AC Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: The Absolute Choice that Forcefully Changes the Outcome

Hearing Shi Xiaobai’s urging, Hisith was momentarily stunned. Immediately following that, he revealed an odd smile. He flipped the little notebook to the fourth page, and announced, “Next, Xiang Wu.”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly stunned hearing this. As he dissolved the shield in front of him, he looked to the corner in the left. The man named Xiang Wu was in his opinion, an independent and free person, a person worthy of respect.

Xiang Wu wasn’t tall. His chiseled facial features made him look heroic. He wore a white top and black bottom, a samurai outfit. When he walked, he was like a hidden blade in a scabbard.

“This person is very strong.” Shi Xiaobai had such a thought.

“Xiang Wu. Nice to meet you.” Xiang Wu came in front of Shi Xiaobai and bowed with his hands folded in front of him slightly.

Shi Xiaobai nodded seriously. He propped up his Psionic Shield once again. The spiraling ripples emanated out from the middle of his shield, like a water surface that formed concentric ripples.

Xiang Wu quietly looked at the Wavelet Shield, and after a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, “Your Wavelet Shield, was it just figured out or have you been practicing it for a long time?”

When everyone heard this, their eyes lit up. This question was in fact the greatest question they had on their minds. Did this bumpkin truly just learn Wavelet Shield suddenly?

The ability to use psionic offensive skills, defensive skills and movement techniques depended on one’s Psionic Ability control as well as familiarity level of the skill. According to Tu Dahei’s “Grasped Basics” level of Psionic Ability control, unless he had practiced numerous times, allowing his Wavelet Shield’s familiarity level to reach “Familiarized Proficiency”, it was impossible for him to use Wavelet Shield.

However, if Tu Dahei truly knew Wavelet Shield, then why did he say that he did not know what Psionic Shield was in the beginning? Was he lying from the beginning?

“Shi Xiaobai would not lie on matters like this. He had just learned it. It’s clear that his Wavelet Shield’s familiarity level has only just reached Grasped Basics, but yet he can produce Wavelet Shield. Why is that so… could it be…”

An inconceivable guess flashed past Lingcun’s mind as the way he looked at Shi Xiaobai turned to astonishment.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai replied in high spirits, “This King managed to touch the truth from Steel Ox’s first. The sleeping Power of Salz, the Kind of the Gods in This King’s body had its initial stages of awakening, so what’s so strange about being able to use the divine power of wavelets?”

A dark shade clouded over everyone immediately, believing that this bumpkin was beyond hope. Even if he could produce a Wavelet Shield, that broken Wavelet Shield was still unable to withstand a single hit. Yet, he was still speaking nonsense. Wasn’t the few defeats from before insufficient to teach him a lesson?

“I see.”

Xiang Wu’s reaction was unsuspected. After he heard Shi Xiaobai’s response, he pondered for a moment, and after some hesitation, said, “Try and see if you can transform this Psionic Shield into a white ball the size of a soccer ball.”

Everyone found Xiang Wu’s request ridiculous. To change the shape of Psionic Shield, one needed at least ‘Familiarized Proficiency’ level of Psionic Ability control!

However, a scene that made them stare tongue-tied happened. They saw Shi Xiaobai acknowledge with a terse response. Then, the Psionic Shield in front of him began spinning, and while it spun, the white energy that was like a whirlpool, began to condense in its core. Seconds later, it transformed into a round white ball.

“Holy shit! Psionic Transformation?”

“This bumpkin’s Psionic Ability control has already reached ‘Familiarized Proficiency’?”

“No, it’s not ‘Familiarized Proficiency’. Look at the speed at which the shape changes. I estimate that he is almost about to break through to the ‘Exemplary Mastery’ stage!”

“Look carefully at the white ball. All the Psionic Power is compressed together, and yet it hasn’t repelled after such a long period of time. How stable must your control be to be able to achieve that?”


The seated rookies were stunned as they called out with an inconceivable tone.

“Eh? Why are these foolish mortals making such a big fuss. Could it be that This King has done something impressive? Could it be that This King isn’t that weak?”

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt like he had underestimated himself. When he heard Xiang Wu’s request, he was initially at a loss. He did not know what to do, but his mind began to flash a thought of changing the Psionic Shield to a ball, and it resulted in the Psionic Shield really condensing to form a ball!

He didn’t expect that transforming the Psionic Shield to a white ball was so easy for him!

“Isn’t it just producing a ball? This King shall try others!”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had his confidence restored. He suddenly stared at the white ball. His brain began churning, and at this moment, he felt like he held dictatorship over the white ball!

Hence, a scene that shocked everyone, that even Hisith was left staring in bewilderment, happened.

The white ball turned into a white pole seconds later!

The pole turned into a spear seconds later!

The spear turned into a scimitar moments later!

The scimitar turned into an axe moments later!

The axe turned into a hammer moments later!

The hammer turned into a sickle moments later!

The sickle turned into…

The white Psionic Power did all sorts of transformations and its speed wasn’t fast, but was done with regularity and thoroughness. Furthermore, the weapons he produced looked extremely realistic, as though they were specially sculpted out from white clay.

Everyone could not help but quieten down. As they focused on the constantly changing white Psionic Power, they felt like they had to be dreaming.

After a long period, Shi Xiaobai finally stopped, as he sighed heavily.

“Hai, a castle is too hard. This King can’t produce it.”

Shi Xiaobai’s voice was filled with regret.

At this moment, everyone was petrified.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

A light round of applause broke the dead silence. It came from Hisith.

