AC Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: The physique of humans is bad?

“You have succeeded in infuriating This King!”

Moya’s kick with murderous intent had completely infuriated Shi Xiaobai.

The flames of anger nearly consumed Shi Xiaobai’s mind instantly, but a cool sensation suddenly infused into his mind that pervaded his body. Like cold water that doused him, it snapped Shi Xiaobai out of his impending rage.

His mind resounded with the exhortation from Kali before she left—Do not get angry easily!

The silvery-white luster above his head suddenly dissipated. However, a third of his black hair had turned silvery-white. His black-and-white mop of hair looked somewhat strange, but it gave him a mysterious and sinister air.

Shi Xiaobai felt a bloodlust that he found difficult to suppress rise up in him, but he was still able to contain his thoughts. And furthermore, he could intuitively sense that his body was filled with power!


Endless power seemed to surge through his body as it raised. It was as though it were flowing through him like blood, pulsing through his veins in a rhythm!

Shi Xiaobai had grabbed Moya’s flying right kick with one hand. This caused all the audience to be shocked by the sudden appearance of the youth. This human was able to use his bare hand to withstand Moya’s kick that possessed such terrifying power?

Moya was also extremely astonished, but he was even more incensed when he heard Shi Xiaobai’s words.

“Foolish human, you are courting death!”

Moya’s right foot was held, so he bent his left foot and like a missile’s blast, he thrust it at Shi Xiaobai’s head like a spear!


A stifling impact sounded as the audience gasped!

They saw Shi Xiaobai use his left hand to grab the foot once again!

What was going on?

Was this human’s hands made of steel?

At this moment in time, Shi Xiaobai was holding one of Moya’s feet in each hand as he lifted Moya entirely!

Shi Xiaobai sneered and suddenly turned his feet and began spinning!

Moya, who was being suspended in mid-air, could only spin around with Shi Xiaobai. He felt alarmed as he realized that despite him using all his strength in his feet, the human appeared unaffected?

The audience was watching in a flabbergasted state. The seemingly invincible Moya from a moment ago was being suspended in mid-air by a human, spinning without any qualms?


Shi Xiaobai roared angrily and stopped spinning. As though he was throwing a shot put, Shi Xiaobai threw Moya’s entire person out!

After spinning so many rounds, the centrifugal force was immense. Furthermore, Shi Xiaobai currently had endless power in him. This throw was like the launch of a rocket. Moya’s entire being flew out into the distance like a rocket!


Moya flew several hundred meters in the sky before slamming into the other side of the stadium wall. Immediately a deafening crash resounded.

The sound of rubble falling to the ground was heard immediately after this. A hole in the wall had been produced. The falling rubble had instantly buried Moya! The power of this throw was obvious!

There was immediate silence.

Leonis’s pupils constricted slightly as he watched in disbelief of the scene in front of him.

Moya was defeated just like that?


As though it was in response to that spectator’s cry, the rubble suddenly blasted outwards as a figure charged out of it like a raging tiger!

Moya obviously would not be defeated so easily. There was not even the slightest of wounds on his dark-green skin!

The Transcendents indeed had extraordinary physical strength!

Moya’s eyes were burning with rage. The youth with black-and-white hair had caused him to end up in such a miserable state. He wanted the youth to die a horrible death!

Moya dashed forward at an alarming speed. In a few seconds, he traversed a distance of several hundred meters and appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai!

He had already gathered strength in his fist. Without stopping, he smashed his fist at Shi Xiaobai like a hammer!

“Go to hell, human!”

Moya let out a ferocious roar. His fist could shatter everything!

The audience jumped in fright at Moya’s crazy stance and terrifying punch, but even more astonishing was how the youth that stood in front of Pulp Farmer remained motionless, as though he was scared silly!

“Quickly dodge!”

Pulp Farmer hurriedly alerted Shi Xiaobai. At this moment, he had already struggled to climb up from the ground, but his body was so weak that he found it difficult to move. He knew deeply of the terror of Moya’s punch. His bones that were nearly completely fractured were the best proof of that.

