AC Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: The story behind the sword

When Moya entered his third form, he would lose his reason, leaving behind only his killing instinct. He could only use his anger and hatred to support his basic movements. As for Leonis, he was stronger, so he was able to maintain his consciousness in his third form.

However, after Leonis entered his fourth form, he clearly was not able to maintain his reason. His eyes were only filled with killing intent and rage. He only had one enemy in mind, and everything else was an existence that apparently did not matter to him.

At that moment, he was not the king of the Transcendents, but an angered avenger.

All the obstacles to his revenge would be destroyed, be it the ice-cold buildings or the warm lives. There was no difference to them being alien foreigners or familiar people of the same race!

It was the same with the wall and the audience stands connected to it that separated him from the wretched human!

Leonis lifted his foot and was prepared to land it, regardless of the number of lives screaming underneath it.

The northern wing of the audience stands looked up and saw a gigantic shadow filling the sky. The black smoke that lingered emitted a repugnant stench, and the flesh beneath the foot was squirming. Boils bulged from the skin, their outlines resembling featureless faces.

Gross and terror, but most people felt fear. Because at that moment, the gigantic black shadow was about to crush down over them, it was like a mountain falling from the sky!

Death was just a footstep away from them. The Transcendents found it unbelievable that their king would disregard their lives as they were his subjects, but the reality of death approaching made them squeeze as they attempted to flee!

However, there were only two entrances to the audience stands. There were still people who failed to escape.

“No, my liege, open your eyes and look at your people beneath your foot!”

“It’s useless. King Leonis has gone mad. All he wants now is to kill that human. In his eyes, we are just ants crawling on the ground!”

“If this goes on, before the human dies, Transcendents would first be destroyed by King Leonis!”

“Heavens, who can stop him? Bravehearts? Where are our Bravehearts!?”

At that moment, the Transcendents suddenly were reminded of their Bravehearts. Weren’t Bravehearts the ones to step up and protect the city in times of danger, existences that protected their people?

However, when they cast their pleading eyes at the Bravehearts, it was depressing to realize that Moya was already unconscious, while the remaining seven Bravehearts were slumped on the other side of the audience stands in shock.

Fairy tales were just a lie. Bravehearts would not stand up at the moment of danger because compared to the lives of others, the Bravehearts cared more about their own lives!

At that moment, other than frantically running away, as well as praying that Leonis would come to his senses at the final moment, there was no other option.

Despair did not mean that there wasn’t any hope, but the hope was so slim that you no longer had the courage to believe in it. Then, it was as despairing as well.

At this moment, the sky was shrouded in such a despair.

But, at that instant, a golden beam of light suddenly shot up into the sky, penetrating the gloomy cloud of despair.

“What’s that?”

The Transcendents, who were definitely unable to evacuate in time, were hugging their heads waiting for their deaths opened their eyes in shock.

In the other three sides of the audience stands, they could only helplessly stare with widened eyes at the foot that was about to land.

That beautiful golden light rose up from the ground, like a gigantic golden sword that tore through more than a kilometer!

The golden sword’s blade stabbed into the gigantic flesh foot that was about to land on the audience stands!

And on the other end of the golden sword’s hilt, it was that young human with black and silver hair!

The youth was holding a normal-sized black sword with both his hands. His body was shrouded in a golden light, as though he was a god that descended to the mortal world.

The black sword in the youth’s hands was the hilt to the gigantic golden sword!

The youth who had been using his fists in his fighting was actually a swordsman?

What was this sword with the golden sword projection that penetrated the heavens and earth?

Why did he suddenly use such an attack at this moment. Was he saving them who belittled humans all this while?

At that moment, the Transcendents had all kinds of questions in their minds.

But the answer they wanted to know the most was whether the sword attack was able to block Leonis’s foot.


An explosive blast sounded as an incredulous scene happened before everyone’s eyes.

The gigantic golden sword projection tore right through Leonis’s right foot. As Leonis roared in pain, his massive body fell backwards. It was like a wall hundreds of meter tall was collapsing!


A deafening boom from the impact echoed as Leonis crashed to the ground. Countless buildings were crushed as tremors were felt through the land. It was as if the audience stands bounced up as several people fell to the ground after not being able to get their footing. However, they stood as fast as possible while turning their heads in disbelief.

The black smoke in the sky had already vanished. Replacing it was a resplendent golden glow, glowing alongside the sun’s beaming rays.

The sword attack had managed to send the gigantic Leonis to the ground!

The sword attack had saved the Transcendents that were about to die under the foot of Leonis!


An angry roar resounded!

Everyone’s faces changed drastically.

Leonis, in his fourth form, obviously would not be so easily defeated. The angry roar nearly tore through the eardrums of everyone!

The ground trembled once again, at an intensity higher than before.

The fallen Leonis was about to stand up once again!

“Head towards the south.”

A calm voice suddenly resounded, like a clock that sounded in the dead of the night.

The youth who had spoken suddenly walked towards the north with sword in hand.

The spectators in the audience stands were dazed for a moment before finally understanding the meaning of his sentence.

The fallen Leonis was about to stand up again. The northern side where Leonis was was a death zone like hell.

The youth who was at the greatest risk should have fled to the south, but at this moment, he was heading to the north with sword in hand.

It was because, he was leaving the safest spot to them!


Why was the one that nearly brought death was not the notorious Infernal King, but King Leonis they thought of as king?

Why was the person standing forward to save them not one of their Bravehearts, but the human that they had been treating with contempt?

The world’s greatest irony could not be any better than this.

However, against death, the arrogant Transcendents did not make any snide remarks about the irony. Instead, they noisily escaped.

The sword attack had managed to buy them enough time to escape!

But at this moment, the sword-wielding youth, who was walking outside of the arena, stumbled. He nearly fell to the ground but managed to stabilize his body with his sword!

Upon seeing this scene, the Transcendents focused their eyes and saw that the youth’s face was extremely pale!

They suddenly realized something.

Every form of the Transcendents enhanced the strength of the previous form by several times. Leonis, in his third form, was already extremely powerful, so it was obvious how terrifyingly mighty his fourth form was.

Then, how was the human able to use a single sword attack to send Leonis to the ground?

The sword attack he used must have made him pay a certain price!

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