AC Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Never took a step back

As blood rained down, the black smoke dissipated amid the sun’s rays, while two figures fell from the sky.

One of them was naturally Shi Xiaobai, while the other one was surprisingly Leonis in his ordinary form. The lion-headed green-skinned dwarf did not look domineering in any way. His eyes were close, his outcome unknown.

In a second, in just one second, the entire situation changed dramatically.

A second ago, Leonis in his fourth form appeared invincible, with no one capable of stopping him.

But after one second, Leonis had been defeated!

Leonis had been defeated! It was incredulous how he had been defeated. No one saw what exactly had happened, nor could they understand what had happened!

All that was seen was the youth charging onto Leonis’s body in a split second. He was seemingly holding onto a short knife, and very simply stabbed it into Leonis’s body.

When comparing that tiny blade with Leonis’s hundred meter tall body, it was like a tiny star in the vast night. And that lone star was sufficient to illuminate the entire night sky!

A one-shot of Leonis in his fourth form?

This unimaginable matter had really happened at that moment.

There were still Transcendents in the audience stands who were left dumbfounded. People were rendered speechless and they even forgot to breathe.

Liu Yu, who was weak, but still conscious had a face full of surprise. After a long moment of silence, he muttered to himself, “Shi Xiaobai, who are you really? By defeating Leonis, the fifth legend of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower has been born. Do you know what that signifies? Humans have never lacked geniuses, but it has lacked monsters like you. The four legendary stories happen to coincide with four ages of humanity. Does this mean that the fifth age of humanity has finally arrived? It looked like I need my master to infer on the Dao!”

After Liu Yu said this, he rested for a few seconds before heading to where Shi Xiaobai had landed. At that moment, Shi Xiaobai had fallen unconscious. From the looks of it, for him to one-shot Leonis, he must have paid an extremely high price.

And on the other side, the Transcendents that were still around came to the arena, immediately heading for Leonis.

“He’s still breathing!”

“He’s alive, King Leonis is still alive!”

“Quick, quickly get a doctor!”

Even though Leonis was a mixed child of the Transcendents and the lion-headed race, and even if he had just lost his reason and destroyed most of the city, nearly trampling to death hundreds if not thousands of Transcendents, he was still their king. It was where they placed their pride in, and the source of their confidence.

Compared to those who only enjoyed a reputation unwarranted to their worth, like the seven of the eight Bravehearts who ran faster than anyone in times of danger, King Leonis was worthy of the trust and respect.

The Transcendents naturally did not wish for King Leonis to die in battle. Thankfully, although Leonis was extremely weak, he was still breathing just barely. King Leonis was still alive!

Soon, the Transcendents, who had fled, saw the rain of blood as well as the sudden disappearance of Leonis’s massive body and realized that the crisis was over. They carefully returned to the arena.

The news of Leonis being defeated proliferated Transcendence like wildfire.

And any Transcendent that witnessed the shocking scene found it impossible to exactly describe the truth of the matter. They could only vaguely tell everyone that—Leonis was one-shot.

This fact that sounded absurd naturally was not believed by most people, but the Transcendents, who were present were unanimous in their description, causing no one to doubt them.

But the story today was destined to become an exaggerated legend. It would also leave behind a thick stroke in the history of the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament.

A human that suddenly appeared managed to send Moya in his second form flying with a punch. He managed to break through his limits, crushing Moya in his third form with absolute speed.

Following that, he took the advantage against Leonis in his third form during a clash of punches. He even used an unimaginable punch to destroy the Lion King Punch, sending Leonis miles away.

Of course, the most exaggerated story was the scene missed by most Transcendents. The human had saved thousands of Transcendents with a single sword strike, before one-shotting Leonis in his fourth form!

Although this human did not enroll to participate in the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament, no Transcendent refuted this matter—this year’s Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament champion title did not belong to the Transcendents, but it belonged to an unfamiliar and mysterious race known as humans!

Furthermore, with Shi Xiaobai saving hundreds if not thousands of Transcendents with his sword strike, he had won their respect and welcome despite speaking and acting extremely arrogantly before their eyes.

The strong were worthy of respect, and Bravehearts were welcomed. As Shi Xiaobai’s strength and courage was one that they had a strong impression of.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai, Pulp Farmer, and Feng Yuanlin, who were all unconscious, were quickly given the most luxurious of rooms. Liu Yu watched them by the side.

Leonis was brought back to his palace for treatment.

The Transcendents began working hard to repair the city.

The Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament came to an end.

In the night.

The sound of midnight chimes sounded. The Transcendence Holy Tree’s leaves burst out colorful lights that tore through the sky, illuminating the city and making the skyline iridescent.

Shi Xiaobai woke up at that moment.

Before he opened his eyes, he heard a rather familiar voice:

“Impossible! Although Boss Shi Xiaobai is very strong, so strong that I can’t understand at all, it’s too unscientific for him to be able to one-shot a monster like Leonis.”

Immediately, another voice sounded:

“I don’t believe it either. Being able to defeat Leonis in his fourth form is already extremely unbelievable. One-shoting is way too absurd. However, Liu Yu has no need to make such a lie that can be easily exposed. Are we just too ignorant? Shi Xiaobai’s strength has already far exceeded our imaginations?”

The two voices were respectively Feng Yuanlin and Pulp Farmer, and from the looks of it, they had just awoken. Liu Yu had been telling them what had happened.

Shi Xiaobai gradually opened his eyes as a helpless smile suffused across his lips.

He had indeed one-shot Leonis in his fourth form, but it did not mean that his strength had reached the point of being able to one-shot Leonis.

On the contrary, he was still too weak. He had used the sword technique, Excalibur, a destructive strength that was only second only to the Turtle-speed Divine Punch, but all he did was deal a tiny bit of damage to Leonis. If not for Leonis being filled with the rich aura of darkness, and the Pig Slaughtering Knife being extremely effective against beings of darkness, he would have been left with no options.

Compared to the four legendary figures, he was still somewhat lacking.

“There’s no point speaking any further. Since Benefactor Shi Xiaobai has awoken, why don’t you ask him yourself if you don’t believe!”

At this moment, Liu Yu happened to notice Shi Xiaobai opening his eyes, so he said so.

Pulp Farmer and Feng Yuanlin turned their heads. Since Shi Xiaobai was awake, wouldn’t he have heard their doubting words?

The two of them immediately became a little embarrassed.

Shi Xiaobai grinned and said, “Thank you for buying This King three seconds. It doesn’t matter if This King managed to defeat Leonis, nor does it matter if it was a one-shot. Most importantly, we never took a step back.”

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