Moya, in his second form, had fists harder than diamond. His strength was also exaggerated. With a human’s physique, it was impossible to withstand such a punch!

This was Moya’s understanding, the Transcendents’ understanding, as well as what Pulp Farmer currently knew!

However, this was not Shi Xiaobai’s understanding!

The physique of humans could not match a Transcendent at the second form?

Of course not!

Shi Xiaobai sneered as he punched his clenched right fist at Moya’s fist!

Again, it was a fist against fist. The outcome was revealed previously with Pulp Farmer, as Moya gave a ferocious grin. This arrogant human was courting death!

The Transcendents were also relieved. This human who did not participate in the tournament for some reason was indeed very powerful, but he was not smart. He wanted to engage in a fist against fist battle with Moya in his second form? You really have no idea of death!

Pulp Farmer sighed as well. He took a step forward with his teeth clenched while walking towards Shi Xiaobai’s back in great difficulty. Shi Xiaobai had suddenly appeared to save him. If Shi Xiaobai was sent flying from that punch, he would use his body to break his fall!

At this moment, no one believed that Shi Xiaobai could withstand that punch!

Shi Xiaobai did not believe that he would clash head on with that fist because—

“Scram for This King once again!”

Shi Xiaobai angrily laughed!


A large and small figure, with punches both possessing overbearing power met each other, as though two mountains were colliding!

All the Transcendents watched with bated breaths. They were waiting for the youth to be sent flying!

Moya was waiting as well, waiting for the reckless youth to scream out tragically!

Suddenly, Moya was shocked to discover that everything did not appear as he imagined.

His fist was extremely hard, but this time, it was as if it had touched a fist that was even harder than his!

Pain began to stab into his bone like needles. Instantly, it engulfed his entire body as Moya’s face immediately twisted. The bones in his hand had shattered!

However, this was only the beginning. His strength had been instantly overpowered. A more overbearing power surged at him, like a mountain that came crashing down on him!

“How can this be possible!?”

Moya stared with widened eyes. The pain in his fist made him unable to enter a deadlock with this human even for another second.


Moya was sent flying back as he once again smashed into the shattered wall.

Moya had been sent flying with a single punch!

The Transcendents stood up in unison and watched incredulously at the youth as though they had seen a ghost.

“The physique of humans is bad?”

Shi Xiaobai gradually retracted his fist as though he had done something trivial. A mocking smile suffused across his lips as he said coldly, “Spicy Chicken, use your third form!”

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  1. Those transcendents are just npcs that tower produces every 100 years. Where are those emotions of hatred for NPCs from? I am rather interested in the process of how tower produces those NPCs. Are they real living forms? If yes, how tower leads them to repeat the same pattern, can it be said that tower rules over their destiny? If they are not living beings, then it means that they are a mere programs with bodies with no internal emotions and tower simply putting on them a facade. Author overdid it slightly, that whole arc comes out of nowhere.

    1. Watch Ghost in the Shell (1995) before stating what a living being is and what it can or cannot feel.

      Overall though, I agree – this arc is becoming burdensome. I like this LN for focusing on MC, not for developing side characters, lately it’s not going in the good direction for me sadly.

    2. Not really, it was mentioned earlier that the Trial central computer had imprisoned the level lords, Essentially deciding how they will live, and how they will die. and if not satisfied it will even trap their souls after death.
      This tower has immense power, it would be an easy task to entrap the trancendents race and give them a power boost (as the system did with Leonis and moya after the first human braveheart defeated leonis) And an even simpler task to rewrite their memories, forcing them to repeat the same days over and over again.
      The Trial Central computer is essentially god.

