AC Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Heart feeling downtrodden, an exhaustion that comes from the soul

In a clash of fists, what did it mean for Leonis to suddenly switch hands?

With Leonis’s extremely arrogant character, it was impossible for him to shrink back or show mercy. There was only one reason why he would switch hands—he had no choice but to switch them!

What was the reason that made him have to switch?

The answer could not be any simpler.

Leonis’s right hand couldn’t withstand another impact. He had already realized that his right hand would be injured or it was already injured. He had no choice but to switch to his left hand!

Therefore, although Shi Xiaobai’s strength was greatly inferior to Leonis’s, his fist’s hardness was higher. Every time the fists struck each other, the fist that was injured was Leonis’s right fist!

This was the truth of the matter!

This was the reason why Leonis was constantly ‘honestly’ clashing with Shi Xiaobai!

It was because his dignity as a king prevented him from conceding. His confidence as a mighty figure prevented him from believing that his fist was at the disadvantage!

But up to that very moment, to the point when he could no longer pay the price of the next punch that Leonis had no choice but to switch hands!

In a comparison of fists, he had lost!

And Shi Xiaobai, who had been sent flying on the surface, had always been at the advantage in the clash of the fists. He was the eventual victor!


There was no need for that!


It did not even exist!

The Transcendents who realized the truth were appalled.

“This is impossible. Isn’t King Leonis’s physical hardness unassailable in his third form? I remember that in the previous tournament, King Leonis was able to let Moya beat him for ten minutes! Why isn’t he harder than a human?”

“This human is strange. Other than the Transcendents, how can there be another race with such terrifying physical hardness? I seriously suspect that he is actually a bastard child of the Transcendents that went missing!”

“King Leonis, don’t hold back anymore. Quickly use your Lion King Punch. Use your absolute strength to crush that human, if not, you might fail miserably at an easy task!”

“Begging for the Lion King Punch. Stop using such honest punches!”

“Lion King Punch! Lion King Punch! Lion King Punch!”

“Lion King Punch!”

The Transcendents did not wish for Leonis to continue in this embroilment before failing due to an accident. They needed victory, as for winning beautifully, with sufficient posturing, that was less important!

The audience’s intent was very clear. Hey, stop trying to posture if you can’t. It’s not like your house is beside a posing ring!

Leonis’s livid face turned even uglier.

He wanted to roar. What do you bunch of back-seat warriors know?

The truth was slightly different from what everyone guessed.

Leonis did not believe that the hardness of his fist was wrecked. He only felt that when he hit the human, the human’s fist was exaggeratedly hard, but it was still weaker than his.

However, as the amount of force from their clash was enormous, it resulted in his fist feeling some pain after they separated, resulting in the accumulation of injuries.

However, such an injury should have been afflicted onto the human as well!

Then, the fist that was weaker than his should reasonably not be able to last for long!

It did not make any sense. In the conflict that looked like he was competing in strength and hardness, he had actually lost at endurance!

It did not make sense!

It was impossible!

But such a thought made Leonis insist on clashing head on with Shi Xiaobai’s fist because from his point of view, Shi Xiaobai was definitely enduring the pain from his fist. It had to be the case!

But he lost control of the situation. Leonis never expected that he would be the first to falter. He realized that if he punched out again, the injuries accumulated within his right fist would very likely instantly inflict serious injuries to him. It would be an inestimable cost!

Why was that human able to endure to this point in time?

Could it be that he was planning on having his right hand crippled to do battle?

This was the only reasonable explanation.

Leonis had no choice but to admire the human for his bravery and persistence, but he got a deeper understanding of the human’s foolishness!

Since you don’t want your right hand!

This King shall accede to your wishes!

Leonis did not comply with the requests of the audience to use his famous technique, Lion King Punch!

Instead, he continued using his left hand to clash with Shi Xiaobai!

This looked like a tragic stubborness of a loser.

But in fact, he was only doing so to destroy Shi Xiaobai’s right hand!

“Human, your endurance is amazing, so keep enduring it. Endure to the point till there is no way of turning back. When that happens, you will pay the most terrible of prices!”

Leonis sneered in his heart as he continued to use his left hand to clash with Shi Xiaobai. He did not believe that the endurance from both his hands could not withstand a human’s right hand!

Just as Leonis expected, Shi Xiaobai was indeed enduring something.

However, he was not enduring pain, but trying to stop himself from laughing out loud!

That’s right, although Leonis in his third form crushed him completely in terms of strength, and his body’s toughness was indeed even harder than his Qilin arm’s right hand.

However, Leonis never expected that Shi Xiaobai possessed a brazenly shameless endurance technique—Filthy Turtle Divine Technique!

The Filthy Turtle Divine Technique’s power was being pushed to its full extent at this moment in time!

Unleaking Turtle Aura perfectly inhibited the pain coming from his fist, converting it into a slightly acidic liquid that flowed to his right arm. Not only wasn’t it painful, it was extremely comfortable!

And the effects of This Turtle Is Hardest were even more perverse. It could convert damage into nourishment for the body, and was instead further enhancing his body’s toughness!

In fact, This Turtle Is Hardest had several limitations that Shi Xiaobai had failed to put to perfect use.

This was because This Turtle Is Hardest would be useless if he was dealt damage that was too high that exceeded the limits of his physique.

However, when he bore damage that was very low, the physical toughness increased was hardly anything. It was as though nothing was enhanced, so This Turtle Is Hardest was useless.

Therefore, This Turtle Is Hardest required damage that was in the middle of the two extremes, which was rather difficult to grasp.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s luck was perfect. The damage caused by his clash with Leonis happened to be very close to limits of which he could bear!

Hence, every punch would have This Turtle Is Hardest convert the damage in Shi Xiaobai’s right hand into nourishment. Not only was his right hand not dealt much damage, it was instead gradually becoming harder!

Shi Xiaobai’s right arm was labeled a Qilin arm, so it was an extremely difficult thing to further enhance it. But at this moment, every punch was a slight enhancement!

How could Shi Xiaobai pass up this golden opportunity!?

The poor Leonis did not even think that the endurance he believed Shi Xiaobai was undergoing did not even exist!

The ending he was looking forward to would never come!

Leonis’s left fist clashed with Shi Xiaobai for more than ten strikes before he suddenly realized that his left fist apparently became frail compared to his opponent’s right hand.

No, that’s not right. The human’s right fist was becoming even harder!

If this went on, his left fist would also undergo shock!

Seeing the youth charge at him once again, the youth did not appear exhausted or as though he was enduring pain at all, instead, he looked amused.

Leonis immediately regretted.

Fuck, what was he doing all this for?

Leonis finally silently lowered his left hand this time.

Sigh, his heart was feeling downtrodden, it was an exhaustion that came from the soul.

It’s time to quickly end this farce!

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  2. Shixiaobai
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    OSOC = Heretic King (suspected)

    Dreams of previous incarnations of OSOC:
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