AC Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: No next second


Leonis, who was attacked, roared. The three fly bites only added greater intensity to his anger!

Leonis suddenly flicked his left foot as his terrifying power immediately shattered all the charms that were clinging onto his thigh. Liu Yu suffered a backlash from the power as he spat out a mouthful of blood while taking several steps back.

Feng Yuanlin raised his shields and slammed into Leonis’s shin, but felt like he had slammed into a wall. With Leonis’s action, Feng Yuanlin felt like a mountain was slamming towards him!

Feng Yuanlin had no choice but to proceed as he was already in mid-air. He bit the bullet and proceeded to slam ahead, but he immediately felt the difference in strength between him and Leonis. The shin looked soft as it was made of flesh, but it was harder than divine metal upon contact!

Feng Yuanlin’s eyes rolled over as he cursed. Like a rocket, he flew several kilometers back.

With spear in hand, Pulp Farmer, who had leaped by stepping on rocks, looked magnificent, but his expression changed drastically when he stabbed into Leonis’s abdomen.

With a sonorous clang, the reverberations from the impact prevented him from holding the spear properly with his unfamiliar left hand. The spear plummeted to the ground.

Leonis roared as he brushed his hand towards his abdomen!

Pulp Farmer hurriedly closed his legs to accelerate his fall. Despite him dodging the brush, he failed to dodge the periphery of the force. Just the force from Leonis’s palm and the collision with his abdomen resulted in a strong typhoon.

Pulp Farmer twirled in in the energy storm, and the sound of a smack in close proximity thundered. It hurt his eardrums as he flew backwards, having nearly lost his consciousness in mid-air!

To Pulp Farmer and company, they were facing an unassailable force.

But in the eyes of others, Leonis had only raised his left foot and brushed his abdomen. It was like a simple act of chasing away mosquitoes after being bitten.

But just these simple movements were not something commoners could withstand!

Pulp Farmer and company were sent flying in less than three seconds. As for Leonis, he did not even turn serious to use a single ounce of his strength.

This was Leonis in his fourth form!

“No wonder no trial-taker has been able to defeat Leonis for millennia. How can a trial-taker at the Psionic Mortal Realm be able to defeat an existence this terrifying?”

Liu Yu looked weak. At this moment, Pulp Farmer and Feng Yuanlin had nearly lost consciousness. He was the only one who could barely stand, but even standing was extremely demanding on him, so how could he still be able to obstruct Leonis, who had managed to instantly defeat the three of them?

Liu Yu turned to look at Shi Xiaobai and gave a bitter smile. “Sorry, the three of us are too weak. We only managed to buy you three seconds. Although I hate to say this, Shi Xiaobai, it’s best you run. Or maybe you should use the exit command. That monster is not something any of us can withstand!”


A deafening roar drowned Liu Yu’s words. Leonis had already taken a step into the arena. His other foot suddenly raised as he was about to crush Shi Xiaobai!


Liu Yu yelled.

The Transcendents in the audience stands that had not left shouted as well.

At this moment, Leonis was impossible to defeat. Shi Xiaobai’s desperate blow had only dealt a tiny damage to him, while Pulp Farmer and company failed to even buy him three seconds. Against such a terrifying existence, especially an existence that existed only to kill you, what other alternative was there other than running?

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai faced Liu Yu and revealed a warm smile that resembled the sun.

“Thank you to all of you for buying This King three seconds. The three seconds are enough.”

Liu Yu was slightly stunned as he said with a wry smile, “Why do you need to put on a front and console us. Quickly run. It will be the greatest comfort for us if nothing bad happens to you.”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head slowly.

Putting on a front?


He would not do such a thing. Three seconds was a very short period of time, but it was enough to determine the outcome of the battle.

In fact, buying him even one second was enough.

Because this second was enough for Shi Xiaobai to do something that would absolutely turn the tables!

Shi Xiaobai crushed the golden pill that he had just placed in his mouth!

Yes, at that moment when Leonis’s foot came crashing down from above, Shi Xiaobai had doped!

The pill was named ‘One Second Shura’. He was awarded three by the Absolute Choice. Previously, Shi Xiaobai had used two of them, once during the battle exchange between Gaia and Zeus, allowing him to one-shot Heartless. The second time was when he used it to protect Sunless, reducing the black-robed bloody figure into a pool of blood.

And this time, against Leonis in his fourth form, Shi Xiaobai, who had nearly expended all his energy after using Excalibur, finally consumed the last ‘One Second Shura’ pill.

Nearly all his little remaining energy was compressed like a sponge, squeezing out a drop of water.

It was this energy that was as tiny as a drop of water that allowed Shi Xiaobai to do an absolute counterattack!

He still had one second!

Shi Xiaobai charged forward like a beam of light and instantly jumped onto Leonis’s left foot. Moving up along Leonis’s left leg, he had a stunning speed that was as fast as lightning.

Killing intent gathered in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes. As he ran, his eyes constantly swept the squirming flesh.

He needed to find the red line!

Finding a redness in a sea of scarlet was an extremely difficult matter.

However, Shi Xiaobai saw it. In the massive body, under the shrouding of the black smoke, in a crack of the squirming flesh, there was a very, very short red line that was about the size of a dot!

Shi Xiaobai did not hesitate as he rushed to the red line’s location. He only had a short second.

Leonis realized that the target of his hatred had jumped onto his body through his left leg and was immediately even more enraged. He reached out his right hand to smack down on his enemy!

In the next second, the hateful human would be smashed into meat pulp!

But there was no next second!

In this second, Shi Xiaobai was a Shura, and also Death!

A psionic knife appeared in Shi Xiaobai’s hand!

“This King hates the rich aura of darkness on your body!”

Shi Xiaobai raised his knife and stabbed at the red line that was nearly the size of a point!

This knife was called Pig Slaughtering Knife!

It was specially to kill swines that were filled with an aura of darkness!

His knife slashed downwards!

As though there was nothing obstructing it, the knife instantly sank into Leonis’s flesh!

Leonis’s right arm was stuck in mid-air!


A loud scream filled with indignation resounded through the world!

Countless pieces of flesh and blood rained down from the sky.

As Shi Xiaobai plummeted, another figure was falling with him. It was a green-skinned dwarf with a lion head.

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