AC Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Fuck Tomorrow

Shi Xiaobai was a person who had a desire to win, but he was not one who could not withstand failure.

This sounded contradictory, but it was not.

Shi Xiaobai could accept any form of failure. He had his head blown up by Thomas more than a thousand times and beaten by Sunless’ Beginner Sword a few hundred times. Such form of failure, be it form or quantity, was something unacceptable by most people.

However, Shi Xiaobai still enjoyed it because through his failure, Shi Xiaobai was constantly obtaining victory!

Was this contradictory?

Of course not. Shi Xiaobai might have lost to the entire world, but he was constantly defeating himself!

If not for Thomas blowing up his head more than a thousand times, his Crab Steps would not have been cultivated to such an exquisite form!

If not for him being crushed by Sunless’ sword technique hundreds of times, his Sword Truth would not have been attained so quickly!

It was failure that accelerated Shi Xiaobai’s growth!

Therefore, against Moya’s speed, Shi Xiaobai chose to deal with him in what seemed like the most foolish of ways.

He only had one thing on his mind!

To be faster!

A little bit faster!

Although the available area for him to move in was constantly shrinking, leaving him no place to flee, and even though his speed was constantly repressed, the only thing on Shi Xiaobai’s mind was not the outcome of his failure, much less the regret over his choice. At that moment, the only thought on his mind was to become a little faster!

As long as he pushed himself to the limits, he could go beyond his limits!

This obviously needed the talent of a genius, but there was an even greater need for a stubborness of a fool and the courage of a madman!

The golden light that gradually forced the black shadow into a corner, Pulp Farmer’s eyes glazed over as he muttered to himself, “That… is a true genius!”

The situation was reversed. This time, Moya was forced into a despairing situation, but Moya, who only had his killing instincts left, had no way to undergo growth in such an adverse situation. The only thing he could do was struggle and desperately fight back!

Gradually, amid colliding sounds and explosions, there were angry hisses and screams mixed in.

The Transcendents slowly sat down as their faces turned solemn. Their moods were heavy. The battle was still ongoing, but everyone could tell that up to this point, it was equivalent to it coming to an end.

Humans appeared to be a race that could create miracles.

However, the Transcendents were always a race that rejected the thought of miracles.

Therefore, for Moya, once he was surpassed, there was no more miracle!


A final deafening explosion resounded like the blooming of fireworks. Dust filled the sky as the black shadow and golden figure finally came to a stop.

When the explosive sounds subsided, the sound of light breathing was the only thing left.

After the dust dissipated, one could see Moya having reverted to his original state. At this moment, he was an ugly green-skinned dwarf. His eyes were rolled back and his body was covered in injuries. He sprawled motionlessly on the ground, having already lost consciousness, losing all ability to continue doing battle.

And the youth standing beside Moya was silent. His clothes were somewhat disheveled, but he was nearly without any injury. His chest was slightly undulating as his light but slow breaths made it seem like he had just done a warm-up jog.

A human had won.

Furthermore, it was most ridiculous that after using all his strength while embroiled with a fight with Moya for about ten minutes, he was only slightly out of breath.

“Humans are monsters.”

At that moment, this thought materialized in the minds of the Transcendents.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai raised his head and looked at his surroundings. A sneer suffused across his lips as he loudly proclaimed, “Transcendents are just this and nothing more!”

“Transcendents are just this and nothing more!”

“Transcendents are just this and nothing more!”

Shi Xiaobai repeated the important things thrice, and he shouted louder each time he said it!

Shi Xiaobai would not forget the scene of how the Transcendents had been shouting ‘Humans are just this and nothing more’ just a moment ago. He was not someone who would bear a grudge, but if he kept it in, it would be too slavish. Therefore, Shi Xiaobai would seek revenge on the spot if there were any!

At that moment, silence pervaded the stadium. The Transcendents were appalled!

That human was too arrogant and crazy!

“Whoever offends the mighty Transcendents, however strong, shall be destroyed!”

“Human, don’t be overly arrogant. Don’t forget where you are!”

“A tiny competition has been escalated to the magnificence of a race? Are all humans as dumb as pigs, like you?”

Shi Xiaobai sneered without a word. The Transcendents were indeed conceited. It was as though they had forgotten how they had just been shouting ‘Humans are just this and nothing more’ and how the humans felt.

Sure enough, this race was one he hated regardless of anything.

At that moment, an authoritative voice thundered, overshadowing the din.

“Human, Moya does not represent the Transcendents. It wouldn’t be too late for you to say it only after you defeat This King!”

In the throne of the defending champion, King Leonis stood up. He was dressed in regal robes and had an air of dignity. He looked very domineering.

Leonis was overjoyed. The development of the situation was practically the heavens helping him. All eight Bravehearts were defeated in battle, with even Moya defeated as well. As such, the force that slightly threatened his position as king had collapsed.

And at this moment, with the human being so overbearing, the only person that could stand up for the Transcendents was him alone, the strongest Transcendent!

Next, all he needed to do was trash the human at the final match tomorrow and he would become a hero of the Transcendents. Any negative opinions of him being a bastard child of the lion-headed species and the Transcendents would be useless!

This was an opportunity the heavens had given him!

At this moment, the Transcendents realized it too.

That’s right, they still had King Leonis, who was stronger than Moya!

Although Leonis was a hybrid child of the Transcendents and a member of the lion-headed species, he still could represent the Transcendents!

“Foolish human, defeat our king before you are so overbearing!”

“King Leonis, if you can trample that arrogant human beneath your feet, we will worship you as king for the rest of our lives!”

“The race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world!

“King Leonis completely trashes Moya. Human, you don’t stand a chance winning against King Leonis!”

It was as if the Transcendents had found a ray of light while in a cave, pointing them in the same direction!

Leonis was very pleased with the present situation. He was laughing maniacally in his heart, but he said with a deadpan expression, “Human, although you did not sign up for the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament and by joining in the battle midway is not permissible by the rules,  the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament welcomes all Bravehearts with sufficient strength. Since you were able to defeat Moya, you are the Braveheart most qualified to challenge This King! This King hereby allows you to fight This King in tomorrow’s final! When the time comes, This King will let you know that the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world!”

With this said, the Transcendents immediately began to chant Leonis’s name.

Tomorrow, Leonis would prove that the race of the Transcendents was the strongest race in the world. Although they could not wait for it to happen, they had to wait for tomorrow patiently. After all, the human had just finished an intense battle. They did not wish for the human to use the depletion of his stamina as an excuse after suffering an abject defeat!

Hearing the yelling of the audience, Shi Xiaobai’s face darkened.

In the first place, he had been strangely incensed because of Moya’s fatal kick, thus his sudden appearance. He did not do it for the purpose of participating in the tournament.

Even though he could challenge Leonis, he would have chosen to give up because he did not want to gain the recognition of the assessment program by becoming ‘tournament champion’. He wanted to create a fifth story that belonged to him!

But at this moment in time, Shi Xiaobai could not tolerate any further!

Transcendents, since all of you are so arrogant and defiant!

This King will let you know that no race in the world is the strongest!

At least, you, the Transcendents are definitely not!

Shi Xiaobai raised his head and took a deep breath. Using a voice that drowned out everyone’s voice, he roared angrily, “Fuck tomorrow! Get your ass down here for This King right now!”

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