AC Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Quick hand over your underwear

The din carried on as numerous rookies began leaping in joy. After all, most rookies were at the first or second level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. When it came to Shi Xiaobai’s Wavelet Shield, only those rookies at or above the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm could be sure that they could shatter it. So now that Shi Xiaobai had won Hisith’s game, many people heaved a sigh of relief.

Chen Lingcun also heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a strange sense of foreboding. In his opinion, the entire matter seemed to have many suspicious holes in it. For the game to end so suddenly made these holes seem even more suspicious.

“If Hisith’s true motive is to force Shi Xiaobai to grow stronger, then Shi Xiaobai should be rather important in his eyes. He shouldn’t be a toy that Hisith will discard wantonly, so wouldn’t using a method such as ‘Body Incineration Curse’ make him look too eager for success? How did Hisith have such confidence?”

“Shi Xiaobai managed to complete ‘destruction before establishment’ after four rounds of ‘destruction’. Does such unprecedented perception truly exist? Or is there a hidden truth? Hisith seemed to believe that Shi Xiaobai could complete ‘destruction before establishment’ given 72 opportunities, but even four times was beyond his expectations. Then why didn’t he carry on probing further? Instead he stopped, and ended the game?”

“The series of actions Hisith did clearly isn’t to help Shi Xiaobai grow stronger. There should be a hidden motive. It seems Hisith has seen something in Shi Xiaobai that has interested him. He wants to understand it deeper, preventing it from hiding, so he was trying incessantly to force it out.”

“If Hisith really has a deeper motive, then why did he stop? Is it because he is full from the side dishes and wants to leave the main dish for later? Or does he think that it’s no longer suitable to carry on forcing it?”

Chen Lingcun bit at his thumbnail, question after question flashing in his mind. Maybe he was overthinking it, but he kept having a nagging feeling that things were not so simple. Hisith did not like perfect endings. The game he prepared for Shi Xiaobai should not be that simple.

However, Shi Xiaobai had finally managed to survive it all. In less than an hour, not only had he opened up a psionic sacred meridian, his Psionic Ability control had reached ‘Familiarized Proficiency’. His defensive skill, Wavelet Shield’s proficiency level reached ‘Grasped Basics’. This was something others took years to achieve!

Chen Lingcun was truly happy for Shi Xiaobai. He, who was always a restrained person, could not help but cheer along with everyone else. He could not conceal the smile on his face, as he laughed like a child.

Suddenly, he saw Shi Xiaobai turn towards Hisith and seemingly said something. Chen Lingcun involuntarily closed his mouth.

Everyone noticed something abnormal had happened as they all closed their mouths and pricked up their ears.

Was this bumpkin going to give a game completion speech?

“Hehe, Underworld King Hisith, This King can smell the aura of an Evil Cursed God from your body. Do you know that you are now in grave danger?” Shi Xiaobai said as he took a whiff around Hisith’s body.

When everyone heard this, they felt at a loss. Hisith was in grave danger? What sort of worldly joke is that!

Hisith was also momentarily stunned. He did not feel irritated by Shi Xiaobai’s “interesting” actions, so he smiled and said, “Oh? What danger?”

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and held it in for a moment.

“Through a space-time medium, Evil God Ssabis placed a hex on an item on your body, in the scheming hope that through contact with your skin, the hex will penetrate your body. If you do not throw this item quickly, you will suffer the pain of this Evil God’s hex. You will be doomed for all eternity!”

Shi Xiaobai deliberately lowered his voice as if he were telling ghost stories at a campfire. His serious demeanor seemed to emphasize that what he said was true, and then he sternly said, “But don’t worry. This King possess the Elf King’s bloodline, and with the purest energy in this world, will be able to cleanse off every foul object. So, you must quickly give that cursed item to This King. This King will do his best to save you!”

“What item is it?” Hisith said with a smile, but there was no emotion in it.

Everyone pricked their ears even more. This bumpkin sure liked to exaggerate. Wasn’t it just getting something from Hisith? What did he want from Hisith?


Shi Xiaobai answered with dead sobriety, as he pointed his fingers at Hisith’s pants!

Everyone stared with widened eyes.

