AC Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: Always Waiting

Force was something that affected both parties. In a collision between two objects, regardless of which side was stronger, both sides would have to sustain a certain level of damage. Therefore, in a clash of fists, other than pure power, the toughness of a person’s fist was also tested.

If any ordinary person were to forcefully receive Leonis’s punch, the person’s entire arm, or even the person’s entire body might get twisted. A weaker person might have their body explode.

It was because of this reason that Shi Xiaobai chose to face him in a frontal clash. The Transcendents only found it laughable, while Pulp Farmer and company broke out into cold sweat for Shi Xiaobai. As for Leonis, he was extremely furious and full of contempt!

Leonis in his third form had strength that far exceeded Moya’s. The toughness of his fist was something incomparable to Moya. The clash of the fists should have sent Shi Xiaobai flying, twisting and crippling his entire arm!

The former happened as expected. Although Shi Xiaobai’s strength was impressive, there was still a great gap between his strength and Leonis’s, so he was instantly sent flying!

However, the latter did not happen as people expected. Not only Shi Xiaobai’s hand did not get mangled, it did not even swell at all!

The young and fair right hand appeared somewhat soft, yet it was so tough?

“That’s impossible!”

The Transcendents could not believe that such tender looking arms could match the invincible Leonis in a frontal competition in toughness!

And at this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s third punch was hurling towards Leonis!

It was still the same old punch, with no technique to boast about. It was straight, direct and honest!

Leonis roared angrily and punched out once again. The way things were developing prevented him from doing it any other way!

At this moment, whoever first bent was not a man!


The outcome of this clash did not change. The person sent flying was still Shi Xiaobai!

Leonis took half a step back and roared. He did not appear happy at his victory, instead his face turned uglier!

And in the next moment, Shi Xiaobai, who had been sent flying, got up once again. He rushed at Leonis, and punched out a fourth time!

This scene was somewhat reminiscent of the past.

The Transcendents exclaimed, “Holy shit, is this human some cockroach that won’t die? He has been sent flying thrice, yet it’s like nothing happened?”

“Does he think that by attempting again and again would result in something different? The gap in strength between him and King Leonis is just too great. Even if this goes on a few more times, he will still be destined to fly away!”

“No, have all of you forgotten how the human attempted again and again while fighting Moya? Don’t forget at the speed at which this human improves!”

“Are you implying that the human wants to replicate the miracle of him defeating Moya?”

“Yes, the human is trying to repeat the show of him breaking through his limits. He wants to surpass himself through defeat!”

“Holy shit, from the looks of it, he can still go on for a very long while. Would he really succeed after trying so many times?”

“This human… is very shameless, but isn’t he having fucking too much tenacity?”

The audience were in a flurry of discussion. Shi Xiaobai had previously demonstrated how he surpassed himself from a state of despair, and this time, it appeared as though he was accumulating his defeats to transform it into success.

But would he really succeed?

“Can Boss Shi Xiaobai really succeed?” Feng Yuanlin was feeling tensed as he could not help but ask Liu Yu, who was beside him.

Liu Yu frowned and said with a sigh, “It’s difficult, really too difficult. The reason why Shi Xiaobai was able to break through his limits and defeat Moya was mainly because the difference in their speeds was not as large as one would imagine. He had improved by taking one big step from his defeats, allowing him to surpass Moya and clinch victory. But this time, the gap in strength between him and Leonis is just too big. Not only does he need one step, he needs ten, dozens, or even more than a hundred steps…”

Even if Shi Xiaobai could truly create another miracle, surpassing himself from defeat and allowing his strength to increase, the difference between him and Leonis was not just a single level. He needed multiple breakthroughs to do so, but that was simply impossible!

Feng Yuanlin immediately understood what Liu Yu was implying. After some careful contemplation, he realized that there was no way to refute him. Immediately, he felt like a deflated balloon, and sighed.

Liu Yu comforted him by saying, “It’s already impressive for Shi Xiaobai to force Leonis into his third form. Don’t forget, no trial-taker has been able to defeat the enhanced Leonis in the tournament after Xu Taibai!”

Leonis’s strength was without a doubt. Moya was much weaker than him. In a clash of strength, Shi Xiaobai was no match for him at all!

One punch, two punches, three punches, ten punches, twenty punches!

Regardless of the number of punches, the outcome did not change at all. Shi Xiaobai was sent flying every single time!

However, he never stopped his actions. Like a mirror, it kept repeating. Every time, he would immediately stand up after falling to the ground, charging right at Leonis and hurling a straight punch.

The fighting spirit that was burning in his eyes did not lower in intensity, in fact, it was burning more intensely!

Even though he had been defeated dozens of times without any suspense!

“This human is indeed a monster!”

“Regardless of how much a monster he is, it’s impossible for him to succeed. The difference is just too big!”

“From the looks of it, he might be able to endure more than ten thousand defeats. It’s terrifying. However, it seems like King Leonis is about to lose his patience!”

“Strange, why doesn’t King Leonis quickly end the battle? Why does he keep giving the human a chance?”

“To improve from his defeats, how terrifying is that ability! Quickly finish him, King Leonis!”

The Transcendents began to worry in a way that they found laughable.

Even though the human’s intent was so obvious, why was Leonis sillily allowing the human to attempt time and time again?

Such a simple victory would no longer give one any sense of achievement. What Leonis should do was to use his sufficient strength and absolute advantage to crush Shi Xiaobai, and not keep clashing with his fists in such an upright manner!

However, Leonis’s face was clearly turning uglier, yet, he was continuously waiting for Shi Xiaobai’s punch.

The way he looked was as though he was stubbornly trying to gain victory over something.

It was as though his dignity as a king was being challenged.

It was as though he would be defeated if he did not clash with that straight punch.

What was going on?

At that moment, the Transcendents finally managed to see something amiss.

Leonis’s angry roars seemed to have the signs of pain mingled in them?

“That’s impossible!”

Suddenly, after an unknown number of fist clashes, Leonis finally roared angrily.

He had switched from his right fist to his left fist!

Leonis switched hands?

At that moment, everyone was appalled and finally realized that the battle they were thinking of was not the true battle!

This human was sent flying again and again, yet his fighting spirit was even more intense.

It was because he was not waiting for the moment his strength made a breakthrough!

But because his fist was tougher. He had been waiting for the instant Leonis could not withstand the impact!

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