AC Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: This King is immune to poison

Leonis summoned Shi Xiaobai and company to his chamber and engaged in a tirade that seemed like he was blaming Shi Xiaobai for secretly eating the holy tree’s fruit, but in fact, the truth could easily be guessed. Leonis wanted Shi Xiaobai to head to the Infernal domain to kill the Infernal King.

Although it was unknown what benefits Leonis would gain if the Infernal King was killed, it was not something that mattered to Shi Xiaobai.

On the contrary, he was rather grateful to Leonis for giving him some idea what was the puzzling “King’s Mandate” that the Absolute Choice had referred to.

Although ending the Age of Bravehearts and the King’s Mandate both pointed to ‘killing the Infernal King’, resulting in a contradiction, heading to the Infernal domain to kill the Infernal King was still the best choice.

Shi Xiaobai and company did not stay for long. After leaving King Leonis’s palace, they prepared to leave Transcendence, and journeyed together to the Infernal domain.

It could be said that Shi Xiaobai left in a glorious fashion. Along the way, several Transcendents watched from afar, eyes filled with an ephemeral awe.

However, when they reached the city gate, the gargantuan that guarded the city remained arrogant. Shi Xiaobai could still sense the strong animosity and killing intent from the gargantuan.

After Shi Xiaobai and company walked out the city gate, the gargantuan peeked his head out from inside the city gate and said coldly, “The race of the Transcendents is the strongest race. You will soon realize this point.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up slightly. The gargantuan’s sentence sounded like a downtrodden dog’s crazy barking, but it sounded premonitory as though there was some special meaning behind it. This was because the gargantuan said the sentence filled with confidence and ruthlessness.

Was he so foolish that he could not extricate himself from the superiority of the Transcendents, therefore just lying to himself?

Or did the gargantuan hide a particular secret?

Shi Xiaobai smiled slightly and did not respond. He turned around and left the gargantuan the sight of his back, as though he didn’t care.

He did not believe that the race of the Transcendents was the strongest race in the world. Similarly, he did not believe that humans were that much mighty and glorious. As for how all races were equal in the world, Shi Xiaobai was not naive enough to believe that it could truly be attained.

However, there was one thing for certain. Lives were equal. Regardless if life ended up in eventual lowliness or prominence, or how the present made it dirty like a beggar’s life, or noble like an aristocrat, there was no life that should be treated with contempt. There was also no life that immediately was above others the moment they were born.

The Transcendents did have a natural advantage at birth, but how could a lowly Transcendent beggar that was awaiting death be on a higher status than a Braveheart from other races?

The worth of a life was not because of one’s race, but whether you could become such an existence.

In the desolate desert, there was only unending sand and sprawling rocks. It was dead silent, with no sign of life.

“This piece of land is called the Silent Desolate Lands. The Infernal domain is located to the west of the Silent Desolate Lands. As for Transcendence, it is located on the east. In fact, Transcendence is the city closest to the Infernal domain, with only the Silent Desolate Lands separating them. But strangely, the Infernal King has never attacked Transcendence over thousands of years.”

Shi Xiaobai and company proceeded on the desolate lands at a speed that wasn’t too slow, but neither was it too fast. The main reason was that Feng Yuanlin, who wasn’t adept at movement techniques, had slowed them down. During this boring period, Liu Yu nicely gave Shi Xiaobai more information regarding the world in the seventh level.

Liu Yu continued, “Thousands of years ago, the Transcendents could only be considered above average among the various races. However, after the appearance of the Infernal King, nearly every race’s city or tribe would be attacked by the Infernal King, resulting in Transcendence being the only unharmed location. And it was because of this that the strength of other races gradually weakened from the constant destruction from the Infernal King. As for the Transcendents, they were constantly getting stronger, eventually becoming the strongest race. For this matter, there are said to be two reasons. Some people say that the Infernal King is afraid of the Transcendence Holy Tree’s divine might, so he does not dare to attack Transcendence. However, there are others who say that Transcendents are bastard children of the Infernals, so the Infernal King spares them.”

“This Penniless Priest originally believed that the second rationale is more believable because Moya and Leonis’s final form exude a strange and sinister aura. That look of theirs made them resemble the Infernals. However, Leonis just mentioned that the Transcendents are descendants of devils, and are a different kind of devil that is the nemesis of the Infernal King. This makes it somewhat odd. If the Transcendents are really devils that rival the Infernal King, why would the Infernal King spare Transcendence, which is closest to the Infernal domain, every time he leaves the Infernal domain? Could it be that the Infernal King is really afraid of that Transcendence Holy Tree that will reveal its might when Transcendence is about to be destroyed?”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, Shi Xiaobai pondered for a moment and said, “It’s probably hard to know if the Infernal King is afraid of the Transcendence Holy Tree. However, Leonis must have been lying. To be precise, what Leonis said must be a half-truth. It is not to be fully believed. Whether the Transcendents are really descendants of the devils or if they are archnemeses with the Infernal King requires observation.”

Liu Yu nodded and after a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, what was the Devil Fruit that Leonis mentioned? To be honest, This Penniless Priest is rather curious as This Penniless Priest has read up on a lot of information regarding the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower before coming, but This Penniless Priest has never seen any description regarding the holy tree’s fruit. Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, if you don’t mind, can you give a simple explanation?”

When Pulp Farmer and Feng Yuanlin heard this, they cast their gazes at Shi Xiaobai. Clearly, they were very curious as well.

However, it did not seem proper to ask about such secretive matters so directly.

Shi Xiaobai did not mind, but the matter was still rather difficult to put into words. Shi Xiaobai considered for a moment his words before saying, “The attitude of the Transcendents made This King rather angry, so angry that he became enraged. In a fit of impulse, This King secretly climbed up the holy tree and planned to eat all the tree leaves of the holy tree. Later on, This King accidentally discovered a fruit hidden in the tree’s crown before eating it. After eating the fruit, This King’s physique did experience a significant improvement, but there was no strange changes. It is probably a lie when Leonis called it the Devil’s Fruit.”

What Shi Xiaobai said was basically the truth, but it did sound somewhat odd. Pulp Farmer and company looked each other in the eyes. Shi Xiaobai said that he got hungry from being mad and ran up the holy tree to eat leaves. Was that a joke or was he saying something witty?

Liu Yu frowned and said, “If This Penniless Priest did not remember wrongly, the surface of the Transcendence Holy Tree’s trunk and branches are filled with a poison that can seep into the pores of a person’s body. As for the holy tree’s leaves, they are even more poisonous. Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, are you pulling our leg?”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said calmly, “It’s obviously not a joke. What This King said is the truth. That holy tree is indeed laced with poison, and it is indeed more apt to call it a devil’s tree or poisonous tree, but unfortunately, This King is immune to poison. Just that bit of poison did not cause any harm to This King, instead, it benefitted This King.”

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