AC Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: The hard to beat Leonis

From seeing the speedy figure that could not be discerned darting through the arena, they initially found it dazzling and cool, but after some time, it felt like watching a boring farce.

There were even some members of the audience who were worried that they would miss an interesting scene, resulting in them to stare for the entire thirty minutes. Their eyes were sore, with ten thousand fucks flying across their minds.

What was the human trying to do? He was at the end of the rope so all he could do was buy time?

The audience was already booing, urging Leonis to quickly finish the boring struggle.

Leonis had closed his eyes and pretended to nap for thirty minutes until the negative effects of the first Lion King Punch disappeared. Finally, he opened his eyes!

It was time to bring an end to the boring fight.

Against his unassailable defense, the arrogant human could only reflect over his powerlessness and put up meaningless struggle. How laughable it was!

Thirty minutes of his time had been wasted, so the human would have to pay for it with his life!

Leonis bent his right arm and clenched his fist, in preparation to punch out!

This punch was none other than the Lion King Punch!

When the Transcendents saw Leonis’s actions, their eyes gradually lit up!

Most of the audience stood up at that moment as they raised their arms while cheering. It was an extremely lucky day to be able to watch Leonis’s killer move twice in a single day.

Of course, there were a number of audience who jumped and fled in another direction because the spot where they were was where Leonis was punching towards!

Previously, the scene of Lion King Punch’s aftermath having killed dozens of Transcendents was still fresh on their minds. Against mortal danger, these members of the audience naturally did not have any mood to marvel at the sight. All they could think of was to flee!

Leonis was in no hurry to punch out. He waited for the audience to retreat, and he was also waiting for the moment to punch out.

At this moment, the human was still darting around erratically, with no pattern at all. Even though he had already taken action to punch out, the human still dared to enter a region close to him.

The human was truly irritating and he was courting his own death!

Leonis observed for a moment and realized that the human dared to came within a hundred meters of him. Immediately, he could not help but sneer.

The audience were already chanting in unison.

“Lion King Punch! Lion King Punch! Lion King Punch!”

The thirty minutes of boring waiting had been for this moment!

It’s time to punch, King Leonis!

Leonis still did not punch out. This time he was extremely patient, like a beast lying in wait. He was waiting for the best moment to pounce at his prey.

The human had been jumping for too long, so this punch needed to kill him!

As the audience sensed the terrifying killing intent from Leonis, they gradually fell silent and held their breaths.

The human was still darting around rampantly, as though he did not sense the killing intent and that he was facing grave danger. He still dared to suddenly turn away in front of Leonis!

Leonis was waiting for that moment!

As for the human, he appeared to constantly provided opportunities for Leonis!

What was going on?

“No matter what tricks you are playing, in front of absolute strength, it’s all a waste of time!”

Leonis sneered in his heart as he became extremely concentrated.

The human’s speed was really very fast. Having maintained this speed for thirty minutes, the human had surprised him as well. However, if that was the only thing he was capable of, death was his final outcome after the thirty minutes!

“It’s now. Go to hell!”

Suddenly, Leonis opened his eyes wide and the strength that had gathered in his fist came smashing forward!

At that instant, Shi Xiaobai, who had been darting around randomly, appeared fifty meters in front of Leonis!

This was within the death zone. No matter how fast the human was, there was no way to escape the blow at that distance!

The punch was sure to kill!


A deafening roar resounded through the world as a massive lion phantom that shrouded the entire arena appeared from Leonis’s fist that punched at Shi Xiaobai!

The massive lion phantom charged in the sky, tearing through the clouds and wind, causing a layer of stone to lift off, sending rubble swirling in the sky!

Pulp Farmer and company anxiously shouted, “Quickly dodge!”

Dodging might be too late.

However, if he did not dodge, he would no doubt be killed!

Suddenly, Leonis’s pupils constricted as though he had seen an incredulous scene.

Keen-eyed members of the audience revealed looks of shock!

They saw that the figure that was constantly darting around randomly suddenly came to a stop when Leonis punched out. He stopped fifty meters in front of where Leonis was!

It was where the massive lion phantom’s jaws were about to reach!

As for the human, his pose was somewhat odd. He had his fist clenched, and his right arm was nearly straightened, as though he has just finished a punch!

