AC Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: King’s Mandate

Shi Xiaobai was surprised. He had never expected Leonis to realize that he had eaten the fruit!

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt guilty. It was indeed not a good thing to secretly eat something that belonged to others, but he had really failed to resist the tempting fragrance of the holy tree. Also, he had done it because of the rage from the Transcendents’ contempt. On this matter, he was guilty!

It was also possible that Leonis was not sure who had eaten it, and had only raised the issue as a bluff. At this moment, the best action was to feign ignorance or angrily accuse Leonis of maligning him.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not like to do such a thing. He sighed and said, “Eating that fruit was a rash decision of This King. Go ahead, what does the fruit mean to you, the Transcendents, and to this world? If This King can make up for it, he will definitely do his best.”

Having been caught doing something wrong, it was best to admit the truth, even if it did not seem wrong from one’s point of view. A fault was a fault, trying to use subjective arguments would not change the objective facts.

Now, with Shi Xiaobai pondering carefully over it, he realized that he had been acting on an impulse when he ate the Transcendence Holy Tree’s fruit. After all, the fruit’s effects were stunning, so it was likely extremely precious. By eating a precious treasure of the Transcendents as revenge for their contempt and arrogance was truly an underhanded tactic.

Leonis said with a sneer, “It was indeed you who ate it!”

Shi Xiaobai nodded calmly and said, “The fruit was eaten by This King.”

Indeed, Leonis was just bluffing, but Shi Xiaobai openly admitted it.

Pulp Farmer and company looked each other in the eyes. They were also curious as to what Shi Xiaobai had eaten. They had never heard anything about the fruit of the Transcendence Holy Tree. However, ever since they entered Leonis’s chamber, they had automatically fallen silent.

This was because they knew that this meeting was meant to be a conversation between Leonis and Shi Xiaobai. The three of them were just here out of convenience.

And when Leonis heard how Shi Xiaobai bluntly admitted to his ‘crime’, his expression turned extremely ugly, like a cold stone sinking down in silence.

The mood immediately turned awkward.

Shi Xiaobai coughed once and asked again, “What exactly does that fruit signify? This King is never an overbearing and unreasonable person. If the fruit will really affect the entire world as you said, This King will think of a method to shoulder the responsibility for eating the fruit!”

When Leonis heard this, his eyes flickered for a moment before his stiff body gradually slumped. He let out a deep sigh and said with a deep voice, “Forget it, this might be fate. Maybe you are more qualified than This King to eat that fruit. But human, you will definitely have to pay an enormous price for eating that fruit, because the real name of the fruit you ate is… Devil Fruit!”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up as he said in surprise, “Devil Fruit? Why would a fruit born from a holy tree have such an ominous name?”

Leonis said with a sneer, “The Transcendence Holy Tree is just a name, but in fact, it’s not a holy tree, but a demonic tree! Do you know why there is an air of darkness around Moya in his third form and when This King is in his fourth form after we lose our reason? That’s because the Transcendents… are descendants of devils!”

With this said, Shi Xiaobai and company were astonished. Shi Xiaobai said with a deep tone, “You are telling us the secret just like that? Aren’t you afraid that we would leak this out?”

Leonis said, “The Transcendents have long been accused as bastards of the Infernals, but people think that it’s just rumors and accusations. This is because the Transcendents have always been the main force that resist the Infernal King and the Infernals. Even if you spread the news, it would be treated as another joke or rumor. And the reason why you are informed of this matter is to tell you that ever since you ate the Infernal Fruit, you have already signed an agreement with the God of the Devils. Now, the present you is no longer a pure human, but… a half-devil!”

Devils had different definitions in different worlds and planes of existence. Shi Xiaobai did not know what the definition of an Infernal was in this world, but it definitely did not mean something good. However, Shi Xiaobai did not feel like any strange changes had happened to him after eating the fruit. Other than his strength increasing several levels, there was no other effect.

Shi Xiaobai asked, “What are devils? What effect does This King have on you, the Transcendents as well as this world for eating the Devil Fruit?”

Leonis fell silent for a few moments before saying, “Devils are naturally devils. The Infernal King in the Infernal domain as well as his Infernal army are a kind of devil. However, the devil bloodline of us, the Transcendents, is different from the devil bloodline of the Infernal King. Furthermore, we are arch nemeses! It can be said that our race’s devil bloodline was born to destroy the Infernal domain! And the fruit you ate was meant for the king of our race, which also means This King, so as to complete a King’s mandate!”

When Shi Xiaobai heard the last few words, he immediately said in astonishment, “What did you say? King’s Mandate?”

Leonis’s eyebrows pricked up, unsure of the reason for Shi Xiaobai’s sudden excitement. He could not be bothered to probe and just said coldly, “The Transcendents and the Infernal domain’s Infernal King and Infernals are arch nemeses. Therefore, the kings of the Transcendents have always shouldered an inescapable mandate of a King, which is to… kill the Infernal King and destroy the Infernal domain! The king of the Transcendents should have always been the strongest Braveheart in the world! And the Transcendence Holy Tree’s Devil Fruit is the strongest means to allow the king to complete his mandate!”

“This King is also the king of the Transcendents, and only knew of the matter after accepting the title of king. I signed a contract with the God of the Devils, and paid a price that far exceeds your imagination, but the strength I gained is also extremely terrifying. Originally, This King just needed to eat another Devil Fruit to possess the power to kill the Infernal King, because This King accidentally ate one in his youth. Although eating two Devil Fruits will greatly reduce This King’s lifespan, This King would die without regret as long as the King’s Mandate could be fulfilled!”

“Human, you ate that Devil Fruit, and even beat This King into such a state. This means that the only chance of killing the Infernal King has been extinguished by you. To This King, the Transcendents and to the whole world, you are the greatest villain!”

Leonis’s voice became louder as his tone turned harsher, like he was denouncing Shi Xiaobai.

However, Shi Xiaobai laughed. He said with a laugh, “So that’s the case. After saying so much, you just wish that This King, who ate the Devil Fruit, can help you complete the so-called mandate of a King. That couldn’t possibly be any easier. Isn’t it just killing the Infernal King and destroying the Infernal domain? This King never fears anything!”

Shi Xiaobai never expected that the riddle that he had been vexing over would be resolved so quickly.

From the looks of it, the King’s mandate meant the mandate of the King of the Transcendents!

Although it was somewhat coincidental, there was no explanation that could be any more plausible than that.

As for the Devil Fruit, or being a half devil, who cares!?

Ultimately, it only meant four words—kill the Infernal King!

However, this appeared to create a strange contradiction.

Judging from the present situation, killing the Infernal King could complete the King’s Mandate, completing Choice 1.

And in a discussion not long ago, killing the Infernal King would end the Age of Bravehearts, completing Choice 2.

In that case, the condition to completing Choices 1 and 2 was to kill the Infernal King, then why would there be a need for a choice?

A choice should of course lead to forks in the road, but why would they lead to the same path?

Could it be that one of the inferences was wrong?

Forget it. Regardless which inference was right or wrong, killing the Infernal King is definitely not a mistake!

Shi Xiaobai grinned and looked at Pulp Farmer and company in high spirits. He said, “Let’s go, off to the Infernal domain to kill the Infernal King!”

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