AC Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: Transforming without a word

The silver-haired girl’s talkative vibe began revealing itself as she wrote and erased on the board several times. She used a relatively complicated way to describe why she had chosen to come to the Door of the Bravehearts.

“I was planning on trying to see if I could replicate what the Hero King did, but who knew I encountered an irritating fella on the way. From a young age, that irritating fella believes that he would be able to surpass the Hero King, so I benevolently gave him the chance.”

“As for the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament, that just sounds boring. Furthermore, previous trial-takers all claim that the Transcendents as a race are extremely disparaging, so I didn’t plan on going to suffer.”

“Surviving a hundred days is too tiring, so after some thought, there’s only the method of killing the Infernal King left. I never expected to meet Sis Sunless here. I’m really lucky!”

Sunless patiently read the silver-haired girl’s words and confirmed the girl’s identity. Obviously, she would not express any opinion or reveal any emotions to what the silver-haired girl depicted, as such, she only faced her in silence.

The conversation came to an abrupt end.

The silver-haired girl raised her spectacle frame. It was naturally easy for her to find a new topic of conversation, but seeing how Sunless apparently did not like to chat, she decided to write on the board: “I thought of something. I’m waiting for someone as well. I received his help in the second level, and haven’t even thanked him. With his strength, it wouldn’t be a problem reaching the seventh level. With his attitude, he would likely choose to kill the Infernal King. So, I’ll be waiting in the pavilion as well. Sis Sunless, you wouldn’t mind me, right? I promise that I wouldn’t bother you!”

Sunless nodded. She did not mind the silver-haired girl’s waiting in the pavilion.

The silver-haired girl smiled. Waiting for someone was naturally just an excuse. She only felt that waiting alone in the desolate pavilion was too lonely and planned on staying behind to accompany her. She also wanted to see who Sunless was waiting for.

The girl’s Soul of Gossip was still burning.

Transcendence, Martial Tournament Stadium

Shi Xiaobai’s voice was still echoing.

“Fuck tomorrow! Get your ass down here for This King right now!”

With him saying that, every Transcendent was left dazed for a moment. They first suspected if they had heard wrongly before looking at each other to realize that they had not, immediately becoming appalled.

The arrogance this youth had was already undoubtable. But only at this point in time did they realize that they had far underestimated the youth’s degree of arrogance!

Fuck tomorrow?

Although the youth was only slightly out of breath after defeating Moya, no one believed that he still had much stamina left after fighting full strength against Moya for more than ten minutes, breaking his limits in the process.

After the battle, it was already quite an impressive feat for the youth to stand there with his chest puffed up.

As for another battle, a battle that challenged Leonis, who was stronger than Moya, it was more than fool’s talk!

Leonis’s face sank as he said coldly, “You want to fight with This King in your present state? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself!?”

Shi Xiaobai shrugged his shoulders and said, “This King is now in excellent shape. As This King said, the Transcendents are just this and nothing more. Even your so-called second strongest, Moya, was unable to expend one percent of This King’s stamina. It probably will not take much more stamina to smack you, the number one, down. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow. This King doesn’t have the patience, so now, it’s time to make all of you shut your mouths!”

Shi Xiaobai’s words were somewhat trending on hyperbole, but the stamina expended was indeed not much with his present level of fitness. As he had been consuming large quantities of ‘food’ along the way, what he expended had just been energy stored in his body. Engaging in another battle would not be a problem at all.

The Transcendents obviously did not know this. They were appalled and infuriated by his extreme arrogance.

“Fuck, this human is being overly arrogant, isn’t he? He doesn’t even think the slightest of us the Transcendents!”

“King Leonis, go on and smack that human down with a single punch. Let him repent for his arrogance!”

“King Leonis, can you endure it? I can’t! We can’t!”


There was mass outrage from the Transcendents. They were so incensed with the human’s arrogance that they ground their teeth in anger. They wanted to personally go down and beat down the human, but after considering their own strength, they could only place their hopes on Leonis!

Regardless of how unfair the battle was, it was sufficient if the human could be taught a lesson!

Leonis looked sullen and he was silent. In his mind, only by trashing Shi Xiaobai at his best condition tomorrow would he be able to highlight his strength as king. If he were to fight now and won, the humans and some of the Transcendents who dismissed him would still be able to give such an excuse.

But with public outrage at this moment, he would be going against public opinion if he did not fight.

At this moment, as though Shi Xiaobai was not afraid that things weren’t fiery enough, he fanned the flames by saying, “Hurry up and get the fuck down. This King is already getting impatient. Could it be that the strongest person of the Transcendents is actually a coward?”

Shi Xiaobai did not want to wait for tomorrow because his wrath gave him strength. If he were to delay it to tomorrow, his anger would subside with the passage of time.

At this moment, his anger meter could be said to be at 50%. Half his hair had turned silvery white, but with his mind naturally turning calm, his silver hair was constantly restoring to its black color. His anger meter was also respectively decreasing.

Shi Xiaobai had already realized that it was not simple rage, but an extraordinary power. If he wanted to defeat Leonis, he needed to use that power!

No one knew that what seemed like an arrogant youth was actually meticulous and wise.

Shi Xiaobai chuckled once again, “So the strongest member of the Transcendents is such a wimp?”

Things seldom went past the number three. Against Shi Xiaobai’s third verbal taunting, Leonis finally could not repress the anger in his heart. With a forceful smack on the throne’s armrest, he suddenly stood up.

Although he was in the form of a dwarf, his stance was magnificent like a mountain!

“Human, you will pay a terrible price for your arrogance!”

Leonis angrily roared and suddenly leaped down from the audience stands which was more than ten meters high. He crashed into the arena like a meteor!


The ground cracked and immediately, a deep pit burst open when he landed. It was obvious how powerful he was. This was Leonis in his normal state!

Leonis walked out of the pit and said with a sneer, “Human, it’s still not too late for you to kneel down and beg for mercy!”

This method of posturing immediately made the Transcendents extremely excited as they chanted Leonis’s name!

Leonis had accepted the pushing forward of the battle!

Liu Yu and Feng Yuanlin looked at each other with a wry smile. Although they were very impressed with Shi Xiaobai’s strength and courage, they were not optimistic about Shi Xiaobai’s chances. It was not easy defeating Moya, but now, he had to face a stronger Leonis without any rest. This was him raising his own difficulty.

Pulp Farmer sighed. Even during his most frivolous and rebellious stage, he would have never done such a thing. Shi Xiaobai, what sort of youth are you?

“Cut the crap, This King’s fist is unable to endure the thirst!”

Shi Xiaobai did not have the slightest feeling that he was courting death. What he wanted now was to make the foolish Transcendents shut up by using this victory!

Leonis’s eyes were cold. With a low growl, his body suddenly began swelling!

Without a word, Leonis transformed!

Which form would he use?

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