What was going on?

Was this human sending himself to death?

At that moment, Liu Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up and shouted, “No, it’s that move!”

That move?

Which move?

Liu Yu did not know what that move was called either, but the pose Shi Xiaobai was currently in was one he had previously seen before. Furthermore, he had a deep impression of it. It was impossible to forget it!

And at that moment, the massive lion phantom was right in front of Shi Xiaobai!

Leonis laughed maniacally, “It’s time to die in pieces!”

To be struck by the Lion King Punch head on?

The human was already a corpse!

The massive lion phantom’s jaws devoured Shi Xiaobai at that instant!


A deafening explosion resounded!

At the instant the massive lion phantom touched Shi Xiaobai’s fist, it suddenly exploded like a pricked balloon!

The straight arm and fist looked like a spear at that instant!

Leonis was astonished for in the next second, he suddenly felt an immense amount of energy that he found irresistible surge at him, inundating him!

As he faced the immense power, his apprehensive instinct made him want to crazily dodge, but he could not move a step!

What was this power?


At the instant the massive lion phantom shattered like ruptured bubbles, the sound of the impact resounded. Leonis, who had been standing in his spot motionless, suddenly was lifted up by an unknown power, as he flew obliquely towards the sky!

The speed at which Leonis flew out was as fast as lightning. The audience behind Leonis felt a gust of wind blow before they saw a figure flying past their heads into the sky, towards the far edge of the firmaments.

Did Leonis ascend into the heavens as an immortal?

No, Leonis… was sent flying!

“What had just happened?”

The Transcendents were dumbfounded. Even when Leonis’s figure flew to the ends of their vision, transforming into a sparkling point of light they were still not able to recover from their shock.

It should have been Leonis dealing a fatal blow.

Why did the Lion King Punch’s power suddenly shatter, causing Leonis to fly so far away that it was immeasurable.

The answer could only come from that human.

Having moved for thirty minutes, the human only came to stop when Leonis used his Lion King Punch. What did he do when he stretched his fist out?

What did Shi Xiaobai do?

The answer was obvious. He had used the Turtle-speed Divine Punch that had gathered strength for thirty minutes!

However, this punch was no ordinary Turtle-speed Divine Punch.

From a long time ago, Shi Xiaobai had never used the Turtle-speed Divine Punch in actual combat because the extreme slowness of the Turtle-speed Divine Punch made it too ‘rigid’!

However, Shi Xiaobai was not content with this. After pondering for a long time, he finally thought of a combat method that suited the Turtle-speed Divine Punch.

He could gather strength by moving around haphazardly and finally come to a stop when he could punch out!

This was the new move Shi Xiaobai had thought of.

It was named as the—Cranky Turtle Divine Punch!

Shi Xiaobai deliberately waited for Leonis to be able to use his second Lion King Punch before he punched out his Cranky Turtle Divine Punch!

The outcome did not surprise Shi Xiaobai!

Invincible strength?

Unassailable defense?

The irresistible Lion King Punch?

They were nothing in front of the Cranky Turtle Divine Punch that had gathered power for thirty minutes!

“This King previously said that none of you know anything about strength!”

Shi Xiaobai sneered once again.

This time, when he said this, there was total silence. No one dared to refute him.

The Transcendents muttered in disbelief, “He lost? King Leonis lost?”

Pulp Farmer and company were dumbfounded as well, “He won? Shi Xiaobai had defeated Leonis who has not been defeated for millennia?”

Leonis, who had disappeared at the ends of the sky like a shooting star, had probably lost. He should have lost his ability to continue fighting, right?


At this moment, an angry roar resounded from very far away!

The roar was extremely terrifying as it pierced the heaven and earth. Even from afar, people could clearly sense the anger and killing intent from the roar.

A few elderly Transcendents were scared to death by the roar when their hearts stopped from the shock!

The Transcendents’ dull eyes lit up once again.

The voice was very familiar!

It was King Leonis’s roar!

King Leonis had yet to collapse!

Liu Yu and Feng Yuanlin looked at each other.

Pulp Farmer said with a wry smile, “Shi Xiaobai hasn’t won. Have the both of you forgotten? Leonis… still has a fourth form!”

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