AC Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Do you know what you have eaten

Shi Xiaobai smiled slightly and did not give any additional explanations.

At this moment, he pondered.

If ending the Age of Bravehearts meant killing the Infernal King, then what was the King’s mandate?

These two choices likely had something to do with the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and considered probing the three beside him. Maybe the King’s Mandate had a specific meaning in a particular story in the world of the seventh level?

Just as Shi Xiaobai wanted to inquire, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Knock, knock…”

The knocking was done very rhythmically, and appeared very mannered.

Pulp Farmer happened to be sitting closest to the door, so he immediately got up to open the door.

Respectfully standing outside the door was a green-skinned dwarf.

“Is there something?”

Pulp Farmer asked in a tone that did not sound particularly welcoming. As this green-skinned dwarf had been met by the three of them when they first came to Transcendence. The green-skinned dwarf was a servant specially meant to serve the foreign races, but back then, his tone and actions exuded a strong sense of racial discrimination as well as the superiority complex of the Transcendents, irking them greatly.

However, the dwarf appeared extremely humble. He had his head bowed very low as he respectfully said, “My apologies for disturbing your rest! King Leonis finally woke up early this morning and he wants to meet the outstanding human Bravehearts. This lowly one is here to warmly invite you to the royal palace as guests!”

The dwarf had his head bowed from beginning to end, and his choice of words and tone was especially careful. Clearly, after experiencing the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament yesterday, the humans as a race had gained a newfound respect by the Transcendents, and were even looked up to.

When Shi Xiaobai and company heard this, they looked each other in the eyes and were a little surprised.

In his fourth form, Leonis had nearly become a tyrant spurned by everyone. It was ultimately forced by Shi Xiaobai, and worst of all, he had still been defeated after paying such a heavy price. Leonis should have been severely discredited.

Logically speaking, Leonis should hate them, but why did he politely invite them as guests after waking up?

Could it be a treacherous plot?

Shi Xiaobai did not mind it. Honestly speaking, his expectations had been exceeded with Leonis not dying on the spot and for him to regain consciousness so early. After all, based on the circumstances, Shi Xiaobai had no chance at holding back. He had aimed the Pig Slaughtering Knife straight at Leonis’s red line and it was a ruthless deathblow.

This was also evidence of Leonis’s terrifying physical strength.

However, no matter how exaggerated Leonis’s recovery ability was, he was definitely in an extremely weak state. Even if he wanted to slaughter them after his invitation, he would not have the ability to do so.

Shi Xiaobai said to the trio, “Let’s go. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Pulp Farmer and company were not especially worried. If they were afraid that the Transcendents would seek revenge, they would have left Transcendence overnight. After all, this was the territory of the Transcendents.

Pulp Farmer said with a nod, “Let’s go and meet Leonis before we leave Transcendence.”

Liu Yu nodded. Turning his head to the dwarf, he said, “Lead the way.”

Shi Xiaobai and company were currently located in the palace, so they were not very far from where Leonis was resting.

Along the way, they met several Transcendent palace maids and bodyguards. They were also casting curious and awed glances at Shi Xiaobai and company.

Shi Xiaobai’s deeds from yesterday’s tournament had proliferated Transcendence over the night. It was already unbelievable that he was able to defeat Moya and Leonis, and the way Shi Xiaobai won only left them with shock.

If not for their racial superiority holding them back, they would have become worshippers of Shi Xiaobai.

After all, in the world of Bravehearts, Bravehearts and the strong were existences worthy of respect. And Shi Xiaobai was the strongest among the Bravehearts.

Leonis’s chamber was naturally opulent and extremely luxurious. There were rows of guards guarding the front of Leonis’s chamber.

When Shi Xiaobai and company entered the chamber, they saw Leonis covered in a blanket and sitting in bed. He looked extremely weak with his sleepy look.

Upon seeing Shi Xiaobai and company walk in, Leonis slowly looked up and opened his eyes.

“You came.”

A deep voice and a calm tone that sounded as though he was talking to close friends.

Shi Xiaobai asked, “What did you invite us here for?”

Leonis coughed and said, “This King invited you here to give my thanks.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up slightly and asked, “Thanks?”

Leonis laughed, revealing his weakness and exhaustion. He said softly, “This King should hate you, and it was you who caused This King to be in his present state. However, This King only wants to say a word of thanks to you. Human, you fulfilled the dream of This King.”

Shi Xiaobai was even more perplexed. “What do you mean?”

Leonis coughed once again. His turbid eyes had a look of reminiscence as he said, “This King is not a pureblood Transcendent. From a young age, This King has been treated with contempt because of the existence of another bloodline. Back then, This King had a dream that one day the appearance of a foreign race could defeat the strongest Transcendent, letting every Transcendent realize an important thing—all races in the world are equal. However, when This King gradually became stronger, This King gradually forgot this dream. After becoming the strongest Transcendent and their king, This King went contrary to this dream. Human, you defeated This King and most ironic of all, This King is currently the strongest Transcendent. Therefore, you realized the dream that This King had buried by himself. Also, it appears that you prevented This King from committing genocide on his own people. So, regardless of the matter, This King has to thank you!”

Shi Xiaobai could tell the seriousness in Leonis’s expression, and it did not seem fake. His eyes softened a little as he said, “There’s no need to thank me. Your dream would have been realized sooner or later. Even if it wasn’t done by This King, a foreign race that could defeat the Transcendents’ strongest warrior would have appeared sooner or later, because the race of the Transcendents isn’t the strongest race in the world. Furthermore, your dream has only be partially realized. Whether the Transcendents are able to realize that races are equal in this world or if they can let go of their nasty superior complex depends on your future actions. The change of racial attitudes needs a catalyst, but in greater need is a leader that promotes the new mindset! King Leonis, a true king has to lead his subjects down the right path!”

Shi Xiaobai’s words made Leonis ruminate over it. After a long moment of silence, he said with a sigh, “What you said makes a lot of sense, but…”

Leonis’s words suddenly took a turn as his turbid eyes suddenly focused, shimmering with a cold light. It was as though a sleeping lion had suddenly bared its vicious fangs.

“But would a real king shamelessly steal the most treasured sacred item of another country? Human, do you know how important an existence the fruit that you ate from the Transcendence Holy Tree is to This King, the Transcendents, and to this world!?”

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  1. Perhaps the King’s Mandate is referring to something about the Infernal King? If ending the Age of Bravehearts is killing the Infernal King, perhaps completing the King’s Mandate is the opposite (i.e. killing the bravehearts or helping the Infernal King accomplish whatever it is he came into existence for).

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