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Chapter 375: Even a fly wanted to bite a piece of meat from a lion

For Shi Xiaobai to be able to strike down Leonis in his fourth form, it was obvious that he did not use any ordinary sword technique. It was a fake Excalibur sword technique that Shi Xiaobai created.

This technique used the Turtle-speed Divine Punch’s method of compressing power as well as the idea of how all the energy is used at an instant from One Second Shura. Together with the power of his Sword Truth, Excalibur, it resulted in the creation of this technique.

Shi Xiaobai had previously used it against Heartless in the fourth level as well as when the black-robed blood figure attacked Sunless in the fifth level. Both times, he was emptied of all his energy.

Therefore, this sword technique could be called ‘One Sword Shura’. The destructive power of the technique was extremely powerful, but the price was very high. It was a single strike that placed everything at stake for victory!

During the crisis, Shi Xiaobai did not hesitate. He immediately used such a technique to prevent Leonis from crushing to death hundreds of spectators.

He had succeeded. Leonis’s right foot was penetrated, causing his massive body to crush to the ground.

However, he had failed as well. This was because his technique had failed to win him victory. Leonis’s roars were still constantly resounding and he would soon get back up!

Even after using his most explosive technique, Shi Xiaobai had still failed to defeat Leonis in his fourth form!

And having his energy emptied caused his vision to go into a blur.

The consecutive battles with the use of this technique finally depleted Shi Xiaobai of his stamina!

But even in such an abject state!

Even when the present enemy was so powerful!

Shi Xiaobai still refused to flee towards the south. Instead, he with absolute determination headed towards the north where Leonis was!

It was not his foolish kindness or sense of justice that made him have to save the Transcendents who had once mocked and despised humans.

But it was his responsibility and the role he had played that made Shi Xiaobai make such a choice.

How tragic was it for subjects to die under the foot of their king?

How pitiful and hateful was it for a king to trample his subjects to death?

It was impossible for Shi Xiaobai to ignore such a tragedy from happening.

Especially when the tragedy was partly due to his actions.

“A devil created by This King shall be finished personally by This King.”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai approached Leonis with sword in hand.

However, the energy depletion made his mind temporarily dizzy. While walking, he stumbled and nearly fell!

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly used his sword to support his body.

But at that moment, the angry roar from Leonis resounded in his ears once again.

The angry roar was in close proximity from the sky.

Leonis had stood back up again!

Shi Xiaobai looked up with great difficulty as his vision was somewhat blurry.

Now, he needed to rest.

But the cold reality would not give him any time!

Leonis’s furious and hateful eyes were like two pairs of burning suns glaring down at Shi Xiaobai, as though it would consume him in their flames.

But at this moment, the audience in the northern wing had already been evacuated. Shi Xiaobai’s attack had managed to buy them enough time to escape. It was equivalent to having saved their lives.

The audience in the other three wings did not dare to stay behind as they quickly evacuated.

The noisy din of people escaping bustled, as they headed towards the south, which was the farthest point from Leonis.

However, there were a small group of Transcendents that stopped when Shi Xiaobai stumbled.

Shouts like these resounded from the stands.

“Run, human! The lofty Transcendents do not need your saving!”

“I admit, we admit, humans are a great race! Run, run to the east or west. Run out of Transcendence! There’s no need to buy us any more time!”

“Not for anything else, but just from that single strike of yours, you are the Braveheart in my heart! Human, you must live on. In this world, there is no lack of people who live hypocritically, but there is a lack of kind and courageous Bravehearts like you!”


At that moment, people were moved.

Regardless of the race or nationality, there was no lack of brainless flamers, but there was definitely a lack of normal people with the correct values.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as a smile suffused across his lips.

At that moment, three figures appeared beside Shi Xiaobai.

“With your character, it’s impossible for you to run. But your present situation is too terrible. You are in need of rest.”

Pulp Farmer said softly, “So, Shi Xiaobai, rest for a moment. The three of us will buy you enough time.”

Shi Xiaobai dazed over slightly. He shook his head and said, “There’s no need. Go first. Leonis is presently very dangerous.”

Feng Yuanlin shrugged his shoulders and said, “Boss Shi Xiaobai, the three of us can’t even beat Moya in his second form, but buying you a bit of time is still possible for us. Don’t forget that we still have the exit command as a way to ensure our survival. For us to reach the seventh level and meet the figures the legends tell of the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament, we are already very satisfied. So even if we exit now, we would not feel any sense of regret. There’s no need to worry about our safety.”

Liu Yu shook his whisk and said, “Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, it is an unspeakable dream for so many trial-takers to fight Leonis, so this isn’t for you, but for ourselves. Speak no further, just silently wait here!”

After Liu Yu said this, Leonis’s angry roar resounded once again. This time, Leonis did not raise his foot again. Instead, he reached out both his hands to grab the walls of the stadium. He was planning on ripping them out!

“Shi Xiaobai, these Transcendents are just virtual existences. Next month, they will reappear during the refresh. I believe you should know this point.”

Pulp Farmer said in a serious voice, “But you still insist on using all your strength to stop Leonis’s foot. Regardless of the reason, or if others would think that what you did was very foolish, you are the person I respect most from this very moment. Shi Xiaobai, you are indeed a remarkable person.”

After Pulp Farmer said this, he raised his spear and charged forward. His right arm had been severely injured, so he could only use his left arm to carry his spear.

He was not a ‘monster’ like Shi Xiaobai, who could adapt to the unfamiliar usage of his left hand, but he even so, he would not step back at this very moment!

Pulp Farmer and company charged towards Leonis!

Shi Xiaobai sighed as a resolute look appeared in his eyes.

He could not stop Pulp Farmer and company. The only thing he could do was quickly recover his stamina!


A loud tearing sound resounded as the wall of the audience stands was ripped apart by Leonis with his bare hands. It was obvious how terrifying his strength was!

Rubble fell like pouring rain!

Leonis raised his left foot slightly and took a step into the arena!

Pulp Farmer and company charged at Leonis while facing the rubble.

They had no way of persuading Shi Xiaobai to escape, but they could buy him time to rest, even if it were just a second.

Pulp Farmer raised his spear with his left hand. His actions were stiff, but still the strike was extremely domineering!

“Tyrant Spear!”

A cold beam appeared as the spear thrust out like a dragon. Pulp Farmer leaped high into the sky as he stabbed into Leonis’s abdomen!

Feng Yuanlin’s hands each held a gigantic shield as he crashed into Leonis’s shin!

Liu Yu waved his whisk as hundreds of paper charms formed a Dao array, as they wrapped around Leonis’s thigh!

Compared to the massive Leonis, they were as small as flies!

But the Transcendents that had yet to leave and Shi Xiaobai could see how they were doing their best!

Even a fly wanted to bite a piece of meat from a lion!

What sort of race were humans?

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