AC Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: I know every inch of your body!

“Shi Xiaobai, you have a red mole at the bottom of your right armpit, and a birthmark on your left chest. Try explaining, did I make a mistake?”

The Infernal Queen’s words were like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, startling everyone present. Even Shi Xiaobai was momentarily left stunned.

The few of them had never mentioned the name Shi Xiaobai, but the Infernal Queen was able to naturally call it out. But of course, if the Infernal Queen wanted to obtain Shi Xiaobai’s name, it would probably not be difficult.

However, how did the Infernal Queen know about the birthmark on the left side of his chest?

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. He really had a birthmark on his left chest, but ever since he crossed worlds, he had never mentioned this to anyone. How did the Infernal Queen know of the birthmark on the left side of his chest?

And even more crazy was the Infernal Queen mentioning the red mole underneath his right armpit.

Was there a red mole underneath Shi Xiaobai’s right armpit?

Even Shi Xiaobai himself did not know. After all, he did not have a fetish of using a mirror to look at his armpit.

How did the Infernal Queen know of something that even he did not know?

But by providing three pieces of information in such a certain manner, with two of them already correct, there was no reason for the third piece of information to be baloney.

However, this third piece of information that Shi Xiaobai could not judge its veracity was something only a person extremely close to him could learn of. In Shi Xiaobai’s memory, there probably wasn’t a chance for others to peep at his right armpit.

Then, how did the Infernal Queen learn of this information?

Did his right armpit really have a red mole?

Obviously, Shi Xiaobai could not take off his clothes on the spot to test its veracity. He could only look suspiciously at the Infernal Queen and ask with a serious tone, “How do you know of this?”

With this said, everyone looked incredulously at Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai’s words implied that the Infernal Queen was not speaking nonsense.

How did the Infernal Queen know that there was a birthmark on Shi Xiaobai’s left chest and that he had a red mole underneath his armpit?

Could it be…

Pulp Farmer and company thought of a particular possibility as they drew a gasp.

The pure Sunless and the silver-haired girl naturally did not connect the dots. Their minds were similarly filled with questions. They obviously did not believe that Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King, so they were puzzling how the Infernal Queen had gained knowledge of the three pieces of information.

The answer came out of the Infernal Queen’s lips with a coy tone in her voice.

“Darling, why do you knowingly ask such a question? I know obviously because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

What sounded like a sentence that could be taken for granted immediately widened the eyes of everyone.

Seen with her own eyes?

Wouldn’t that mean…

Pulp Farmer and company shook their heads immediately. They told themselves to stop wildly guessing certain impossibilities!

Shi Xiaobai said in surprise, “This is clearly the first time This King is meeting you, how did you see it with your own eyes?  When did you see it? Where did you see it?”

The Infernal Queen’s tone of certainty and the seemingly flawless explanation quickly made Shi Xiaobai question if he had remembered wrongly, or if he had forgotten something.

Shi Xiaobai’s confidence weakened. After all, he had lost consciousness for a period of time at the sixth level and he did not even know how he had reached the seventh level.

Could it be that he had met the Infernal Queen when he lost unconsciousness, to the point of being half naked in front of her?

No, even so, he shouldn’t have become the Infernal King for no good reason!

Shi Xiaobai felt that he needed to figure out the matter.

And when the Infernal Queen heard Shi Xiaobai’s question, she fell into a daze as her eyes shimmered. She bit her lips as though she was angry. After a few moments she sighed and said, “Are you trying to make it difficult for me?”

Shi Xiaobai pricked up his eyebrows slightly, “Making it difficult?”

The Infernal Queen lowered her head slightly and whispered, “Do you really want me to say when and where I saw it?”

Shi Xiaobai said with a nod, “Could it be that you actually don’t have an answer?”

At this moment, Feng Yuanlin interjected, “Boss Shi Xiaobai, it’s best to not continue asking, right?”

Shi Xiaobai turned his head and wondered out aloud, “Why not?”

The Infernal Queen looked up and gave Shi Xiaobai a serious look. Her fair skin blushed with a faint pinkness. As she bit her lower lip slightly, her eyes flashed with a struggling look before she sighed sadly. As though she was giving her everything, she suddenly turned her head sideways and said something that was nearly inaudible.

“Where else could I see it? Of course it was on the… bed.”

With this said, the atmosphere turned silent.

Feng Yuanlin turned his head over and muttered, “I already said to not ask any further…”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned for a moment before reacting. He was not dumb enough to not understand what the sentence meant.

A close relationship between a couple was already the answer.

But Shi Xiaobai was not the Infernal King!

How could he have been in bed with the Infernal Queen before!?

Shi Xiaobai fell silent for a moment and looked at the Infernal Queen before seriously saying, “In the end, all this is because you mistook This King for your husband, and that This King is the Infernal King. But there must be a certain misunderstanding in this matter. Although the birthmark on the left chest is true, it might all be a coincidence. As for the red mole beneath the armpit, This King is not sure either, but there is no need to verify it. Because to tell you the truth, This King is not only not the Infernal King, but a Braveheart here to kill the Infernal King!”

If the Infernal Queen was not acting, then the only possibility was it being a misunderstanding. Since there was no way to resolve the misunderstanding, Shi Xiaobai did not plan on resolving it!

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she covered her mouth and said with a laugh, “Which Infernal King will call himself a Braveheart? To kill himself? Darling, you really are playful. I finally understand. You don’t want to reveal your identity in front of these outsiders. It was my mistake, and I’m sorry. But when it’s already done, can you stop denying it? I know every inch of your body, must I reveal them?”