Shi Xiaobai knitted his eyebrows together and while still pointing at Hisith’s pants, he bellowed, “Hurry up and give your underwear to This King! The Seed of the Evil God’s aura is already emanating, his hex will soon cross the boundary of space and time, and descend onto your body. If that hex were to mix with your blood, This King will be helpless!”

“Hurry, hurry up and hand over your underwear!”

Shi Xiaobai’s face looked extremely anxious. His terrified look made it as though something terrible would happen immediately.

The classroom fell into silence as a strange heavy atmosphere fell onto the classroom. Hisith’s smile stiffened, and slowly disappeared. A cold aura began emanating from his body, and from afar, it looked like his body was at freezing point, as though he was frozen.

All the rookies in the classroom were dumbfounded by Shi Xiaobai’s actions!

Wasn’t underwear the most taboo of topics for Instructor Hisith?

Heavens, this bumpkin is doing it on purpose, right?

“Content of choice completed. Absolute Choice finished.”

The fiery voice rang in his head as Shi Xiaobai heaved a sigh of relief. When he received the Absolute Choice, he had resisted performing the choice three times, and after a minute, he caused time to flow backwards. Finally, Shi Xiaobai could only resign himself to destiny.

Compared to asking Hisith for a first kiss, Shi Xiaobai felt that asking for his underwear was relatively acceptable.

Thankfully this Absolute Choice was an execution type choice. He just needed to ask Hisith for his underwear, regardless of him succeeding or not. The Absolute Choice was completed when Shi Xiaobai said “hand over your underwear” loudly.

Shi Xiaobai deeply detested the “mischief-style choice”. It was fine if the choice’s content was odd, but there was no reward!

“Days without rewards is insufferable for This King!”

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his heart, but suddenly he realized that the classroom had fallen into a strange silence. A cold aura seemed to creep up to him as he couldn’t help but raise his head.

He saw Hisith’s face cold. His narrowed eyes were filled with killing intent as though he was looking at a fish that was about to die.

“This K… I was just making a joke…”

Shi Xiaobai felt a sense of trepidation suffuse from his heart. When he tried retreating, he realized he could not move at all.

“Joke? Heh heh, then let me play a joke with you.”

Hisith’s cold voice squeezed out from his mouth. As he spoke, he waved his hand, and a black barrier burst out with him in the middle of it. It enveloped the entire platform, with only himself and Shi Xiaobai in it.

Light could only diffuse into the black barrier, so it turned extremely dark.

“In this sealed domain, we can see outside, but people outside can’t see us. So, you do not need to worry that others will disturb us. Oh, by the way, your screams will not leave this domain. Heh heh~”

Hisith sneered as his right hand flipped. Four poker cards appeared out of thin air in the middle of his fingers.

“My poker cards’ suit, ‘Clubs’ happen to have the power of hexes. Now it is my turn to play a tiny joke on you.”

Shi Xiaobai was beyond tears as he cursed in his heart how this perverse guy did not have a sense of humor.

Hisith chose one of the four poker cards and said, “The hex in this Seven of Clubs can make the target experience the pain of ten thousand snake bites. Don’t worry, although it’s a bit painful, you will not die. So enjoy it well, my playful toy!”

Hisith gave a wicked smile as he threw out the Underworld Poker from his hand, making it fly straight at Shi Xiaobai.

The poker card did not seem to fly very fast, and was in fact very slow. However, with Shi Xiaobai’s body being restrained by an unknown force, he could not move at all. He could only watch helplessly as the poker card approached him…


Suddenly, a sigh sounded, and at the same moment, a figure appeared out of thin air, in front of Shi Xiaobai. The finger reached out two fingers and caught Hisith’s poker card.

“You are finally willing to appear?”

Hisith looked at the figure in front of Shi Xiaobai as his eyes narrowed. He sneered, “But I never expected that it was you.”

Author’s Note: Triggering a hidden plot!

Translator’s Note: There was a mention of taboos by Lincun back in Chapter 27 sneaked in by the author, but Shi Xiaobai was preoccupied with other thoughts. Pat yourself on the back if you guessed that that would be what escalated things!

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