AC Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Leonis on the brink of raging

The physical strength of Transcendents was indeed terrifying, but having strength did not mean that they were powerful. A simple and nimble dodge by Pulp Farmer, a grab, and a trip, allowed him to cause the large and heavy Siba to fall to the ground.

According to the rules, in order to ensure that the contestants had sufficient stamina, contestants in any battle before the final round would be considered to have been defeated if their four limbs touched the ground, or if they fell out of the arena.

Therefore, by tripping Siba, Pulp Farmer had already won the match.

However, by holding on to Siba’s right arm and preventing it from touching the ground, Pulp Farmer’s intentions were obvious!

What an arrogant human!

While the Transcendents were reeling in shock, their emotions turned complicated. From time immemorial, it had been the Bravehearts of the Transcendents who held back, but this time, they were being humiliated by another alien race!

Pulp Farmer remained composed as he said unfeelingly, “Aren’t you getting up?”

Siba was somewhat stupefied, but when he heard this sentence, he was immediately incensed. He roared loudly and got up from the ground.

Siba said in fury, “Human, what trick did you use!?”

From Siba’s point of view, whatever that happened in that instant was too strange. All his strength had been easily neutralized, and with a slight use of force from the human, he found himself unable to find his footing.

This was clearly not some physical strength that had caused him to fall, but some weird trick!

Pulp Farmer sneered without a word.

The Transcendents’ physiques were indeed superior to humans, and he was indeed not their match in a simple fight. However, a melee battle was never limited to the clash of punches head on. Fighting skill played an extremely important role as well!

Pulp Farmer remembered that he had said to Shi Xiaobai not long ago, “Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture.”

Shi Xiaobai’s answer was very simple. In a sentence, he said, “Since they think their physique is extraordinary, why don’t you beat them in a melee fight? Use your weakest trait to defeat their strongest!”

Use your weakest trait to defeat their strongest!

This was the best form of posturing!

No, this was no longer posturing, but actual awesomeness!

And Pulp Farmer happened to possess this capability. Most rookies believed that Pulp Farmer was impressive with spears, but they suffered a memory lapse by not remembering a piece of information provided by the official forecast—Pulp Farmer had been a defending champion of the National Secondary School Martial Tournament for three consecutive years!

Therefore, not only was Pulp Farmer proficient with spears, he was actually proficient in a multitude of weapons. His martial arts were amazing!

Pulp Farmer gestured with his right hand again and said with his eyebrows raised, “Shall we continue?”

This provocative stance was taught to him by Shi Xiaobai. However, Pulp Farmer was indeed bad at posturing, so he was rather stiff when doing such an action.

The stiffness of his posturing nearly drove Siba mad!

Siba roared angrily as he charged once again.

The story that happened after this became Siba’s nightmare for life, and it also subverted all that the Transcendents knew.

They saw Pulp Farmer easily defuse Siba’s attack, and with a cool pose, slammed Siba to the ground. He even did an over shoulder throw, and every time Siba fell to the ground, he would hold up Siba’s wrist or ankle, preventing all of his limbs from touching the ground.

This was a merciless form of teasing and blatant humiliation. However, the audience could no longer remain angry because all of this already indicated the overwhelming disparity in strength.

At least if one considered the rules, Siba had lost countless times!

Finally, Siba could no longer tolerate the repeated humiliation and ran out of the arena, pretending to have been defeated out of carelessness, ending the heart-wrenching situation that he was powerless at overturning.

Pulp Farmer had used his excellent fighting skills to completely trash Siba, who was ranked fifth among the Transcendent Bravehearts!

This was the might of humans!

The Transcendents had no choice but to admit that in terms of fighting techniques, humans were not to be underestimated.

From their point of view, humans had already proven themselves. They were a race to be taken seriously.

After the battle ended, Pulp Farmer returned to the audience stands, but he did not look very happy.

Feng Yuanlin exclaimed in surprise, “Eh? Why don’t you feel happy at all?”

Pulp Farmer sighed and said, “It wasn’t perfect enough.”

Liu Yu rolled his eyes and said, “Pulp Farmer, you have been corrupted by Shi Xiaobai so quickly. Isn’t that perfect enough? Is there a need to posture any further?”

Pulp Farmer shook his head and said with a heavy tone, “It’s not posturing. Didn’t you notice that there was no way for me to clash head on with the Transcendent Bravehearts? In terms of physical strength, they are on a completely different level than me. If I got hit by his punch, I would have definitely been the one being defeated. Although I managed to trash him with my fighting technique, it’s completely different from what Shi Xiaobai said. I was clearly using my strongest trait to defeat my opponent’s weakest trait.”

With Pulp Farmer saying this, Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu were stunned. That was indeed the case, as they could not help but cast their gazes at Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai smiled and said, “It’s already sufficient. There’s no need to posture, just proving that humans are very awesome is good enough.”

In fact, Shi Xiaobai was somewhat disappointed as well. According to the objective, to complete a perfect posturing by ‘using your weakest trait to defeat their strongest’, it needed Pulp Farmer to clash with Siba using his fist, beating him down with a single strike.

But he had been too optimistic. Although Pulp Farmer was a martial arts genius, the physique humans had was indeed too disparate from the Transcendents’. It was already pretty good accomplishing such a feat.

Shi Xiaobai did not reveal his disappointment but gave a word of encouragement, “Continue working hard. If you are able to really defeat Moya, that would be true awesomeness.”

Shi Xiaobai was cognizant of his body increasing rapidly in strength as it constantly absorbed the energies of the holy tree’s fruit. He could not help but feel a sense of anticipation.

After he completely absorbed the holy tree’s fruit, how strong would his physique be?

Was it strong enough to physically repress the Transcendent Bravehearts?

The tournament continued on. The only person to challenge the defending champion, Leonis, had to be determined out of the sixty-four Bravehearts by the afternoon. As such, the tournament battles happened in close succession.

Thankfully, the method to determine victory was simple and crude. Therefore, every match did not take long to end.

Pulp Farmer and company had become the focus of attention. They demonstrated their redoubtable strength against other races in a way no different from fighting the Transcendent Bravehearts. Even when they encountered the other Transcendent Bravehearts other than Moya, they were still able to easily defeat them.

The audience was completely disappointed in the eight Bravehearts, but they were filled with confidence when it came to Moya. They looked forward to seeing the outcome when any of the three humans encountered Moya.

However, Pulp Farmer and company had pretty good luck. They did not encounter Moya up to the final eight.

And during this period of time, Pulp Farmer eliminated two of the eight Bravehearts, Feng Yuanlin eliminated one, while Liu Yu eliminated one during the 16th-finals. One of the other Bravehearts was ruthlessly eliminated by Moya.

Hence, when the tournament reached the final eight, there were only three Bravehearts out of eight, including Moya.

This was something unthinkable in previous years.

The Transcendents who witnessed this with their own eyes began doubting if their Bravehearts had the ability to fight the armies of the Infernal King.

And just as the intense quarterfinal battles were about to begin,

Leonis, who should have appeared only tomorrow, suddenly appeared in the arena.

At that moment, the audience shut their mouths.

This was because everyone could clearly sense a formidable fury from him!

It was a rage that made him seem like he wanted to annihilate everything in front of him!

After Leonis came to the arena, his eyes swept across every member of the audience in the audience stands. He twitched his nose, as though he was trying to catch the scent of something. Suddenly, his eyes fixated on a spot around Shi Xiaobai, Pulp Farmer, and company.

The eyes that looked like they were about to devour a person made him seem like a raging wild beast!

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