      1. And then again, SXB and 3 dudes feel anger and hatred for transcendents. Why? They know that those NPCs repeat the same pattern, that was given to them. Will you feel hatred and anger towards computer? Author even gave those NPCs a backstory. Yeah, it’s fun to see the worldbuild in games, but does gamer feel real sorrow and anger, that will cause him to lose his mind over nothing? The thing i’m trying to say that backstory and feelings in this arc are unnecessary, i would rather read about gathering information on this level (author could have created an event without stated rules, giving trial takers only some clues, that will lead to other clues for completion) and ways to reach 8 level. Author also could have written about the general world story(it’s time for MC to understand the world he transfered to all of sudden), because we still know only about 3 OSOCs and tragedy of white dragon race. That’s all. I also remember mentioning about some alien race, but what influence it had on Earth is also unsertain.

        1. I’m not sure this trial is supposed to be considered as a game. I mean, there wasn’t much of a “game” flag, compared to the virtual world arc. It’s more survival trial in unknown country. In which case the transcendents aren’t really seen as “NPCs” but more as natives who are supposed to evaluate the trial takers. And taunting and insults from the people supposed to evaluate you certainly isn’t what you want to see.
          Also, I believe having seen an author note about aiming for 3000 chapters, in which case world building can be taken slowly.

        2. I mean, even in a game, it’s easy to gate characters. Whether cause what they say pisses you off or they kill your favourite characters, etc. Not to mention that these guys are still capable and willing to kill Shi Xiaobai and co. I mean, play a fire emblem game and you’ll feel plenty of hate for generic npcs without names for trivial reasons, much less the lives of your friends

        3. 4 things
          1. You’re making an argument that having fictional characters getting angry at fictional characters is unnecessary.
          2. You’re comparing fictional characters to real people with your analogies which is flawed in general. Not to mention you’re making generalized assumptions about how gamers feel when they play games, which is even more flawed.
          3. That whole gathering information thing is basically what the author did. “Gain recognition of the system” is the task. The tower didn’t tell the trial takers how. All they know is what people did in the past. SXB didn’t know, he had to ask people who did know for ‘clues’. Not to mention, SXB wants to do something completely different so he’ll have to gather information about it anyways.
          4. The author could’ve written about general world story? SXB should learn about why he transferred by now? It’s waaay too early for that. Do you even read anything on this site? It’s a common theme that with strength comes knowledge. Are you trying to say that we should know all the secrets of this universe while SXB is still in the first big stage of cultivation? That’s ridiculous. I mean, we might as well learn all about Absolute Choice while we’re here, right?

          If you think all this ‘backstory and feelings’ in the arc is unnecessary and stupid, why read? You might as well just write AC yourself since you know so much about what should be done here.

    3. The tower indeed has all power over their destiny. For a trial of this level, resetting them to a previous state shouldn’t really be a problem, even if they are sentient, and probably even if they die.
      As for this training arc being a bit too long, that’s certainly true. Still, we got some real plot in there so it’s not too bad. Furthermore, it appears we are pretty close to the end with only 3 levels remaining and no random rookies left. As for the remaining rookies, they will all be selected in the top 10 for the next arc so some character development is not really unreasonable. (Even if 10 developed characters is certainly a bit too much for me. I don’t know how the author expect to deal with that much characters.)

    4. Well one of the people got to the 8th level by killing the infernal lord. Considering the infernal lord “respawned” the transcendents are NPCs

    5. those npcs are most likely real living beings, despite being created by a computer program. they’re also based on a particular piece of ancient history if i read the information about it right.

      and even if they weren’t living beings, i’ve seen more than enough of youtube videos of people getting pissed off at a computer program or artificial “intelligence”, that i know for a fact that most people would respond to insults with rage regardless of whether it’s an npc or “real person”.

      and considering how these “npcs” can kill or maim the test takers, and even use their possibly artificial intelligence to insult or trick or whatever, i think it’s just fair that a “player” can be allowed by the author to have negative feelings towards them.

      even if you know it’s just a robot, if it insults you to no end while trying too kill you or your friends, wouldn’t you rage just a little?

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