AC Chapter 392-2

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Chapter 392-2: Yesterday’s Villain, Tomorrow’s Hero

“There was no why.”

Liu Yu said with a serious expression, “This is why the story is interesting. It is also one of the reasons why it is called one of the legends of the Hero King’s life. The Hero King did it without a reason, or why. It was done in order to not be bored.”

Shi Xiaobai was left surprised for a few moments before he slowly turned silent.

It was done in order to not be bored?

Because he was bored, he instigated a brutal war that would end countless lives?

“Are you disappointed?”

Liu Yu said with a chuckle, “Back when This Penniless Priest first heard of the Hero King’s story, This Penniless Priest was just like you, extremely disappointed. That’s because what the Hero King did could not be considered heroic. It was even worse than a villain’s act. He instigated a war, killing the three kings alone because surviving a hundred days, becoming champion of the tournament or challenging the Infernal King was too easy for him. It did not pose a challenge for him. The Hero King was one of the most amazingly talented people in all of human history. At the Psionic Mortal Realm, his strength could leapfrog three realms, defeating a large number of famous mighty figures. He machinated it in such a way that made the Celestial King, Infernal King and King Leonis attack him together, so as to prevent boredom during the trial of the seventh level. This clearly sounds selfish and ruthless, but why would such a person be called the Hero King? Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, do you have such thoughts on your mind?”

Shi Xiaobai nodded silently.

Shi Xiaobai believed that there would be a reversal to the story, that the Hero King had a hidden motive for his actions, but he never expected that the reason would be so disappointing.

At that moment, Liu Yu said, “Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, you are destined to be disappointed, because this story does not have any reversals at all. It’s the story of a selfish and cold-blooded genius!”

“But why is such a story widely known to the point of it entering the textbooks? It’s because this is the only stain on the Hero King’s life! Back then, the Hero King was extremely young, and you could even call him naive. His world view and fundamental values had not taken form, and all he did from the moment he was born was cultivate and engage in battles. But during the three days, for some reason, or maybe it was because he witnessed the tragic and devastating effects of war, or maybe something stirred him, the Hero King, who was like a cold cultivating machine, suddenly possessed feelings! The sprouting of the thoughts of being a hero was a result of a foolish sin in his youth. Therefore, this story became the Hero King’s most important turning point.”

He was young, rash and foolish. A cold machine that only knew how to cultivate. In order to make a trial harder, he did not consider the consequences when he instigated the war. Finally, he repented in regret, and the seeds of kindness began sprouting.

That was the story of the Hero King’s youth.

“A hero isn’t born nor is it fated. You might be a murderer that had committed countless sins yesterday, but if you were to be enlightened today and repent, using your actions to redeem your sins, you could become a hero tomorrow!”

Liu Yu said softly, “This is a sentence the Hero King said when he established the Hero Alliance. He had used his life experience to prove his statement. Due to a rash and ignorant act in his youth, he had caused thousands of deaths. Although these lives were fake existences created by the assessment program, the Hero King still claimed that his hands were covered in sin. However, in the Hero King’s life, he saved more than thousands of times the thousands of lives that were loss in the world. Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, this is the Hero King. He was not born a hero or a saint. He was once ignorant and heartless. But because of that, what he did in his entire life appeared grander!”

Shi Xiaobai gaped slightly, momentarily at a loss as to what to say.

He did not know much about the Hero King, so he did not know the greatness of the Hero King. However, Shi Xiaobai agreed with the Hero King’s words—a hero isn’t born nor is it fated.

The story was indeed very interesting, and it taught people a valuable lesson.

At that moment, Feng Yuanlin interrupted, “Regardless of the case, whatever the Hero King did was truly amazing. How can anyone succeed in slaying three kings alone? Just stealing the Celestial Jade and Infernal Sword to instigate the war between the three realms is already ridiculously difficult. So, no one has been able to replicate the Hero King’s legend. And there isn’t anyone who wants to replicate it. At least, no ordinary person would try to replicate whatever the Hero King did in the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower. Therefore, we can forget the fourth clearing method. Now, we should think about the only remaining method left to clear the level, and that’s to survive a hundred days!”

What Feng Yuanlin said made Shi Xiaobai suddenly recall of something strange.

Was it true that no one would replicate what the Hero King did in the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower?

Then, what was going on with the youth named Speechless Li?

Shi Xiaobai remembered that Speechless refused to tell him of the fourth story of the Hero King because Speechless wanted to replicate the Hero King’s legend. Furthermore, Speechless believed that Shi Xiaobai would also choose the same path after hearing the fourth story.

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly.

After hearing the fourth story, he did not have any thoughts of attempting to replicate the story. Fighting the three kings alone sounded really challenging, but to instigate a war that would wipe out life, that was way too heartless.

Why was Speechless planning on doing this?

Why did Speechless think that he would do the same?

Shi Xiaobai’s mind was immediately filled with questions.

At that moment, a faint voice echoed from a distance.


Shi Xiaobai turned his head in shock as he saw the Infernal Queen walked out of the Door of the Bravehearts. There she stood alone in the distance.

Only then did Shi Xiaobai realize that the story had gone on for too long. The Infernal Queen could not wait any longer in the Infernal domain.

Shi Xiaobai immediately suppressed the questions in his heart and turned to look at everyone. He said, “This King plans on heading into the Infernal domain. If there is nothing pressing for you, why don’t you accompany This King and enter the Infernal domain?”

Since he was now the king of the Infernal domain, it would not be a problem for him to invite the people beside him as guests.

With Shi Xiaobai saying this, Liu Yu’s eyes immediately lit up. He said, “Great. This Penniless Priest happens to have such thoughts. To be honest, the goal This Penniless Priest had for coming to the Infernal domain was to attempt if he could secretly enter the Infernal Library in the Infernal domain. It’s said that there are all sorts of valuable secret manuals stored in there!”

Shi Xiaobai immediately grinned and said, “Everything in the Infernal domain is This King’s.”

Feng Yuanlin hurried said as well. “I, I want to see the Infernal King’s arsenal, can I?”

Shi Xiaobai said with a nod, “No problem. You can take any weapon.”

Shi Xiaobai turned to look at the others.

Pulp Farmer nodded his head to indicate that he did not mind. He did not make any demands.

Sunless and Shi Xiaobai looked each other in the eye, before Sunless whispered the words, “Sword manual.”

Shi Xiaobai nodded with a smile.

The silver-haired girl lifted her writing board as well. It read, “Then I’ll join in the fun and see if there’re any delicious delicacies in the Infernal domain.”

With that, the people present agreed to head into the Infernal domain with Shi Xiaobai.

The Infernal Queen, who was standing afar, was stunned when she heard this.

Why did she suddenly have an ominous feeling?

Three minutes later, Shi Xiaobai and company entered the Infernal domain. The poor Infernal domain still did not know that it had just ushered in a group of ‘bandits’ that entered in broad daylight.


Author’s Note: The basic groundwork to the story has finally been laid. Next, will be an exciting and interesting story. Everyone look forward to it.


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