AC Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: His opponent is only himself

What is a King?

A person capable of anything, daring of anything, not giving up because of an ‘impossibility’, and never using an ‘impossibility’ to back down.

This is what a King is!

Against Moya’s third form, whose speed was extremely fast, Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu would definitely choose to stand their ground in defense. If it was Pulp Farmer, he might choose to defend and and seek an opportunity to launch a counter attack. If it were confident geniuses like Sunless or Speechless, they would choose to give up on defense and continuously use large area-of-effect attacks, so as to deluge Moya’s movement range, preventing him from avoiding it.

Shi Xiaobai could do any of these, but he did not choose any of the three options.

This was because not only did a King want to win, a King had to win with sufficient dominance!

Shi Xiaobai grinned as he instantly activated his Sword Truth, Excalibur. Pale golden light enveloped his body and immediately following that, Shi Xiaobai dashed forward.

As such, in the constantly flashing black shadows, there was an addition of an extremely fast golden light!

Your speed is fast?

This King will become faster than you!

This is the style of a King!

With Sword Truth activated, Shi Xiaobai was expending a great deal of energy every second, but his speed was ever so faster than before. The moment he used Crab Steps at the Crest of Perfection realm, dazzling figures and extremely fast speed made him appear like shimmering golden light. The naked eye could no longer discern his features!

The audience was shocked. They never expected that the youth would use such a method to face his opponent. Was he being capricious? Or was it overconfidence?

The youth’s speed was indeed extremely fast, but he was still inferior to Moya!

At this moment, ordinary people could no longer see what was going on in the battle. They could only see a golden light and a black figure darting everywhere, chasing one another. There were constantly clashing sounds, random rubble flying, and cracks in the ground.

This was an intense battle that could not be discerned because the two people’s speed and movement techniques were too exaggerated!

But as the golden light and black figure embroiled in battle, it was clear that the black figure had the upper hand!

This was because the black figure nearly covered the entire arena, and was constantly engulfing wherever the golden light was. Clearly, the black figure was the hunter in this battle!

The Transcendents finally revealed looks of excitement.

“This human must be a fool to compete in speed with Moya’s third form!”

“This human may be extraordinary fast, but Moya in his his third form can only be described as perverse!”

“Moya is about to win. The human won’t be able to last much longer!”


Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu revealed looks of concern. They had guessed that Shi Xiaobai would not chose a sitting duck battle strategy of standing his ground in defense, but they never expected Shi Xiaobai to choose to clash head on with his speed!

What sort of youth was he?

Against Moya’s second form, whose physical hardness and bodily strength was extremely extraordinary, the youth had chosen to use his fist to clash with his in a head on strike.

Against Moya’s third form, whose speed was extraordinary, he chose to compete in speed!

How arrogant and uninhibited was his heart and what sort of wild confidence did his soul have to make such a seemingly ‘foolish’ choice?

But for what reason such a ‘foolish’ method sent ardor and zeal through the blood of everyone watching, giving them a shock?

“Shi Xiaobai, all the best!”

“All the best, Shi Xiaobai!”

Such a youth made others involuntarily want to follow in his footsteps, following closely behind him, so as to see the scenes of his future!

This was because such a youth had endless possibilities for his future!

However, he was soon going to suffer a painful setback because of his ‘refusal to do so’.

The golden light was gradually being devoured as the black shadows constantly spread out, as if stars were constantly vanishing during a dark night.

Shi Xiaobai was not faster than Motion, so the space he could move was limited and repressed. He was like a prey that was constantly on the run, but he was gradually being forced into a corner!

This battle would end soon!

Leonis sighed and found it unfortunate. That human was outstanding in strength, but he had made the biggest of mistakes.

Even for himself, he could only use an unassailable defense and absolute power to beat Moya in his third form. Attempting to beat Moya in terms of speed was simply fool’s talk!

It was unfortunate that the human could not win the duel. If not, after Moya’s downfall, he could finish the human, becoming the hero of the Transcendents. Then, his status as king would become unassailable!


Suddenly, Leonis’s irises constricted slightly. He suddenly saw a strange scene.

“What happened?”

Leonis stared with widened eyes as he watched the golden figure of light that no longer had anywhere to run.

Moments later, Leonis exclaimed, “How is it possible!? That human has become even faster!?”

This was not a doubting question, but a rhetorical question. Furthermore, this sentence was filled with an incredulous tone of shock!

This was because, the facts of the matter were unfolding in front of everyone else!

They saw the golden figure of light that had been pushed to a corner burst though the black haze, bursting a brand new dawn!

It was as though a dimmed star was ignited once again in the dark of the night.

No, there was not only one!

One after another, stars began to lit up in succession from a particular moment!

It became a brilliant star-filled sky!

That human had broken through his limits at the edge of despair. His speed was increasing, escaping the pursuit of the hunter!

No, from that moment forth, he was no longer the prey!

Everyone in the audience stood up once again as they watched incredulously with bated breaths.

The golden light and black figures embroiled once again, as the golden light slowly recaptured his domain, constantly devouring the black figure. It had been released from its narrow world, opening up a vast expanse of bright stars!

There were still colliding sounds thundering, and the scene of the ground cracking had numbed the senses of people. This battle that could not be discerned had already lasted for several minutes. The golden light had slowly went from an absolute disadvantage to one of neutrality, and from a particular moment, began to have an advantage!

There was only one explanation for this!

That human was becoming faster in battle, to the point of…becoming faster than Moya!

The Transcendents exclaimed aloud!

“What sort of race are humans?”

“Heavens, do humans have such tenacity?”

“What a terrifying human. How is he able to improve himself so quickly?”

Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu looked at each other as they saw the shock in each other’s eyes. They remembered the words Shi Xiaobai had said before the tournament—Regardless of the opponent or how strong he is, it is sufficient as long as you do your best, working hard to exceed your own limits.

That… was supposedly a clichéd chicken soup of the soul, but was a true belief that Shi Xiaobai stood by!

So the reason why Shi Xiaobai chose to use speed to clash with Moya was not because of arrogance, nor was it for the so-called posturing, but to… exceed his own limits!

Shi Xiaobai’s opponent has always been himself!

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  1. And such, our king has reached the highest realm of his crab steps
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