AC Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Proving His Identity

“Sorry everyone. This King is indeed the Infernal King!”

Shi Xiaobai said helplessly, “But This King is the real Shi Xiaobai as well.”

When everyone heard this, they were startled, but thankfully, Shi Xiaobai quickly clarified with another sentence. But even so, the two sentences also immediately made them feel dumbfounded.

What did the words that sounded full of contradiction mean?

He was indeed the Infernal King?

But the real Shi Xiaobai as well?

Then the words meant that… the Infernal King and Shi Xiaobai were the same person?

“That’s impossible!”

Liu Yu frowned and said, “Don’t forget, we are trial…”

Shi Xiaobai stretched his hand out to interrupt what Liu Yu wanted to say. In fact, what Liu Yu wanted to express was something everyone present knew except the Infernal Queen. Shi Xiaobai was still a trial-taker from the human world. As for the Infernal King, he was a fake existence created by the assessment program. Although the Infernal King formerly existed as a true history on another plane of existence, the present Infernal King was fake. Every month, he would return with a refresh of the assessment program.

Shi Xiaobai was real but the Infernal King was fake. How could the two be the same existence?

But regardless if Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King or not, if he did not have a persuasive argument, it was impossible for him to say such a ridiculous statement.

Everyone looked at Shi Xiaobai and waited for his explanation.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not immediately explain. Instead, he turned to look at the Infernal Queen and softly said, “Go back first. When This King explains to these friends, This King will return to the Infernal domain.”

The subtext of his words clearly indicated that Shi Xiaobai did not wish for the Infernal Queen to hear his explanation.

The Infernal Queen bit her lower lip and felt somewhat aggrieved. What was there to explain?

However, Shi Xiaobai had already indicated that these people were his friends, and the Infernal Queen could sense that Shi Xiaobai attached a high value to them, so she did not act capriciously.

“Then, I’ll return first.”

The Infernal Queen said dejectedly as she turned to head towards the Infernal domain. She turned her head back with every step, but with her graceful pose and elegant footsteps, she disappeared into the Door of the Bravehearts in three steps.

After the Infernal Queen left, the area fell into a strange silence.

No one took the initiative to break the silence.

As there were too many questions they wanted to ask, they did not know which to ask first. They only looked quietly at Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai fell silent for a moment and pondered over his words. With a cough, he said, “Before This King explains the situation, it seems that This King needs to prove that he is really Shi Xiaobai. Let’s do it this way, all of you should ask a question only Shi Xiaobai can answer, but something that the Infernal King can’t. Looks can be disguised while actions can be feigned, but memories can’t be copied, right?”

Although Shi Xiaobai felt that the reason why he had become the Infernal King amusing, it had to be said that there were several pieces of evidence pointing to the possibility of him being the Infernal King. If he wasn’t the person in question, he might have the same doubts as well.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai felt that before ‘explaining’, he needed to prove his identity first.

Shi Xiaobai turned to look at Liu Yu. As the proponent of the hypothesis, Liu Yu was probably the person who had the greatest doubts.

Liu Yu bashfully smiled and said, “Why does it seem like This Penniless Priest is a wretched person with sinister thoughts? First things first, This Penniless Priest believes that you are Shi Xiaobai, but there are too many suspicious points regarding this matter. For example, how did you become the eighth Braveheart to clear the level, despite the rules saying that only seven trial-takers can clear the sixth level?”

“In the second, fifth and sixth level, This Penniless Priest had been watching you all along. Back then, although you had outstanding strength, it was not as terrifying as when you were in Transcendence. You possess a body that can rival Moya and Leonis’s bodies, making it rather unbelievable. How long has it been? This exaggerated rate of improvement is completely unscientific.”

“Furthermore, it’s well known that the Infernal Queen deeply loves the Infernal King. She is extremely faithful, so it’s impossible for her to destroy her reputation to address another person as her husband. The reason why she would do so is because she is absolutely certain that you are the Infernal King.”

“Also, your knowledge regarding the seventh world is severely lacking. Furthermore, you did not immediately clear the level after defeating Leonis, which goes against common logic. You being targeted by the assessment program is rather far-fetched as well.”

“There are too many suspicious points, so many that This Penniless Priest can’t help but feel suspicious, even if your character, habits, and looks are all identical to the Shi Xiaobai This Penniless Priest knows. However, This Penniless Priest hasn’t known you for long, so it’s impossible to be absolutely certain.”

“Therefore, even if such suspicion is rather unfriendly, This Penniless Priest has no choice but to play the devil’s advocate. Shi Xiaobai, can you tell This Penniless Priest what were the first words of This Penniless Priest on our first meeting?”

Liu Yu apparently did not wish to spark off any bad feelings with Shi Xiaobai by giving a series of explanations.

Shi Xiaobai was obviously not a petty person. And indeed, there were many suspicious points regarding this matter that even he was unable to explain clearly.

Shi Xiaobai pondered for a moment, and quickly recalled the first words Liu Yu said to him on their first meeting. The main reason was that it left quite a deep impression on Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai imitated Liu Yu’s posture back then and stretched out his right hand. His pointed his index and middle finger at Liu Yu and said, “Benefactor! This Penniless Priest notices that your glabella seems dark, that’s an ominous portent!”

Shi Xiaobai imitated him wonderfully, as though he was a professional con man.

Liu Yu gave an embarrassed smile and nodded his head. He said, “That’s right, completely ad verbatim.”

Shi Xiaobai said with a laugh, “Then, next person.”

Feng Yuanlin immediately lifted his hand and asked, “Me. I’ll do the asking. Boss Shi Xiaobai, what’s my name?”

This question made Liu Yu involuntarily roll his eyes.

Shi Xiaobai was rather pleased with Feng Yuanlin’s performance back in Transcendence, so he naturally knew his name. He immediately answered, “Feng Yuanlin.”

Feng Yuanlin, who received the answer, immediately laughed heartily and said, “Haha, Boss Shi Xiaobai remembers my name. Sweet!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but smile in his heart. This lackey was not bad after all, and he was worth taking in.

Following that, Shi Xiaobai turned his head to look at Pulp Farmer.

Pulp Farmer was startled before he reacted. After pondering for a moment, he said, “I don’t have anything to ask. Regardless if you are Shi Xiaobai or the Infernal King, you have once saved my life. Of course, I would prefer to believe that you are Shi Xiaobai.”

Shi Xiaobai nodded his head and turned to look at the silver-haired girl that was standing beside Sunless.

The silver-haired girl was already prepared. She immediately raised the writing board in her hands and on it were the words: “Brother Xiaobai, do you remember me?”

Shi Xiaobai said with a nod, “Of course!”

Although he had only interacted with the silver-haired girl who wore black-rimmed glasses for a few waves of demonic beasts, Shi Xiaobai had a deep and favorable impression of her.

Back then, he had vaguely guessed that her strength was formidable because she was the second rookie to reach City #1. The speed at which she cleared the first level far exceeded the other rookies, at a speed much faster than Liu Yu. Furthermore, the speed at which she cleared the demonic beasts that came from her city gate was no slower than his.

And at this moment, Shi Xiaobai was not overly astonished meeting the silver-haired girl again on the seventh level.

However, Shi Xiaobai clearly remembered that this girl who could not speak was a very talkative person. Back when he met her the first time, she had bombarded him with questions. Her liveliness and cuteness was lovable.

Shi Xiaobai immediately prepared himself mentally for receiving the cute and talkative girl’s bombardment of questions.

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