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Chapter 386: Did I make a mistake

“Darling, you finally came back?”

The Infernal Queen had a sultry voice that sounded like lingering piano music. Her tone was filled with the coquetry and melancholy of a woman that felt lovesick. It was pleasant to the ears and moving. It caused one to feel distraught.

The Infernal Queen took light steps with an elegant posture. Under her gorgeous dress was a voluptuous and curvy figure. Her beauty was stifling.

When Sunless and the silver-haired girl saw the four figures walking from the horizon, they immediately recognized the familiar black-haired youth. They had spontaneously headed forward, but the Infernal Queen was faster than them.

Upon hearing the Infernal Queen say such words with a petty pout, Sunless and the silver-haired girl felt a jolt through their minds. They could not help but come to a stop as they cast their gazes at the Infernal Queen.

The only person that could be so intimately addressed by the Infernal Queen as ‘Darling’ was the Infernal domain’s Infernal King!

And at that moment, the Infernal Queen had apparently said those words to the Infernal King.

The Infernal King was back?

Sunless and the silver-haired girl looked over warily, but the direction the Infernal Queen was heading in was where the four figures were coming from.

Where was the Infernal King?

When Shi Xiaobai came from a distance away, he similarly saw Sunless and the silver-haired girl in the pavilion. However, he soon saw an extremely beautiful snake-haired woman heading towards him.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes could not help but automatically land onto the snake-haired woman’s eyes because he could sense the beautiful eyes staring at him.

As their eyes met, Shi Xiaobai immediately felt a certain set of emotions emitting from the crystal-like eyes.

Such a look and emotions were something Shi Xiaobai had previously seen before.

Kali frequently used to look at him in such a manner. As for the snake-haired girl, the emotions in her eyes were even more intense.

However, the trio beside Shi Xiaobai came to a stop with drastic changes to their expressions. They turned their heads to survey their surroundings as they became nervous.

The beautiful snake-haired woman in front of them was too prominent. The trio immediately recognized her with a glance.

Infernal Queen Medusa. Any trial-taker that previously went to the Infernal domain and was lucky to meet the Infernal Queen Medusa would leave behind a description of her—beauty that topples countries, unfathomable, world’s greatest beauty, second strongest person in the Infernal domain!

The trio immediately understood the Infernal Queen’s charm, but had no mood to enjoy it because they could clearly sense a formless threat with every step the Infernal Queen took.


Very dangerous!

Extremely dangerous!

This was the first feeling the Infernal Queen gave to the trio.

And the words the Infernal Queen said made them immediately turn wary!

The person the Infernal Queen referred to could only be the Infernal King.

And the meaning of the sentence was… The Infernal King had returned?

Pulp Farmer and company immediately surveyed their surroundings nervously, hoping to catch sight of the Infernal King.

Noticing the trio beside him stopping, Shi Xiaobai immediately turned his eyes away from the snake-haired woman. He slowly came to a halt and turned back curiously. “What’s the matter?”

Liu Yu was snapped out of his daze and remembered that Shi Xiaobai did not know of Medusa’s identity. He immediately warned him with a whisper, “Be careful. This snake-haired woman is the wife of the Infernal King, Infernal Queen Medusa!”‘

Shi Xiaobai was surprised as he turned to look at the graceful snake-haired woman who was still walking over. The woman suddenly appeared three meters from him when she was a few hundred meters away just an instant ago.

Shi Xiaobai’s heart jumped slightly, but he did not sense any hostility from the woman. As such, he did not make much of a reaction.

As for Pulp Farmer and company, they jumped out of their skin as they took on a battle stance!

But at this moment, the Infernal Queen swept her eyes across the trio.

The trio immediately turned their heads away, to the point of even turning their entire bodies.

Legends said that the Infernal Queen Medusa’s stare could petrify enemies that looked into her eyes. The trio did not dare to risk it and immediately chose to avert their gazes.

“Darling, are these three people your… friends?”

The Infernal Queen’s sultry voice sounded as the trio turned their heads in surprise.

What was the meaning of those words?

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised because when the Infernal Queen was saying that, she was clearly looking at him. He said with a frown, “Are you talking to This King?”

A look of consternation appeared on the Infernal Queen’s face. She asked curiously, “What does Darling mean? Would I call anyone else Darling?”

With that said, everyone was stunned.

Pulp Farmer and company widened their eyes while the silver-haired girl gaped. Even Sunless could not help but utter an ‘Ah’.

The Infernal Queen actually addressed Shi Xiaobai as ‘Darling’!

Heavens, what the hell is going on!?

As the party in question, Shi Xiaobai appeared rather calm. He looked at her and said calmly, “This King has never seen you before, so how can he be your husband?”

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she frowned slightly and said sadly, “Darling, what’s the meaning of this? You have been away from home for several days, making me long for you. And the moment you come back, you pretend not to know me?”

Shi Xiaobai said helplessly, “Think again carefully. This King is really not your husband!”

The Infernal Queen said with scoff, “Darling, are you testing me? You change guises every time when out in the external world, but I have accompanied you by your side for such a long period of time. Even if you disguise yourself as a wizened old man, I would be able to recognize you with a glance, much less you being a youth! Darling, stop pulling my leg!”

After the Infernal Queen said this, she took a step towards Shi Xiaobai.

As a knee-jerk reaction, Shi Xiaobai immediately took a step backwards as he said with a deep voice, “You are truly mistaken. This King is not your husband.”

The Infernal Queen came to a stop as she gaped slightly before lowering her head. She said softly, “Did I do something wrong?”

The look of her who was about to cry was one that made anyone that saw her to love and pity her.

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly. The snake-haired woman’s expression and demeanor did not look fake. It did not look anything like acting.

But this was really the first time he was seeing the snake-haired woman, so he was obviously not the woman’s husband.

Furthermore, Liu Yu had just warned him that the woman was the Infernal Queen, the wife of the Infernal King.

If the Infernal Queen addressed him as her husband, wouldn’t that make him the Infernal King?

Shi Xiaobai was rendered speechless. He was clearly here to kill the Infernal King, so how did he suddenly become the Infernal King?

Mistaken identity?

Or was it a conspiracy?

But with the Infernal Queen’s identity, how could she use the term ‘Darling’ as part of a plot?

“He isn’t.”

A cold voice echoed at that moment.

Sunless walked from afar and calmly walked past the Infernal Queen, coming beside Shi Xiaobai.

Then, she turned around and looked straight into the Infernal Queen’s eyes, saying with absolute certainty, “He is not the Infernal King.”

The Infernal Queen turned her melancholic gaze from Shi Xiaobai and gave Sunless a serious look. She softly said, “The person you have been waiting for in front of the Door of the Bravehearts is my husband?”

Sunless nodded before shaking her head. She said seriously, “It’s him, but he’s not your husband.”

Sunless, who was always a person of few words, revealed a rare desire to obtain victory in this dispute.

Pulp Farmer and company also snapped out of their daze. However, they did not know what to say. They obviously did not believe that Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King, but they similarly did not think that the Infernal Queen would use the Infernal King’s name for ‘acting’.

What the hell was the situation?

Shi Xiaobai sighed and looked at the Infernal Queen before saying, “You must have been mistaken for some reason. This King isn’t the Infernal King, nor does This King know you.”

The Infernal Queen sighed similarly and said faintly, “Shi Xiaobai, you have a red mole beneath your right armpit, and a birthmark on the left side of your chest. Try explaining, did I make a mistake?”

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