realm, and the reason why the mortals use Bravehearts to challenge the Infernal King as a means of defeating him instead of forming an army is because of the existence of the Celestial domain. The Infernal domain and the mortal realm are both afraid that the Celestial domain would benefit from their internecine struggle, so they did not dare to risk beginning a full-out war. And what the Hero King did completely disrupted the delicate balance of the three factions!”

Liu Yu said without any haste, “Once upon a time, the war that broke out between the three races—three most powerful factions—was obviously brutal. Nearly all life was snubbed out, and the war was a massacre. The flames of war that raged and the battlefield where it was in its most intense state was originally a green and lush plain. In less than a year after the war, it turned into a desolate and barren desert, which is the area we know as the Silent Desolate Lands that is situated in between the Infernal domain and Transcendence. However, the new war that should have been called a nightmare only lasted for three days before coming to an end. Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, can you guess what happened?”

Upon hearing Liu Yu’s question, Shi Xiaobai pricked his eyebrows up slightly and could not help but ponder.

A three-sided war was different from a battle between two sides. If one side was overwhelmingly strong, it was possible to still call it a country after three days, and it could even cause a race to unconditionally surrender. However, a three-sided war would definitely begin with a probing period, as well as an awkward situation where each party held back the other, so how could it end in three short days?

Was it because the three kings realized how tragic war was? So they ended the war through peaceful negotiations?

Or could it be that the three kings realized something was amiss, and that the Hero King had ‘despicably’ sown discord?

As Shi Xiaobai was pondering, a voice suddenly shouted out.

“It’s because the Hero King killed the Celestial King, the Infernal King and King Leonis!”

Shi Xiaobai felt a jolt as he turned his head and saw that the voice came from Feng Yuanlin beside him.

Liu Yu’s grumbling voice immediately shouted, “Feng Yuanlin, how can you give a spoiler! The wise words of the sages—spoilers are a moment of happiness, but result in eventual death. Feng Yuanlin, you are committing a grave sin!”

Feng Yuanlin rolled his eyes, “I’m not giving a spoiler, but preventing your shameless act of wasting time. It’s such a simple matter, but you managed to drag it on for so long. If this goes on, the sky will darken!”

Liu Yu said in a speechless manner, “It’s you who doesn’t know the art of telling a story! Heavens, This Penniless Priest was able to go on for another half an hour, but your simple sentence has destroyed This Penniless Priest’s line of thought and interest!”

Feng Yuanlin made a commotion and said, “Wow, thank heavens I’m clever. If I listened to you dragging out another half an hour, I would probably have fallen asleep!”

Liu Yu said in an exasperated manner, “Pfft, speaking to you is simply preaching to the wrong audience!”

Shi Xiaobai gave a helpless smile and interrupted them, “Don’t argue, let This King finish hearing the story!”

Feng Yuanlin immediately turned his head and gave a placating smile, “Boss Shi Xiaobai, don’t blame me for giving you a spoiler. Actually, the story after this isn’t complicated at all. That fellow Liu Yu insisted on going in circles, but a few sentences would explain everything!  The story is described in primary school textbooks. On the third day of the war, the Hero King suddenly appeared, telling the three kings that the war was instigated by him. After that, all three kings were incensed and simultaneously attacked the Hero King, but he ended up killing all three alone. The textbooks summarize the story with a single line—killing three kings alone, leaving no king to the three domains.”

Liu Yu immediately denigrated him, “Feng Yuanlin, do you know by saying that, how many details were left missing? Why did the Hero King suddenly appear on the third day? Why did the three kings attack simultaneously? This is the true crux of the issue. Do you know why the story is interesting? It’s because of the unnatural development of the plot, and it was machinated by the Hero King alone. His goal from the beginning was to fight all three at once! By stealing the Celestial Jade and Infernal Sword, and by destroying the Transcendence Holy Tree, he sparked the war between the three domains, all in order to make the three kings attack him! You didn’t even grasp the essence and fundamental parts of the story! You darn spoiler dog!”

Feng Yuanlin smacked his lips and he had an expression that said—so what if I spoiled the story, try biting me!

Shi Xiaobai was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, but he finally understood the whole story. So the Hero King had done all of this to kill the three kings himself.

By killing the Celestial King, Infernal King and King Leonis alone indeed sounded more shocking than Overlord Ji Feng’s hundred day survival, Sword Immortal Xu Taibai’s victory at the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament or the Conquest King’s slaying of the Infernal King. It was no wonder it was called the most exciting story of the four.

However, it was completely different from what Shi Xiaobai was thinking.

“Why did the Hero King do such a thing?”

Shi Xiaobai asked with a solemn voice.

The matter definitely had a reason.

Why was he willing to stir a debilitating war just to kill the three kings alone? There must have been a reason behind it to support the nefarious scheme of causing the death of thousands of living beings, so as to explain this act of a pure villain.

Shi Xiaobai wanted to know why.

Why did the Hero King, a man that was called the most amazing hero, do something that completely ran counter to the concept of a ‘hero’.

“There was no why.”

Liu Yu said with a serious expression, “This is why the story is interesting. It is also one of the reasons why it is called one of the legends of the Hero King’s life. The Hero King did it without a reason, or why. It was done in order to not be bored.”

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