AC Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: Leonis who lost his reason

The Turtle-speed Divine Punch which had gathered strength for half an hour, combined with the present toughness of Shi Xiaobai’s right arm made the power of that single punch far exceed the one that had shattered the diamond monster back at Dragon Mountain Valley.

Back in Dragon Mountain Valley, the punch had not only shattered the diamond monster, it had even leveled a rather large mountain behind it. Therefore, the power of the present punch could only be described as horrifying.

However, when Shi Xiaobai produced the punch, he had deliberately aimed at an upwards angle, so it did not directly hit Leonis.

This was because if the power of his punch blasted straight forward, the audience stands in front of Shi Xiaobai would be reduced to ruins, and all the Transcendents sitting there would be killed!

Although Shi Xiaobai did not like the race who felt a sense of superiority, he did not want to go as far as killing the innocent and begin a massacre.

Therefore, Leonis only withstood the periphery blow of the punch. This was also the reason why Leonis was sent flying into the air. Furthermore, this punch had crushed the force that came from the Lion King Punch before hitting Leonis!

Nevertheless, Leonis was still sent flying far into the distance till he disappeared at the ends of the sky. It was obvious how powerful the punch was.

If Shi Xiaobai had used Cranky Turtle Divine Punch on Leonis before he used the Lion King Punch and in a head on strike, Leonis, who had a so-called ‘unassailable’ defense, would probably be instantly reduced to ash!

This was the power of the Cranky Turtle Divine Punch. Having gathered power for thirty minutes, its limitation was exaggerated, but its power was beyond imagination!

However, Shi Xiaobai still held back because he was different from Leonis. He would not sacrifice hundreds of innocent lives just for the victory of a duel.

Therefore, this punch did not completely defeat Leonis.

The angry roar from the distance had already illustrated this point.

Shi Xiaobai was not greatly surprised by this, nor was he regretting his ‘benevolence’. He only cast his eyes into the distance as he calmly waited for the furious Leonis to return.

If he could send Leonis flying once, he definitely could send him flying a second time.

In the audience, Pulp Farmer and company were having heavy expressions.

This was because Pulp Farmer’s words had given the rest a rude awakening.

“Leonis still has a fourth form!”

Pulp Farmer said with a sigh, “Leonis has always been hiding it from the Transcendents, using the fourth form as his final trump card. Even the information banks regarding Leonis does not detail his fourth form much. The reason being him only using his fourth form once historically, and it was against Xu Taibai! However, since the assessment program enhanced his strength, Leonis has never ever used his fourth form!”

Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu immediately recalled the brief sentence that summarized all the information—”Xu Taibai forced Leonis into his fourth form, and had no choice but to use all his strength to slay him!”

Few people knew about Leonis’s fourth form because the only person who knew, Xu Taibai, did not detail Leonis’s fourth form. And after Leonis had his strength enhanced, no trial-taker had managed to force Leonis into this fourth form!

But at this moment, Leonis had been sent flying in his third form. Then, the answer to what the angry him would do was already out!

A roar filled with killing intent resounded throughout the world. It came from afar and was extremely frightening. Many elderly Transcendents in the city were literally frightened to death from it, while children and babies cried out incessantly.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently!

“An earthquake?”

The ground was shaking, as if there was an earthquake!

At that moment, a loud rumbling bang was heard!

It sounded like a massive object was heavily pounding the ground!

The violent shaking of the ground grew in intensity, as though it was trembling. The audience could no longer sit still as they began to depart amid screams.

At this moment, someone exclaimed.

“Quick, look there! What’s that?”

At the end of the horizon, there was a massive black shadow that looked like a black mountain.

On closer look, it was a humanoid figure, an incredibly massive gargantuan that was several hundred meters tall, as though it was a pillar that held up the skies!

The gargantuan was made of scarlet flesh, and there were blood vessels that were constantly squirming like pythons. Black gasses lingered around it, as though the figure was covered in a layer of black smoke!

And most striking of all, despite the gargantuan’s head was made of flesh and blood, it did not have any eyes at all. There was a layer of black smoke around it, but from the contours, one could tell that it was the massive lion head!

“That is… King Leonis?”

At that moment, all the Transcendents remembered the massive gargantuan that guarded the city gate. He was brought by Leonis into the city from outside on a particular day.

The gargantuan looked terrifying, but he was very respectful to the Transcendents. He claimed to be a mixed child of the Transcendents and the Gargantuans, so he was treated with contempt and belittlement.

But at this moment, Leonis looked extremely similar to the gargantuan. They were both several hundred meters tall, and they were covered in bloody flesh. However, Leonis was covered in a layer of strange black gases, making him look terrifying!

At this moment, the massive Leonis raised his right foot and took a step forward onto the ground!

This step was as if an entire mountain had been lifted off the ground!


Leonis’s foot landed as another loud rumble resounded. The ground shook violently once again!

So it was not an earthquake, but a footstep of Leonis!

And this single step instantly allowed him to traverse more than a kilometer. Without a doubt, Leonis was heading towards the arena!


There were Transcendents in audience screaming because Leonis was walking into the city. With his footstep, he had instantly flattened a large building to rubble!

If there was anyone inside the building, the person would probably be flatten into a meat pancake!


Leonis roared, and the closer the distance, the more one could sense the horrifying killing intent and boiling rage!

Leonis was proceeding forward, and the frequency at which he moved his feet was not fast, but every step he took traversed more than a kilometer. Every step he took caused the ground to quake, destroying a large zone of buildings, killing several innocent people.

However, Leonis remained indifferent, as though his rage had made him lose his reason.

The audience was already screaming for Leonis to stop, lamenting the fact that their houses had been crushed to rubble.

Leonis clearly would not stop. Instead, he was approaching the arena at a faster speed!

When Leonis came close, the squirming flesh on his body looked gross and terrifying. The black smoke that lingered around him was the nasty smell of rotting corpses!

Leonis’s speed was too fast. From the distant horizon to the arena, he used less than ten seconds. A lot of the buildings in the city had been destroyed. There were screams and cries that filled the city.

And when Leonis’s massive body was just one step away from the arena, everyone finally realized a serious problem.

Leonis’s goal was clearly Shi Xiaobai, who was in the arena.

But at this moment, how was he to enter the arena with his massive body?

No, it should be said, with Leonis having lost his reason, how would he enter the arena?

“Quick, quickly run!”

“Leonis has gone mad. Quickly run!”

“No, don’t!”

The audience in the audience seats that were closest to Leonis had drastic changes in expression as they fled in panic while screaming!

This was because at that moment, Leonis’s mountain-like foot was lifted in mid-air, and about to crush down on the audience!

The distance between them and death was just a step away!

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