AC Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Humans are just this and nothing more!

When Moya appeared, the cheers were deafening. It was nearly the highest form of treatment. It was apparent what status Moya enjoyed in the minds of the people. A cold beam flickered in Leonis’s eyes. Such exaltation was something that he as a ‘hybrid’ had never experienced, even though he was sitting on the throne and known as the king of the country.

Moya walked into the arena with an extremely serious expression. Clearly, he was fully aware of the present situation he was in. Defeat meant being utterly discredited with his status as Braveheart revoked. All his ambitions would be ripped out to feed the dogs.

But if he were to succeed in defeating the humans, he would be able to prove the might of the Transcendents to the citizens once again. He would be labeled a national hero, then his reputation would reach unprecedented heights!

Therefore, regardless of his opponent, even if it were an ant, he would not underestimate them. He would face them in all seriousness so as to ensure absolute victory!

In front of Moya’s cold gaze, Feng Yuanlin walked out from the other side of the stadium.

Moya said coldly, “Human, use your full strength or you will no doubt be defeated.”

Moya’s smack talk was immediately met with screams from the audience.

Feng Yuanlin definitely did not want to show a sign of weakness as he said with a sneer, “No offense, but you aren’t enough to let me use my full strength!”

Who didn’t know how to say something nasty?

However, just as Feng Yuanlin’s words faded, the audience immediately booed at him.

This time, even the Transcendent bashers were standing on Moya’s side. Bashers would disparage a person out of jealousy, but when faced with matters pertaining to their race’s superiority, they would also have a so-called collective sense of honor.

The difference of a home ground would sometimes affect the contestants at times. Feng Yuanlin’s expression turned slightly uglier.

At this moment, the referee gestured for the two to be ready as the duel was about to begin.

Moya sneered as his body suddenly swelled. He transformed from a short green-skinned dwarf into a three-meter-tall green-skinned gargantuan which was covered in muscles.

The first form of the Transcendents!

The Transcendents immediately cheered!

However, this was not even Moya’s final form. The three-meter-tall Moya suddenly shrunk in size, reducing to about two meters in height. Furthermore, his muscles were also gradually vanishing, turning into smooth skin. The green skin gradually turned dark, finally becoming a dark green color that shimmered with a thin metallic luster!

“This is…”

“The second form!”

The Transcendents exclaimed aloud!

There were only a handful of Transcendents throughout history that could attain the second form. At least, Moya was the only person among the eight Bravehearts that could attain the second form. The second form was not just a difference in level from the first form, but a quantum leap that differed by several times!

Moya was using the second form from the very beginning!

Clearly, Moya did not plan for there to be any accidents in this duel!

Feng Yuanlin’s face turned ashen.

At this moment, the referee announced the commencement of the battle!

Moya cracked his neck as he advanced towards Feng Yuanlin.

“Human, raise your shield!”

Moya’s voice was colder than ice and snow.

Feng Yuanlin took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Now was not the moment to fear the enemy!

Feng Yuanlin raised his right hand as a golden shield appeared out of nowhere in his right hand. Feng Yuanlin said angrily, “Bastard, try shattering it in one punch if you dare!”

Just as Feng Yuanlin’s words faded, Moya’s arm had already stretched out!

It was a dark green hand and it had only held out an index finger that resembled a metallic pole!

The index finger slowly approached the golden shield before suddenly accelerating, thrusting straight at the shield like a spear!


Moya’s index finger had stabbed the golden shield like a spear!

Feng Yuanlin sneered. Although he did not have the confidence in defeating Moya, he was very confident of his defensive strength. Trying to shatter his strongest shield with a finger prick?

“Dream on!”

Feng Yuanlin roared angrily as he raised the shield, in the hopes of launching a counter attack!


But at this moment, a shattering sound echoed.

Feng Yuanlin lowered his head in disbelief and saw a crack creeping across the golden shield and at that instant, it had shattered!

Moya had used only a finger to prick his strongest shield?

The Transcendents were astounded by this scene!

Mill had used fifty-six punches to crack a worn-out bronze shield, but Moya had used a finger to prick through a golden shield that looked extremely solid?

“Moya! Moya! Moya!”

Moya’s name resounded in the stadium!

However, Moya apparently did not plan on holding back. He wanted to ensure that nothing unexpected would happen in the duel. Therefore, his finger had already thrust straight at Feng Yuanlin!

Feng Yuanlin snapped out of wallowing in his defeat. Immediately, he raised both of his arms as a gigantic silver shield appeared out of nowhere and protected him!

However, the outcome that left no suspense was already determined. The silver shield was instantly poked through by that finger!

Feng Yuanlin retreated hastily as the shield shattered. Even though the chances of victory were slim, he could not throw in the towel and would instead put up a stubborn fight!

However, Moya was determined not to give Feng Yuanlin any chances. Like a beast, he charged straight at Feng Yuanlin and used the simplest and crudest way to clinch victory!

Moya’s speed was astonishingly fast, so Feng Yuanlin naturally could not open up a gap!

Seeing the gleaming dark-green finger thrusting towards him like a spear, Feng Yuanlin clenched his fists and raised both his arms. Three golden shields appeared in an overlapped fashion in front of him!

This was his ace in the hole!




After three cracking sounds resounded, without any break in between, Moya’s fingers penetrated through three golden shields in a relentless manner!

How terrifying was his power?

How hard was his finger?


Moya did not give Feng Yuanlin any chance. After penetrating three golden shields, his finger curled back into a fist as a terrifying wind that accompanied his fist sent Feng Yuanlin, who was struggling in retreat, to the ground!

“The battle is over, Moya wins!”

The referee was reeling in shock but he instinctively announced the outcome of the match!

This battle was a steamroll in every sense of the word!

From the beginning to the end, Feng Yuanlin did not even have an opportunity for respite. Furthermore, Moya had only used a finger to complete a ruthless steamroll!

The Transcendents knew that Moya was strong, but they never expected the battle would end without any suspense.

Then, what did this mean?

“Humans are just this and nothing more!”

Moya looked up and shouted to the audience, “Humans are just this and nothing more! We, the Transcendents, are the most powerful race in the world!”

At that moment, the Transcendents had hot tears streaming down their cheeks. It was unknown who was the instigator as a deafening slogan was repeated!

“Humans are just this and nothing more!”

“Humans are just this and nothing more!

“Humans… are just this and nothing more!”

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