AC Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Shi-style Posturing Technique

Mill’s first transformation made him three-meters-tall. His arms were as thick as a tree trunk, and his solid fists looked like a savage hammer. His angry punch would cause winds to howl, nearly to the point of creating a sonic boom.

Feng Yuanlin continued holding up his shield without dodging, as though he was a fool.


When this punch struck straight into the shield, there was no loss in power. An explosive collision sounded like a gigantic cruiser had hit the rocks. Sound waves blasted like explosives.

The force of this punch was apparent from its sound. The audience pricked up their ears and held their breaths as they stared at the rusty and worn-out shield with widened eyes!

At the instant the hammer-like fist made an impact, it looked like it had been fixed in place.

And the worn-out bronze shield looked as though it had been frozen, remaining in impeccable condition!

Feng Yuanlin’s legs only shook gently!

The power of that punch only resulted in this?

The audience let out exclamations of disbelief!

In terms of sound and momentum, this punch did not appear lacking in any way. Mill’s slightly red face was extremely real as well. It was impossible for this fist to look impressive but lack real worth!

But how did that worn-out bronze shield perfectly withstand the blow?

How could this shield be so strong?


The person who found it most unbelievable was Mill. He refused to believe that 70% of his strength had failed to shatter the worn-out shield. There must have been a trick in this matter!

“Tricks are only a joke in front of absolute power!”

Mill roared ferociously as he immediately punched out again. This time, he used all his strength. The sound and momentum of the punch were boosted once again!

He did not believe that his punch would fail to shatter the worn-out shield!

The Transcendent citizens refused to accept the situation as well, but they had no reason to doubt. They stared at the arena with widened eyes, unwilling to miss the heart-wrenching scene!

Feng Yuanlin, who still had his shield raised up, remained extremely confident. Against Mill’s third punch that came seamlessly, he remained motionless like a mountain. The way he held up his shield was like a firm rock!


The third punch struck the shield!

What was the outcome?

“It still did not break!?” the audience exclaimed.

The worn-out shield managed to withstand three consecutive punches from Mill, who was ranked seventh among the eight Transcendent Bravehearts?

“That human’s feet moved slightly.”

A meticulous Transcendent citizen brought attention to this point that was easy to miss.

However, immediately there were indignant citizens who began sparking a war of words, “So what? Three punches only to make someone move his feet slightly? How can that trash, Mill, be one of the eight Bravehearts? Fuck, it can’t be that the title of the eight Bravehearts is hogwash?”

In any team, race or country, anything could lack except bashers and anti-fans. Bashers who had been lurking but never had a chance to vent their displeasure finally encountered the ushering in of a great opportunity, so how could they miss this opportunity to criticize without needing to pay any responsibility?

“Failing to shatter a crappy shield is putting us Transcendents to shame!”

“I already said that other than Moya, the other seven Bravehearts are hogwash. Mill has let the cat out of the bag!”

“Sigh, if the eight Bravehearts are only this strong, how are we to fight against the Infernal King?”


The bashers had seized the perfect moment. Most citizens would not choose to remain silent at this moment. Although true fans of Mill refuted, they were clearly being overwhelmed.

The truth was for all to see!

Mill’s three consecutive punches had failed to shatter the worn-out bronze shield. The excuse that the opponent was too strong or that the shield was extremely strong was something the Transcendent citizens refused to accept. Then, the only explanation was—Mill was crap!

Mill naturally heard the boos ringing as his expression immediately turned as ugly as if he had eaten shit!

“I have to shatter it!”

Mill realized this point. If he failed to shatter the shield, this matter would leave on a lifetime stain on him.

“Well done human. I admit that I have belittled you. You have forced me to turn serious! Just now, I only used 20% of my strength. Now, watch me use 30%!”

Mill pretended that he had yet to use his full strength and continued posturing forcefully. Now, as long as he shattered the shield, he could still save his reputation!

Thankfully, this human continued to not take any action, as though he was waiting for him to continue hitting the shield. This gave Mill a final chance!

