AC Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: I’m only waiting for you

“The Celestial domain is in the sky, and the only way to enter the Celestial domain is through a terrifying skyward sea current. The sea current is in a dead sea, and only by using the current’s skyward flow would one be able to enter the Celestial domain. The existence of the Celestial domain is a secret unknown to the inhabitants of this world. But to human trial-takers like us, there have been people who have already discovered the existence of the Celestial domain over countless exploratory trials. There have been people who have done deep research on the Celestial domain’s location and method of entry.”

“Of course, even if it’s known, almost no trial-taker has been able to really enter the Celestial domain because the speed of the spiraling sea current is too horrifying. It’s a force no human body can withstand, and it would rip a person to shreds upon entry. Only a few lucky ones with special abilities or amazingly strong freaks of nature have a chance at heading to the Celestial domain.”

Liu Yu said, “And back then, the Hero King was one of the extremely few trial-takers who successfully entered the Celestial domain!”

When Liu Yu said this, he paused slightly.

Shi Xiaobai immediately motioned for Liu Yu to continue. He never expected that the world had such an interesting historical background. Not only were there devils and the Infernal King, there were gods that isolated themselves!

If he knew of the existence of the Celestial domain, and that the difficulty of entering it was so high, Shi Xiaobai might have attempted it first.

Liu Yu clearly liked to keep people hanging with his storytelling skills. He came to an abrupt stop for ten seconds before saying, “The Hero King successfully reached the Celestial domain through the skyward sea current and with his impressive strength, he obtained the recognition of the race of the gods, the Celestials, where he was given a grand reception. Even the distinguished Celestial King hosted a banquet for him!”

Liu Yu gave a sly smile and suddenly said, “Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, try guessing what the Hero King did next!”

Shi Xiaobai rolled his eyes and after a little thought, he came up with the simplest answer, “Kill the Celestial King? Or defeat the Celestial King, and after that became the new Celestial King?”

This was the easiest answer to think of, but it was clearly not the real answer, or Liu Yu would not have made Shi Xiaobai guess.

However, Shi Xiaobai could not be bothered and said the answer Liu Yu wanted to hear.

Liu Yu shook his head in a happy mood before saying, “You guessed wrong. The Hero King did not challenge the Celestial King, but on the day of the banquet, he stole the most precious Celestial Jade from the Celestials!”


Shi Xiaobai was truly astonished. Even though he did not know the deeds of the Hero King, a man who created the Age of Heroes was imaginably a righteous hero.

Why would he steal a treasure of the Celestials?

He believed that even if it was not a duel with the Celestial King, he must have done something that made one’s blood boil.

But it was unexpected that the Hero King entered the Celestial domain to steal a treasure?

Shi Xiaobai murmured, “It must not have been this simple.”

Liu Yu immediately said with a laugh, “Of course it’s not that simple! Not only did the Hero King steal the Celestial Jade, he even gave the Celestial Jade to the Infernal King! After that, he stole the Infernal King’s Infernal Sword and rushed to give it to Leonis! Finally, through a technique stolen from the Celestials, he destroyed half the foundation of the Transcendence Holy Tree. All of this was accomplished by the Hero King within three days. It was such a short period of time that the three kings failed to react in time. By the time they reacted, they realized that their treasures were in the hands of another. They mistook it for the other party stealing their treasures. Therefore, this was how war that broke out in the Celestial domain, the Infernal domain and the mortal world, was instigated!”

Shi Xiaobai was dumbfounded when he heard this. By stealing the treasure of the Celestial King and pushing the blame to the Infernal King, he later stole the Infernal King’s treasure to push the blame on Leonis, and then pushing the blame to the Celestials by destroying the Transcendence Holy Tree, the Hero King had directly sparked a trifecta hatred relationship between the three races! To be able to accomplish such a difficult feat in three days was astounding.

However, wasn’t this the act too despicable?

By instigating a war between the three domains, wasn’t it cold-blooded and ruthless?

Was the Hero King that pioneered the Age of Heroes a hero that shouldn’t be admired?

