AC Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: What is he trying to do?

The power of the Lion King Punch was horrifying, but Shi Xiaobai possessed a keen sense of danger. Furthermore, he believed in his intuition greatly. With his Crab Steps at the Crest of Perfection having improved again, his opportune reaction and stunning speed allowed him to escape to the periphery of the Lion King Punch’s damage area.

The periphery damage from the Lion King Punch was like the tail of a hurricane. It caused Shi Xiaobai to be injured, tearing his clothes, reducing him to a wretched state, but thankfully, his physical toughness was no longer like before. The punch had only inflicted him with minor injuries.

If any of the three points—the sense of danger, the speed at escaping and his physical toughness—was lacking, Shi Xiaobai would definitely have been killed there and then. If it were Pulp Farmer or any of the rest, they would have been instantly killed.

This was the terror of Leonis!

Of course, in the eyes of the Transcendents, Shi Xiaobai was the one who was truly terrifying. In the clash of fists, Leonis had been forced to stand down in humiliation. And he was able to survive Leonis’s killer move, to the point of being able to stand there firmly.

This human had the tenacity of a cockroach. He felt unfathomable to the Transcendents, giving them doubtful thoughts like “We’re doomed. Can King Leonis really smack down the human?”

However, Leonis remained optimistic with the present situation.

Although Leonis had to rest for half an hour after using the Lion King Punch in order to use it again, he was thankful that the human’s offensive strength was still highly disparate from Leonis’s even if he were very tenacious!

That human could not shake Leonis’s defense!

Leonis’s defense was unassailable. This made him invincible!

Therefore, Leonis’s victory was inevitable. It was only a matter of time!

The Transcendents had such thoughts in mind, while Leonis had the same confidence in himself. Even Pulp Farmer and company had grim looks on their faces. They were unable to avoid the unavoidable question.

The reason why no trial-taker was able to defeat the enhanced Leonis after Xu Taibai was because Leonis’s defence had been enhanced to a heaven-defying level!

However, Shi Xiaobai did not think so.


That did not exist!

Leonis said with a sneer, “Come on, human. You can still struggle for a while. Use your strongest move and see if you can make This King blink even once!”

As Leonis spoke, he crossed his arms across his chest, completely belittling Shi Xiaobai.

The Transcendents cheered for Leonis. Although Leonis was forced to use his defense to shamelessly achieve a win, the only thing that mattered was to win the battle. Now, they were united against an external force!

Shi Xiaobai shook his head with a laugh.

This bunch of idiots that were dominated by thoughts of racial superiority did not understand a thing about power.

He couldn’t break through Leonis’s defense?

There would be no surprise to this battle?

“This King never needs surprises, because This King will create miracles!”

Shi Xiaobai gradually clenched his right fist as wind began to howl. His body suddenly moved as he moved at a speed that left no time for one to cover one’s ears!

Everyone stared with widened eyes, afraid that they would miss the next scene.

What was the human’s limit?

The next move he used was probably his strongest move. Was it able to shake Leonis’s defense?

The Transcendents felt their hearts tighten!

However, the next scene left them somewhat flabbergasted!

Because the extremely fast Shi Xiaobai charged straight in front of Leonis before suddenly winding away!

Furthermore, Shi Xiaobai did not stop. His body was as fast as lightning, as though he was traversing the entire arena!

The sound of wind whistled as constantly blinking figures dazzled everyone. However, every time it approached Leonis, it would suddenly change directions. He reached every corner of the arena but did not attack throughout this process, as though he did not plan on attacking at all.

“What is the human trying to do?”

“He probably knows he won’t be able to cause King Leonis to move, so he plans on running all around and suddenly sneak in an attack.”

“Fool, King Leonis’s physical defense is solely a result of his strong body. As long he stands there, he is like an unshakable mountain. Even if the human sneaks an attack, it will not cause any harm to King Leonis even if he were sleeping!”

“Haha, this human is really at the end of the rope!”

“Keep running, no matter how much you run, it will be useless. King Leonis can take a nap during this time!”

The Transcendents were delighted. Even though the human did not choose to attack straight on but instead darted randomly around the arena, it was enough proof that he did not have the confidence to tear through Leonis’s defenses. All he could do was a comical struggle!

Pulp Farmer and company did not think so because they understood Shi Xiaobai well. Shi Xiaobai was not a despicable person who would look for an opportunity to sneak an attack. He definitely had his reasons for his actions!

What was his intent?

Feng Yuanlin wondered out aloud, “What is Boss Shi Xiaobai up to? Can the two of you tell?”

Pulp Farmer shook his head and said, “No, I can’t, but it probably has nothing to do with a sneak attack. Leonis’s defense is pure physical defense. No matter how well timed the attack is, it will be useless. With Shi Xiaobai’s intelligence, he should know that.”

Liu Yu shrugged and said, “Don’t try guessing Benefactor Shi Xiaobai’s thoughts!”

The three could not figure out Shi Xiaobai’s intent.

Leonis was confident that he had seen through Shi Xiaobai’s intentions as he said with a sneer, “Foolish human, if you think that there would be any effect by attacking when This King is relaxed, keep struggling then. This King will sleep for a while.”

After Leonis said that, he closed his eyes!

In the previous tournament, Moya had once used the advantage of his speed to dart around the arena and grasp the moment when Leonis relaxed, hoping to succeed in his attack.

Such a common trick was something that did not surprise Leonis. After all, against his unassailable defense and invincible strength, the miserable weaklings could only grasp futilely at slim hopes!

But by doing so, what use was there?

Leonis sneered in his heart. It was just a foolish struggle!

Now, all he had to do was wait to see for how long the human would struggle!

Now, he had plenty of patience.

Shi Xiaobai was so fast that his figure could not be seen, but he was constantly darting through the arena, with no pattern to his whereabouts. It was completely erratic, but whenever he approached Leonis, he would deliberately avoid him, and did not linger around Leonis. This made the Transcendents begin to suspect if he really was thinking of sneaking in an attack.

When would this human’s attack happen?

Three minutes later?

Five minutes later?

Ten minutes later?

The outcome left everyone extremely speechless. For thirty minutes, the human was scurrying around the entire arena!

What is he trying to do?

What is he waiting for?

For a half an hour, the audience only saw a dazzling figure constantly moving. It was so dazzling that it hurt the eyes.

Fuck, it was tiring just watching this, so how could the human that kept maintaining such a fast speed not be tired?

Leonis opened his eyes and to be honest, he was tired waiting as well.

He felt like he had been played for a fool.

This human apparently was out of tricks. He was simply buying time!

“Let This King end this struggle of a weakling!”

Leonis sneered as he gradually bent his right arm and clenched his fist!

Thirty minutes had passed.

Leonis could use his Lion King Punch a second time!

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