“My beloved little toy, you have really given me such a pleasant surprise. Just four rounds of ‘destruction’ and you have already completed ‘destruction before establishment’. You went from Grasped Basics to Familiarized Proficiency. I can’t find any adjectives to praise your monstrous ‘perception’. You are truly very interesting!”

Hisith’s ecstatic voice revealed the truth.

The rookies, who had thought of this possibility but kept rejecting it, immediately went into a frenzy when they heard Hisith’s confirmation!

“Undergoing destruction four times to complete one realm’s breakthrough. Am I f*cking dreaming?”

“It’s too inconceivable. Tempering thousands of times to undergo destruction before establishment. I always thought it was a legend, never expecting that someone could gain true insight from four rounds of ‘destruction’ to obtain ‘establishment’. That perception is truly perverse!”

“That… Even the legendary Shi Xiaobai wouldn’t be able to do that, right?”

“Yea, Tu Dahei might be more of a genius than Shi Xiaobai!”

“Eh? Tu Dahei? Shi Xiaobai? Why do I feel like that there’s something strange about that?”



Everyone could not link the freak that managed to achieve “destruction before establishment” after four rounds of “destruction” and the bumpkin that was full of nonsense. They could only constantly sigh, be awed, be shocked and use words to vent the astonishment in their hearts.

While bathing in the praises and exclamations, Shi Xiaobai surprisingly did not reveal a smug expression. He only quietly adjusted the Psionic Shield in front of him. Shi Xiaobai already understood that he could control the white Psionic Power in any way he wished. If that was the case, then it was obvious he could produce a perfectly transmuted Psionic Shield!

Shi Xiaobai was not disappointed. With a thought from his mind, the Psionic Shield in front of him transmuted from a broken and thin state. Although it had shrunken over all, the thickness had increased by more than 100%. The perfect surface was no longer filled with holes. Ripple after ripple emanated from the middle.

This was a nearly perfect Wavelet Shield!

“Come on! Shatter it! Let me have a deeper understanding of what true power is!”

Shi Xiaobai placed the shield in front of him and suddenly roared at Xiang Wu!

His voice made the rowdy rookies gradually quietened down.

Upon hearing this, Xiang Wu gave a knowing smile and took a step forward. He raised his right hand, and forming his hands into the shape of a blade, he slashed forwards!

His hand blade slashed out a white blade beam, shooting out with a flash, and struck the Wavelet Shield in front of Shi Xiaobai in a straight line!

The blade beam disappeared into the concentric ripples like a rock dropping into a lake. With a “Pu” sound, it vanished.

But in the next second, the shield became two halves. It did not crack open or fracture, but just naturally split into two. It was like a tiny sharp blade sliding through a thin piece of paper, producing a smooth cut instantly.

Shi Xiaobai stared in a daze at the Wavelet Shield that shattered only after splitting into two. He felt the difference between his strength and Xiang Wu, and gradually, a smile suffused on his face. A hot beam of light flashed in his eyes!

“This is the power I desire!”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai finally managed to grasp the realistic feeling of what he desired. He also understood how much he would be willing to pay for it.

“The strength of offensive skills, defensive skills and movement techniques is determined not only by Psionic Ability control or the familiarity in the skill. How much Psionic Power that can be used is the key.”

Xiang Wu sighed, “Tu Dahei, your Psionic Ability control has already surpassed mine. Your familiarity with Wavelet Shield is something that far surpasses mine, but you are only at the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, while I’m at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. The strength of our Psionic Power is not on the same level. This is the main reason why I can use Psionic Slash to split your shield into two.”

“Tu Dahei, if your Psionic Ability realm was the same as mine, you would have been the victor.”

After a deep bow from Xiang Wu, he turned to return to his seat. That was his corner where he was at ease. No one disturbed him there. Although it was a bit lonely, he was free.

Shi Xiaobai looked at Xiang Wu’s back and clenched his fist tightly. He turned to Hisith and said with a deep voice, “Next!”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had endless desire for even stronger power. His blood was boiling and his heart was palpitating intensely. Even his breathing produced hot air.

“No, no, no. The game is over!”

Hisith gave a sinister smile. “My beloved little toy, this game’s completion criteria is ‘destruction before establishment’. You have already done it, so this game is over. You won with a perfect outcome!”

Hisith’s declaration that the game had ended exceeded everyone’s expectations, but it was also understandable.

“Tu Dahei, well done!”

It was unknown who suddenly shouted, but suddenly, applause, like a torrential downpour, befell onto the classroom.

Applause, cheers, whistles, screams…filled the entire classroom.

“This sort of ending sure isn’t too bad!”

Although Shi Xiaobai felt somewhat regretful that he could not continue helping the other rookies “spar”, seeing everyone cheer for his “victory” made him suddenly feel that such an outcome wasn’t too bad.

Just as Shi Xiaobai had agreed to this outcome, everyone’s voices disappeared suddenly. Everyone’s motions halted, as though everything had frozen.

Then, a fiery voice resounded in his mind.

“Make your choice, youth!”

The black text that had not appeared in a while slowly materialized in front of him.

[ Choice 1: Ask Hisith for his underwear. Must be done within a minute. ] [ Choice 2: Ask Hisith for a first kiss. Must be done within a minute. ]

(Gentle Reminder: This choice is considered a “mischief-style choice” where only the choice needs to be performed. No reward.)

“Make your choice, youth!”

Translator’s Note: The familiarity of any skill that has been revealed up to now are from weakest to strongest:

  1. Grasped Basics
  2. Familiarized Proficiency
  3. Exemplary Mastery

Note that for ease of remembering, I have named them in a way that the first letter ranks the skill in descending order. G < F < E… The rest will be revealed soon.

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