Shi Xiaobai asked in a deep voice, “This was what the Hero King did? This is the most interesting story out of the four stories on the seventh level of the Transcendental Tower?”

Liu Yu chortled and said, “That’s right. It’s the most interesting story, one of the legendary stories of the Hero King!”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent before his eyes lit up slightly, “The story hasn’t ended.”

This was not the legendary story that he had in his mind. It wasn’t even considered interesting, so how could it be called legendary!

There was certainly more to the story.

“Of course!”

Liu Yu grinned and said, “The story has only just begun.”

What sort of existence was the Celestial domain?

Speechless had a clear imagination of the place through countless pieces of information. It was an imagination he was even sick of.

But when he truly arrived in the Celestial domain, he had the mistaken feeling that it was both familiar and unfamiliar.

It might have been a result of him being giddy after the constantly spiraling sea current, but he felt that he had come to this place thousands of times, but it also felt like he had never ever been here before.

This contradictory illusion made him feel a hazy sense of reality.

Speechless closed his eyes and rested for a while before slowly opening his eyes and taking slow steps forward.

Beneath his feet were snow-white clouds. Walking on the clouds felt like he was stepping on cotton. Occasionally, there would be a hole in the clouds, allowing him to see the distant ground through it. It was a deep abyss that did not seem to have an end.

One needed to be careful while walking on such clouds,

but Speechless began to increase his walking speed.

Before arriving, he did not want to arrive too quickly.

But after arriving, he began to feel eager.

“What a fool.”

Speechless gave a self-deprecating laugh. After walking on the ground made by clouds for a few minutes, he finally came in front of a gigantic stone door in the expanse of whiteness.

The door was the entrance to the Celestial domain.

“I’m finally here.”

Speechless felt mixed emotions as he looked at the door.

Suddenly, Speechless’ pupils contracted slightly as a flicker of surprise flashed in his eyes.

There was a figure standing beside the stone door!

A person had reached the Celestial domain before him!

Although Speechless had deliberately wasted a lot of time on his journey here, it was still a surprise that someone reached the Celestial domain before him. This was because very few trial-takers had the ability to ride the skyward water current into the Celestial domain.

“I never expected that there would be such hidden talents in such a minor rookie selection.”

Speechless reflected over this matter as he walked towards the door. Soon, he saw the figure’s face.

It was a girl.

It was a girl with short brown hair with a delicate beauty!

Speechless suddenly felt a sense of familiarity from the girl’s looks. He quickly approached and the girl noticed his arrival as she opened her brown eyes.

The girl stood quietly where she was and remained motionless. She did not speak either, as she quietly watched Speechless walking towards her.

The closer he was, the more Speechless felt that the girl he was apparently seeing for the first time was someone he had previously seen or known.

When he came to five meters away from the girl, Speechless suddenly said in surprise, “It’s you!”

Speechless remembered the girl. She was from a memory that was now covered in dust where she was a tiny figure, with the same brown hair and eyes.

“Mu, Mu, Mu…”

Speechless wanted to say out the girl’s name, but it was as if his memories were grass weighed down by a rock. It could not surface in his mind, so all he could do was say a single word of her name.

“Mu Yuesheng.”

Mu Yuesheng smiled and said softly, “Yue as in the moon, Sheng as in flute and pipes. Mu Yuesheng.”

Speechless laughed in a somewhat embarrassed manner. He said apologetically, “Sorry about that. I remember you, but for some reason, I couldn’t remember your name.”

Mu Yuesheng shook her head and said, “It’s alright. It’s been ten years after all.”

Speechless said with reflective emotions, “Yes, it’s been ten years. It’s been so long, and I never expected to meet you here.”

Mu Yuesheng smiled and remained silent.

Speechless fell silent for a moment and said softly, “It doesn’t seem like you just arrived. Why do you stay in front of the Celestial domain’s door and not enter? You must know that I would choose to come here, and you must know that I will not back down against anyone on this matter.”

Mu Yuesheng nodded and said, “I know, I’m only here to… wait.”

Speechless pricked up his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Waiting for who?”

Mu Yuesheng replied in a delicate manner, “For you.”

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