AC Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Come on, let’s clash head on!

Leonis’s body suddenly began swelling like a balloon, going from a meter tall dwarf to nearly two meters. His green skin was dyed black, and his eyes turned scarlet. The two fangs that resembled sickles on his ferocious lion head was raised upright, and a black-and-white eye appeared on his forehead. He looked like a terrifying demon that came out of hell!

At that moment, there was an uproar.

“The third form!”

“Wow, Leonis is using the third form at the onset!?”

“Leonis is furious. That human is doomed!”

Leonis had not only transformed, he had even gone straight to the third form that was the reason Transcendents had been accused of being ‘bastards of the Infernals’. It demonstrated the importance he attached to the battle, and it also implied that after watching Shi Xiaobai’s battle with Moya, Leonis had decided to turn serious!

Leonis took a step forward as his terrifying strength seemed like a majestic mountain crushing down. His right foot took a step forward, causing the ground to quake!

“Make your move, foolish human!” Leonis roared!

In the audience stands, Liu Yu said with a heavy expression, “It’s as the legends go, Leonis’s strength indeed exceeds Moya. He can still maintain his consciousness even in his third form!”

Feng Yuanlin said with a heavy voice as well, “Only two trial-takers have ever forced Leonis to take on his third form. Now, Shi Xiaobai is the third. If I don’t remember wrongly, Leonis’s third form is completely different from Moya. What significantly increases is not speed, but…”

Liu Yu finished Feng Yuanlin’s sentence with a wry smile, “Strength and defense! This is truly tricky. The Transcendents are already gifted with strength and defense that far exceeds other races. Furthermore, Leonis is blessed by the gods, with his third form greatly enhancing his domain of expertise. Even if Shi Xiaobai’s speed is able to repress him, it would be difficult for him to tear through Leonis’s defense!”

Feng Yuanlin said with a sigh, “But speed is the only way to defeat Leonis. If Shi Xiaobai relies on Crab Steps, he might be able to find Leonis’s weakness and gain hope of winning!”

In the arena, Shi Xiaobai also sensed the terrifying aura from Leonis. He could deeply sense the immense power coming from Leonis from a hundred meters away. This power erected like a ice-cold mountain, like a volcano that would erupt at any moment. The boiling lava would devour his opponent.

Leonis did not attack first but sounded for Shi Xiaobai to make his first move because he could use unassailable strength and defense to tackle any attack!

Shi Xiaobai realized this point, but he would not hesitate because of this. Even though Leonis was confident that his defense could withstand any attack, that meant that Shi Xiaobai would destroy whatever Leonis was most confident of!

Shi Xiaobai clenched his firsts as he began running towards Leonis!

He did not use Crab Steps nor did he use his confusing footwork. All he did was an ordinary run, without any astonishing speed!

Maybe he could repress Leonis in this battle with his speed, but by doing so, it wouldn’t be cool enough even if he won!

You can call it arrogance, but Shi Xiaobai was such a person!

Shi Xiaobai ran straight towards Leonis, and his tightly-clenched fist smashed straight at him!

This punch was nothing fancy nor were there any tricks to it!

This punch only had one meaning—come on, let’s clash head on!

A look of surprise flashed in Leonis’s eyes as he gave an angry laugh, “Presumptuous human, you are courting death!”

This human had previously clashed head on with a second-form Moya and sent him flying, but so what?

His strength and defense exceeded Moya’s to begin with. At this point, his third form had greatly enhanced his strength and defense. His single punch could instantly kill Moya!

And this human did not choose to use his speed to flank him, instead, he was provoking him with such a straightforward punch?

He was doing nothing but courting death!  

Leonis roared and facing Shi Xiaobai’s fist, he punched it!

Human, your courage is commendable, but your foolishness nearly made This King laugh out loud!

Die, with this punch, you shall understand that the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world!

At that instant the fists met, there was no demonstration of combat skills. At that moment, all Shi Xiaobai and Leonis relied on was their pure strength, and the toughness of their fists!

At that instant, everyone in the audience held their breaths!


An explosive sound resounded as the clash of the fists came to an end at that instant!

The punches did not enter a stalemate because the difference in strength between the two parties was too great.

And an expected and unexpected scene happened at the same instant!

As expected, Shi Xiaobai flew backwards as expected by the audience, slamming heavily into the arena’s walls like a missile.

But what was more astonishing that Leonis had to retreat five steps back to stabilize his body!

There was no deadlock in the clash of the fists, but it was not a steamroll!

Leonis’s strength was better, but yet such a strange thing happened?

Leonis’s eyes were somewhat filled with disbelief.

This was because after Shi Xiaobai was sent flying from the punch, he immediately stood up from the rubble. He looked like he was not injured at all.

Everyone’s eyes looked at his right hand. It was a slender and fair hand, having the charm of a boy’s and the delicateness of a girl’s.

After clashing with Leonis, his right hand appeared completely fine. It did not even have any signs of redness or swelling!

What was going on?

There was no time for the audience to ponder over it, nor was there time for Leonis to be surprised, Shi Xiaobai, who had stood up, immediately ran towards Leonis once again!


Shi Xiaobai’s eyes burned with flames of fighting spirit, as his right fist had smashed straight towards Leonis once again!

Just like before, there was nothing fancy about it, nor were there any tricks to it!

This punch was still as head on as before!


Leonis roared. As a king, he naturally could not back down against such simple and crude provocation!

The human’s strength had indeed taken him by surprise, to the point that the first clash had caused him to instinctively take a few steps back, but that was all to it and nothing more!

In a comparison of power, the human was still inferior!

Leonis aimed at Shi Xiaobai’s fist and punched out as well!


The outcome did not change.

Shi Xiaobai was still sent flying backwards without any resistance.

But this time, Leonis only took a tiny step back before coming to a halt. The impact of the force was still rather enormous, to the point of Leonis needing to retreat so as to dissipate some of the strength!

But in terms of sheer force, Leonis had won!

However, at the next moment, Shi Xiaobai, who had been sent flying, stood up again like nothing had happened!

The smart audience cast their eyes at Shi Xiaobai’s right hand once again. Once again, the youth’s hand was not twisted nor did it appear red from swelling!

The clash of fists was a skirmish of pure strength, but it also tested the toughness of their fists. If steel met rock, the stronger the impact, the more miserable the fragile side’s outcome would be!

But why was the youth’s fist unscathed after two brutal clashes!?

Could it be that the toughness of his fists was not much weaker than Leonis’s?


Shi Xiaobai stood up once again and immediately rushed forward. His fist raised up once again and hurled straight at Leonis!

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