“It’s time to crack!” Mill roared angrily as he smashed his fist at the shield!


In this punch Mill used his full strength and more!

But it was useless. The shield remained indestructible!

Then what else could Mill do?

Another punch!

After striking with a right punch, Mill immediately followed up with a left punch!


Two punches that were made using his full strength and a little bit more were still unable to shatter the shield. However, the worn-out bronze shield finally revealed a new crack!

There was hope!

“I can shatter it!”

Mill saw hope!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Mill began striking the shield wildly!

One punch, two punches, three punches…

Feng Yuanlin was also extremely accommodating as he continued raising the shield, withstanding the storm-like barrage of punches from Mill.

The audience gradually fell silent, with some of them frightened by the scene.

A frenzied Mill emitted a menacing power, and his storm of fists was astounding!

That worn-out bronze shield finally began to reveal cracks!

Some of the meddling members of the audience had already begun counting the number of Mill’s punches loudly.

In the silent arena, other than Mill’s angry roars and deafening sounds of the impacts, there were only voices of people counting with others joining into the foray.


When the number of punches reached fifty-six, a loud crack resounded!

The worn-out bronze shield finally shattered, only after Mill frantically bashed at it for fifty-six times!

“It has shattered, it has shattered. Hahaha!”

Mills laughed in madness as he looked overjoyed. He did not forget to posture by saying, “Not bad, human. You forced This Braveheart to use 60% of his strength. You are worthy of praise!”

This time, the silent arena did not break out into cheers. The Transcendents were all silent. They were no fools after all. There was no way they would believe that Mill’s frantic look was one of him using only 60% of his strength. Mills had probably expended the power for childbirth as well.

At this moment, Feng Yuanlin, who had been like a silent rock, gently patted his palms as he said, “Impressive, the Transcendent Bravehearts indeed live up to their reputation. You are worth making me a bit more serious.”

After Feng Yuanlin said this, he raised his right hand, producing a golden shield that appeared out of nowhere!

It was a perfect and glimmering golden shield that looked extremely hard!

If the worn-out bronze shield was like an old man on his deathbed, the golden shield would be described as a high-spirited youth. The rigidity and the strength were extremely contrasting from the appearance!

There was an uproar.

Mill’s face turned ashen!

The worn-out bronze shield that Mill shattered using fifty-six punches was just a small trick of his opponent’s. If by being slightly serious, the golden shield that was conjured was clearly upgraded several levels. How was Mill to shatter it?

“Humans are that powerful?”

Such words came out of the mouths of the Transcendents.

In the audience stands, Shi Xiaobai raised a big thumbs up at Feng Yuanlin with a smile!

Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu were sitting beside him, looking overjoyed, but they were mostly feeling speechless.

Liu Yu said with a sigh, “This kind of posturing repertoire is truly matchless.”

Pulp Farmer’s mouth twitched as he said, “Shi Xiaobai, I’m impressed by you this time.”

Feng Yuanlin’s actions were naturally taught by Shi Xiaobai. That worn-out bronze shield looked worn-out, but it was, in fact, Feng Yuanlin’s strongest technique. If not, how could it have withstood fifty-six punches from Mill?

However, with Shi Xiaobai’s teachings, Feng Yuanlin had put on some cosmetics on the shield!

Did you use all your strength to shatter a shield?

Sorry, that’s just a worn-out bronze shield!

The perfect golden shield is waiting for you!

In less than a minute, Mill, who no longer had any fighting spirit left, was struck down by Feng Yuanlin’s sudden shield bash, ending the match.

From the beginning to the end, Feng Yuanlin did not say many words to posture, but the act of switching the two shields had allowed his posturing to be presented in an extreme manner.

The Transcendents shut their mouths.

However, there were still some who remained stubborn, claiming that humans were not strong but rich, with them possessing powerful treasures.

Regarding this, Shi Xiaobai only sneered.

This was because in a short while, Pulp Farmer, who had learned the Shi-style Posturing Technique, was about to go next!

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