With this said, before Shi Xiaobai reacted, Pulp Farmer and company could not help but give Shi Xiaobai incredulous looks.

Was this fucking true?

They were afraid of taking additional glances at Infernal Queen’s beauty, so they could not help but imagine certain things when such bold words were said.

But the Infernal Queen suddenly said in a melancholic manner, “After all, Darling’s clothes and shoes were sewn personally by me.”

Pulp Farmer and company looked at each other.

Fuck, so that’s what she meant. They nearly had their thoughts run wild.

However, what was strange was that after the Infernal Queen said those words, Shi Xiaobai suddenly turned silent. His eyebrows were knitted together, as though he was contemplating something.

There was a strange silence once again.

The Infernal Queen looked quietly at Shi Xiaobai.

Pulp Farmer and company looked at each other.

Why was Shi Xiaobai so silent at the moment?

Could it be…

Liu Yu suddenly said, “There are only seven Bravehearts that can reach the seventh level. This Penniless Priest is the seventh, and in the six people before me, there wasn’t Shi Xiaobai.”

Feng Yuanlin stared with widened eyes and exclaimed, “That can’t be?”

Pulp Farmer turned his head towards Liu Yu and said in disbelief, “Are you telling me that this could be a fake Shi Xiaobai?”

There were only seven Bravehearts, but this Shi Xiaobai that suddenly appeared claimed to be the eighth Braveheart, while the Infernal Queen insisted that Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King.

Then there was only one explanation.

The Shi Xiaobai in front of them was not the real Shi Xiaobai, but a disguise of the Infernal King!

Against such doubts, Shi Xiaobai remained silent. It was an eerie silence.

“Real one.”

Sunless, who had been silent for a long period of time, suddenly spoke, “You are the real Shi Xiaobai. Aura cannot be faked.”

Sunless looked at Shi Xiaobai quietly. The sword aura from Shi Xiaobai that she liked a lot could not be faked. He had to be the real Shi Xiaobai.

Pulp Farmer added on at that moment, “Back in Transcendence, Shi Xiaobai had saved my life. The Infernal King would not have done that. He’s not the Infernal King!”

Feng Yuanlin nodded and said, “Boss Shi Xiaobai’s performance at Transcendence is something I’ll remember for life. I absolutely cannot believe that he is the Infernal King! Certainly not!”

Liu Yu frowned, “This Penniless Priest does not believe it either! This Penniless Priest believes that the Infernal King can one-shot Leonis in his fourth form, but This Penniless Priest has to question if Benefactor Shi Xiaobai is capable of doing so. Furthermore, Shi Xiaobai why aren’t you speaking?”

Everyone could not help but look at Shi Xiaobai.

That’s right. Shi Xiaobai, why are you suddenly silent?

Could it be…

The Infernal Queen shook her head and said apologetically, “Darling, sorry. I put you in the spot. I never expected you to value these people so highly to the point of refusing to expose your identity in front of them. It was my fault. I should have realized that earlier.”

“It’s okay. You are not to be blamed.”

Shi Xiaobai, who had been silent for a long while, suddenly spoke.

The few words caused everyone to gasp.

They looked unbelievably at Shi Xiaobai.

“Shi Xiaobai” gave everyone a helpless look and said, “Sorry everyone. This King is indeed the Infernal King!”

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    1. Well I think the conquest king supposedly slew the infernal king. Maybe that isn’t true and he instead did something else. But if he slew the infernal King then it should be the system playing a trick on SXB by making him the infernal king. and the system should be able to plant memories in the queen. And his clothes were obviously from Kali.

  2. i personally think that because the system targets SB and he never slayed the dragon so technically he’s not a braveheart so the system made him the infernal king so he will be targeted by all the bravehearts just to get rid of him, also don’t forget he slayed like 5-4 different level lords one after another so i’m sure he’s qualified to be the infernal king

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    1. Yeah thats what I was thinking, Medusa said she sewed his clothes, which Kali did on the 6th level. So maybe theres some shenanigans happening? I still think this whole “shi xiaobai is the OSoC” thing is an intentional mislead, the evidence is too obvious

  5. It’s really fun and amusing to view and read other people comments and it gives you a fresh perspective.Personally,I think the reason why SXB is called Infernal King is not because system targets him or something..I think it is connected directly with the timing of the Absolute Choice and the question of SXB..where is THIS KING A-Level reward?And look at the choice…and with the situation and circumstances now..I think its safe to assume the reward is…Being Infernal King…something that is related with that..and because of the reward..the System was directly interfered with..making SXB recognized as Infernal King..thus he will not be able to pass the level..and its possible iys probably because Kali intervention with the 6th level and making SXB pass just like that…but whatever it is that makes SXB recognized as Infernal King..this is probably something big…also even if its not..something big will definitely happens sooner or later..its A lvl reward after all..remember..he only got this far because of the A lvl reward he got…2 Dual s class talents..but even if he didnt get that..his talent is impressive…as it was already introduced that SXB have at least 2 Sixth Sense of God and his attainment is sword technique is monstrous…Speechless is just trash in the 1st place…he thinks SXB sword talent is on par with him..but if he knew that MC didn’t even start training for a year yet got Sword Truth lvl and even reached…I don’t remember but it’s probably last mentioned his cultivation lvl is 7th lvl of Psionic Mortal Realm right?His talent is the most exaggerated hahaha…if Speechless knew of this he will probably vomit blood…who in the world can stand in the way of SXB lol..also I think in the future SXB will probably meet S-lvl reward but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part hahaha.. offense but..Kaito thanks for not saying lame comments to 1st placer now ^_^

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