AC Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: Darling, you finally came back?

In front of the Door of the Bravehearts, the pavilion that was overgrown with grass despite once sending off countless Bravehearts was rundown and deserted. However, there were two figures sitting in the pavilion. They added a beauty to the bleakness of the area.

They were two beautiful girls.

One of them was wearing an azure-colored dress. She was sitting silently with her eyes slightly dazed. Her back was facing the Infernal domain, while her gaze was cast onto the desolate plains, as though she was waiting for something.

The other girl was dressed in a school uniform with a short skirt. She had silver hair and exquisite facial features. She wore black-rimmed glasses and had the liveliness of her youth, but also seemed elegant and graceful. She was reading a book that was in her hand.

However, the silver-haired girl would occasionally look up from her books and glance at Sunless, with a hesitant look.

In this pavilion, the silver-haired girl had accompanied Sunless for an entire night and an entire day. Although she could kill time by reading books, it was still too boring.

The silver-haired girl hesitated for a moment before finally taking out her writing board and wrote a line of text before gently rapping the table.

Sunless slowly turned her head and read the words on the board with all seriousness.

It was written:

“Sis Sunless, the person you are waiting for… If the person chose another method or was eliminated at the other levels because of bad luck, what would you do?”

This was a rather realistic problem. The silver-haired girl did not know who Sunless was waiting for, nor did she know the reason why Sunless was waiting. However, the silver-haired girl knew that there were too many possibilities for her to keep waiting like this.

The person Sunless was waiting for might not necessarily come to the Infernal domain. In that case, Sunless would be wasting her precious time by waiting. With the passage of time, more and more difficult calamities would befall Sunless, eventually forcing her to use the exit command.

The silver-haired girl was somewhat worried that Sunless would not meet the person she was waiting for.

Sunless said with a deadpan expression, “Will come.”

Her tone was as pure as spring water, but there was no way to tell if the mood was extremely confident or not.

The silver-haired girl paused for a moment before writing: “I see, so did you agree on meeting at the Door of the Bravehearts?”

Sunless shook her head. “No.”

The silver-haired girl was somewhat at a loss whether to laugh or to cry as she quickly wrote: “Then how are you so sure that the person you are waiting for will come!? Did he (she) mention it earlier?”

The silver-haired girl could not be sure if the person Sunless was waiting for was male or female, so when she wrote ‘he’, she added an additional ‘she’.

Sunless shook her head once again. With some hesitation, she whispered, “Not coming is also fine.”

The silver-haired girl was somewhat dumbfounded, but she could sense a resolute tone in the emotionless voice.

Sunless waited without caring if she could manage to wait for him. All she wanted was to wait, and that she had to wait.

The person she was waiting for was too, too important to her. She had to wait for him, and it did not matter if he would come!

The silver-haired girl slowly figured this out as her eyes lit up slightly. Her Soul of Gossip burned intensely as she giggled and wrote: “Is the person Sis Sunless is waiting for someone she likes?”

Sunless’ dull eyes immediately turned dazed before they turned deep.

At this moment, silence was equivalent to acquiescence, with silence beating speech.

The silver-haired girl was immediately left more curious. She did not want to disturb Sunless any further, but her thoughts of accompanying Sunless in her waiting became firmer. She was in no hurry to enter the Infernal domain and she had plenty of time left. She believed that she could clear the first thirty calamities.

What she was eager to know was the person Sunless was waiting for. Who was it? It was unknown if she knew the person or if she had seen the person before!

Suddenly, the silver-haired girl felt an extremely dangerous aura as her hair stood up. Immediately, she turned around!

Sunless had also simultaneously felt the same sense of danger as she turned.

They were looking in the direction of the Door of the Bravehearts.

Out of the narrow intersection, a graceful figure slowly walked out.

On closer look, it was something that made one involuntarily hold one’s breath.

This was because the person who walked out was an extremely beautiful woman dressed in rainbow-colored robes. Her skin was as white as snow, and her beauty was peerless. It was enough to topple kingdoms. Her body was excellent with a voluptuous chest and slender hips. She was a stunner.

However, each strand of hair the beautiful woman had was in the shape of a thin snake!

The snake-haired woman walked out of the Infernal domain and floated towards the pavilion!

Upon seeing her face, Sunless immediately grabbed Holy Radiance, which was on the table.

The silver-haired girl also raised the book in her hand in a battle pose. Her other hand quickly wrote three words on the writing board.

“Infernal Queen Medusa!”

Medusa was the name of the beautiful lady walking slowly in front of them.

She was the only wife of the Infernal King, the mistress of the Infernal domain!

Her strength was equally terrifying; it was just slightly weaker than the Infernal King’s!

Why did Infernal Queen Medusa suddenly appear outside the Infernal domain!?

Sunless and the silver-haired girl immediately turned cautious.

The Infernal Queen slowly walked over and soon reached the pavilion. She revealed a beautiful smile that could overwhelm all men and said, “Don’t worry, This Queen will not attack you.”

The Infernal Queen’s voice was pleasing to the ears, but Sunless and the silver-haired girl did not dare to relax.

The Infernal Queen shook her head and laughed. She sat at a stone table a distance away from Sunless and softly said, “This Door of the Bravehearts is already in such a run down state. This Queen hasn’t seen Bravehearts dare to stay around here for countless years. Don’t worry, This Queen never kills Bravehearts, because every time they appear, This Queen can admire the Darling Husband’s magnificence. To This Queen, it is a form of enjoyment.”

The Darling Husband the Infernal Queen was referring to was naturally the Infernal King.

Sunless and the silver-haired girl remained alert in silence. Although they could not sense any killing intent from the Infernal Queen, they were not naive to believe that the beautiful snake-haired woman was a harmless herbivore.

The Infernal Queen moved her lips slightly once again as she softly said, “It seems both of you are waiting for someone? This Queen’s Darling Husband who makes one lovesick is about to return. You wouldn’t mind This Queen from waiting in this pavilion for a while, right?”

Upon hearing this, Sunless and the silver-haired girl exchanged looks. Both of them were astonished.

What the Infernal Queen meant was that the Infernal King was not in the Infernal domain. Furthermore, the Infernal King was about to return?

Sunless and the silver-haired girl exchanged looks once again, but they managed to calm down.

They sat back down at the stone table.

The method of killing the Infernal King to clear the seventh level was something she would attempt sooner or later. Since the Infernal King was about to return, it just meant the pushing forward of an intense battle.

Sunless sighed. She did not have much confidence in defeating the Infernal King. She did not care about winning or losing, nor did she care about clearing the seventh level. All she wanted was to wait for Shi Xiaobai!

The heavens seemed to hear her inner thoughts at that moment.

Suddenly, across the barren land, four figures appeared!

Sunless immediately saw an extremely familiar figure among them!

Wasn’t that black-haired youth Shi Xiaobai?

Shi Xiaobai had indeed come!

Sunless immediately stood up from her seat.

The silver-haired girl also noticed the four figures walking from the horizon. Similarly, she first noticed Shi Xiaobai from the group.

She had encountered Shi Xiaobai back in the second level when they were protecting the city. Back then, Shi Xiaobai had given up the honor of being first to clear the level by selflessly using 500 of his points to heal the city’s tree. It had shocked and touched her.

Brother Xiaobai, we have finally met again!

The silver-haired girl stood up with a smile as well.

Sunless and the silver-haired girl stood up spontaneously as they walked out of the pavilion.

But there was a figure that was even faster than them, and it felt more urgent than them!

The Infernal Queen was walking in front of them.

At the same time, a coquettish and mesmerizing voice resounded in front of the two girls.

“Darling, you finally came back?”

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