AC Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Unarmed Combat

Posturing required skill, but there was also a need for strength.

If not for Feng Yuanlin’s shield being sufficiently hard, allowing him to withstand fifty-six of Mill’s punches, everything would only be theory craft.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai was very pleased with Feng Yuanlin’s performance and he was actually somewhat surprised.

This youth that looked rather unreliable was rather shocking when he turned serious, especially as a result of the stark contrast he had from his stone-like appearance.

From the looks of it, the top ten rookies in the official forecast were worth their salt. Of course, it definitely had something to do with the seven other Transcendent Bravehearts like Mill not living up to their reputations.

After the battle, Mill’s reputation was ruined. In Transcendence, where the strong were considered supreme, it was an indelible stain on him for losing to another race.

And regarding the true strength of the humans as a race, the audience went from contempt to having divided opinions.

A number of Transcendents began believing in the possibility that humans were strong, while the majority of Transcendents supported another viewpoint—humans were very weak, but very wealthy, allowing them to possess very powerful treasures.

Feng Yuanlin had used his superpower, which should have been considered his own strength, but the Transcendent citizens did not understand such a thing. They only knew that the worn-out bronze shield had an extremely formidable defense. Furthermore, this human had a golden shield as well. From the looks of it, he might be hiding a platinum shield or a diamond shield. The number of treasures humans had was frightening, but the strength of humans remained a mystery.

At this moment of time, no Transcendent believed that the human named Feng Yuanlin had won lying down in the first round from before. By association, the voices that believed Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu had fixed their matches gradually vanished as well.

There were even members of the audience who began looking forward to the second time the humans could clash with the other Bravehearts—Pulp Farmer versus Siba, who was ranked fifth among the Transcendent Bravehearts!

Regardless of race, it was only natural to be exclusive or to show curious ambivalence to something foreign. Towards a completely mysterious race, their instinct to be exclusive caused them to belittle humans. However, once there was something the foreign entity was worth exploring for, their buried curiosity would sprout with no way of curbing it.

As they looked forward to the battle between a human and Siba, the audience lacked interest in the matches that followed. Like a food chain, Moya was standing at the top of the chain, while the eight Bravehearts were on the second level. The other Bravehearts from the other races were trampled beneath them, without being able to put up any resistance. Moya and the other eight Bravehearts would usually end the battle the moment they appeared.

Only at the twenty-third round of the 64-to-32 playoffs did Pulp Farmer and Siba’s battle begin. This unbreakable food chain was finally challenged, its stability at threat. What was the true strength of humans, and where would they be placed in the food chain? Or would they win the battle with some astounding treasure?

But contrary to all expectations, the audience was immediately left extremely surprised when Pulp Farmer appeared. This was because Pulp Farmer had taken off all his armor, appearing only in casual clothing. He did not even hold a single weapon in his hand!

Unarmed combat?

“Is this human crazy?”

The Transcendent citizens were feeling somewhat stupefied and also somewhat incensed. As Transcendents, their biggest advantage came from their natural physique, allowing them to surpass the physiques of other races. And the reason why humans were discriminated against was a result of their greatly inferior physiques.

This human that was proficient at using spears wanted to use his disadvantage to fight the Transcendent Bravehearts in their greatest advantage?

Siba felt insulted as he cursed, “Fool, do you think I’m the same as that trash, Mill? Watch your arrogance and pick up your spear or I will rip your limbs apart, making you regret your stupidity for life!”

Pulp Farmer remained silent with a calm expression. He was composed and turned his body sideways in an unrestrained manner. He reached out his right arm and used his palms to make a curling inward gesture.

The way he looked seemed to indicate that this was nothing, give it your best shot!

Siba turned furious as his body instantly swelled up. He transformed from a short green-skinned dwarf to a three-meter tall gargantuan that was covered in muscles. The first form of the Transcendents was a gift the heavens gave them. It was also the main reason why they enjoyed a sense of superiority over other races!

Siba’s firm muscles were harder than steel, and his power was frightening. In terms of physique, a hundred Pulp Farmers would not have been enough to beat Siba!

However, Pulp Farmer did not reveal any fear. He did not have any plans on using his weapon, as though a melee battle with Siba was not a problem at all. A mocking smile even suffused across his lips.

With this, not only was Siba feeling humiliated, even the Transcendent citizens could not tolerate it any further.

“Fuck, Siba, flatten the arrogant human!”

“This fool is courting death for him to dare to engage in a melee tussle with us, the Transcendents!”

“Siba, if you lose to this fool in a melee tussle, you might as well commit suicide on the spot!”


Tempers flared from the audience stands once again. Clearly, Pulp Farmer’s acts had infuriated the Transcendent citizens. In their hearts, the Transcendents were the strongest race, with only the Infernals being able to compete with them. And when it came to melee fights, the Transcendents were invincible!

The human was challenging the honor of their race!

Seeing the situation losing control, the referee gestured for the audience to quieten down with no avail. The referee announced the beginning of the duel amid the din!

“Human, prepare to die!”

Siba was extremely eager to strike. The moment the referee gave the signal, Siba charged at Pulp Farmer like a bull!

The audience was still yelling angrily as they looked forward to Siba ripping the arrogant human to pieces!

Despite the din, one could hear the sound of Siba charging forward. As he trampled across the ground, it was as though a hammer was slamming into a wargong, causing the ground to quake!

Pulp Farmer did not move, but instead, he bent his knees slightly as he clenched his right fist, retracting it towards his chest!

That was a stance of him readying a punch!

Siba laughed from his extreme anger. This human actually wanted to fight him using fists?

“Courting death!” Siba roared angrily and rushed in front of Pulp Farmer. His fist that was thirsting to strike out suddenly slammed forward!

The winds from the punch howled as air crackled, as though the terrifying power was ripping through the void!

At the same time, Pulp Farmer’s fist came thrusting forward like a bayonet.

But in that split second, the hand that he was clenched tightly suddenly opened, like a blooming flower bud. His body moved slightly to the side at that moment, while his right foot took a step forward!

An eye-popping scene suddenly happened.

With Pulp Farmer dodging slightly, he easily came beside Siba. He reached out his right hand and grabbed Siba’s right elbow, and hooking his right foot around Siba’s legs, he used a tiny bit of force!


Siba instantly lost his balance and crashed to the ground!

At that moment, it was as though the audience had their throats pinched. The invectives they were hurling came to an abrupt halt.

This was because although Siba had fallen to the ground, the battle was not yet over.

Pulp Farmer was using one hand to hold onto Siba’s right arm, preventing it from touching the ground!

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