AC Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Moya’s Rage

Why was Leonis so angry? Naturally, it was because the fruit of the Transcendence Holy Tree had been stolen by someone. However, Leonis could not find the thief and he did not even have a single clue.

The four guards that had failed in their duty had already been ripped to pieces by a raging Leonis. He had searched the entire city with no avail.

Now, he came to the tournament’s arena, hoping that he had a sliver of hope. Or maybe it was just a struggle of indignation.

However, Leonis did not have any psychic powers. He was unable to use his naked eyes to tell which bastard in the audience that numbered in the thousands had stolen the fruit. It was even possible that it had been swallowed into the person’s belly.

When he came to the stadium, an imperial guard had informed him of the situation at the tournament. The imperial guard trembled as he mentioned how Pulp Farmer and company had eliminated four of the Transcendent Bravehearts to Leonis.

The Transcendents noticed Leonis’ ugly expression and believed that it was a result of the poor performance of the Transcendent Bravehearts. But in fact, Leonis could not be any happier regarding this matter. After all, he was already aware that Moya and the other Bravehearts would mutiny at the tournament tomorrow. He was eager for the eight Bravehearts to lose all their reputation.

However, Leonis was somewhat curious over the mysterious race called ‘humans’ his imperial guard told him about.

How would the sudden appearance of such a powerful race effect change to the present world?

The imperial guard pointed in the direction of Shi Xiaobai and company. As Leonis looked over, his eyes looked like a ferocious tiger, mainly because of the anger that resulted from the theft of the fruit.

The Transcendents fell silent and did not dare to make a sound. They had long heard of Leonis’s violent temper and ruthless character when it came to slaughtering.

The four Transcendent Bravehearts that had been eliminated deeply bowed their heads and hid the fear and loathing in their eyes. A wretched bastard child should have never become their king, but Leonis’s might allowed him to crush all dissent. If Leonis wanted them dead, no one would dare to voice their opposition.

“Humans, welcome to Transcendence. It appears that all of you have temporarily achieved good results, so continue working hard.”

Leonis faced Shi Xiaobai and company and said with an overbearing voice that sounded like thunder. Although his words were polite, it was impossible to disguise the anger in his words.

However, Leonis was naturally hoping that these humans would be able to defeat the Transcendent Bravehearts, even better if they could defeat Moya.

However, Leonis knew that it was very unlikely. Moya’s strength had once shocked Leonis. If not for him eating the holy tree’s fruit, Moya would have been a king that could not be overthrown by the Transcendents for a hundred years. His strength far exceeded that of the other Transcendents.

However, there were no ifs in this world. His existence left Moya no choice but to swallow his ambition.

However, a proud existence like Moya finally could not tolerate being trampled by someone else.

Tomorrow, Moya is planning on going for broke and make a reckless move?

Leonis sneered as he announced to everyone with a deep voice, “The performance of the four Bravehearts today has disappointed everyone present, as well as This King. The four of the eight Transcendent Bravehearts will have their status as Bravehearts revoked. In addition, for the following quarter and semifinals, as well as the final match to determine the challenger, any Transcendent Braveheart that loses to another race, will have their status as Bravehearts revoked! The race of the Transcendents is the strongest race. This King knew this from a very young age. Then, why can the strongest race lose to another race? Is our mentality wrong? Or is it that the so-called Bravehearts are just too disappointing?”

The racial discrimination the Transcendents had were deeply rooted. As a hybrid of the Transcendents and the lion-headed species, Leonis had been humiliated from a young age. Everyone could tell the mockery in his words, but it was a fact that the Transcendent Bravehearts had lost to Bravehearts from another race. Therefore, no one could retort in any way.

Then, between the two reasons for the failure being ‘the race of the Transcendents is not the strongest race’ or ‘the eight Bravehearts are too disappointing’, no Transcendent would be foolish enough to choose the former. As such, the outcome was fixed. The four Bravehearts, like Mill and Siba, who were defeated by humans were no longer Bravehearts from that moment!

Moya’s eyes flickered a cold beam, but he eventually managed to maintain his silence.

The four Bravehearts including Mill and Siba clenched their fists, but they did not dare to utter a word of disagreement.

Leonis was very pleased with such a situation. This made him feel slightly better as he said, “Then, let the tournament proceed. I hope the remaining Transcendent Bravehearts will not disappoint us any further!”

Pulp Farmer and company, Moya and two Transcendent Bravehearts, as well as a lion-headed man and a leopard-headed man, were the eight finalists.

Pulp Farmer and company had pretty good luck, with none of them facing Moya in the quarterfinals. Moya was matched with the lion-headed man.

Feng Yuanlin was lucky to draw a lot to battle the leopard-headed man, while Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu each drew the lots of the remaining two Transcendent Bravehearts.

The focus of the eight finalists was still on the humans against the Transcendent Bravehearts.

But this time, it was different. The atmosphere was evidently much heavier. The remaining two Transcendent Bravehearts appeared as though they were going to risk their lives in battle.

Leonis’s arrival and speech made the battle no longer simple. Failure meant the revoking of their status as Bravehearts. The remaining two Transcendent Bravehearts did not dare to slack at all.

However, the battles were destined to end in tragedy for the two Transcendent Bravehearts because their opponents were none other than Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu. And as the tournament’s rule was not an all-out fight, defeat would happen if they fell to the ground or fell out of the arena.

Hence, although the two Transcendent Bravehearts went all out, Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu’s superb fighting techniques that were impossible for the Transcendent Bravehearts to understand caught them in a situation where they were unable to use the full brunt of their force.

The two Transcendent Bravehearts were defeated in a such a humbling manner that the audience sympathized with them.

However, the ruthless King Leonis did not have a shred of compassion. He immediately announced that both the Transcendent Bravehearts would be dismissed from their positions as Bravehearts!

After that, Feng Yuanlin easily defeated the leopard-headed man, while Moya trashed the lion-headed man.

It was worth mentioning that when Moya faced the lion-headed man, he said a sentence before the battle began, “The race of the Transcendents is the greatest race. The lowly lion-headed species is forever destined to be the lowliest existence.”

This sentence seemed like a provocation on the lion-headed man, but what he was pertaining to was obvious to the audience. At that moment, everyone could sense the repressed anger and discontent from Moya.

Six of the eight Bravehearts were dismissed. Although this was a result of them being defeated by humans, it was closely related to Leonis’s overbearing attitude.

This sentence was Moya’s expression of his dissatisfaction and insubordination towards Leonis!

The lion-headed man was exceptionally angry, but his outcome was terrible. Moya gave him a ruthless punch, striking him unconscious as he spewed blood.

Leonis’s eyes were cold, but he did not rage on the spot.

Moya smiled coldly and said, “Transcendents are the strongest race. Humans aren’t much, and I will prove this point.”

When the audience heard this, they came to a realization that the final four had been selected. This year’s four finalists were Moya and the three humans?

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