AC Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture!

After the battle royale ended in the morning, there was only an intervening hour. The 64-strong playoffs ensued in the afternoon.

The enthusiasm among the audience in the afternoon was soaring even higher. One-on-one duels were even more exciting.

During the break, Shi Xiaobai, Pulp Farmer and company convened. Indeed, the trio was furious. Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu had overdone their posturing, making the audience think that they had fixed the match. Feng Yuanlin won without doing a thing and was mocked by the audience as winning while lying down.

The trio found the situation fucked up.

However, after drawing lots during the break to determine the battles, the three immediately felt better. They had pretty good luck.

In the first playoff that reduced 64 people to 32, Pulp Farmer had drawn a lot to fight Siba, who was ranked fifth among the Transcendent Bravehearts. Feng Yuanlin had drawn a lot to fight Mill, who was ranked seventh among the Transcendent Bravehearts.

The other contestants were dreading to meet the eight Bravehearts, but the three of them had encountered two. This was considered bad luck from a probability point of view, but to them, it was an extremely good thing.

Liu Yu said, “According to This Penniless Priest’s information, only Moya has a special transformation unlike the rest. The other seven Bravehearts are only slightly stronger. With how strong the both of you are, it wouldn’t be a problem winning!”

Pulp Farmer said with a sunken tone, “Winning is not a problem. The problem is that it needs to be beautifully won, won in a manner…”

Before Pulp Farmer finished his sentence, Feng Yuanlin finished his words, “Won in a manner with sufficient posturing! The idiotic audience really maddens me. Other than Moya having a bit of strength, the other seven Bravehearts are just fucking posturing. They didn’t even do a good job, but the audience had orgasmic reactions as though they had eaten aphrodisiacs.”

Pulp Farmer said with a sigh, “Actually, there is no need for us to care about them or what they think. However, there is really no way of swallowing this anger. In the afternoon, I’ll beat that Siba, making all of them shut their mouths.”

Liu Yu said, “Is shutting their mouths enough? This time, I agree with what Feng Yuanlin just said. Not only must we win, we must win with sufficient posturing. The more posturing we do, the more we smack those suckers in the face.”

Feng Yuanlin nodded when he heard this.

Pulp Farmer said with a wry smile, “Sorry, I’m not good at posturing.”

Feng Yuanlin said with a chuckle, “Liu Yu and I aren’t good at posturing either. Power is needed for posturing after all. However, there is a person whose posturing realm is godlike. We can learn from him.”

Pulp Farmer was surprised as he asked in wonderment, “Who?”

Feng Yuanlin and Liu Yu simultaneously pointed to a youth who had been silent in the corner all this while.

“Who else?” Feng Yuanlin said with glee, “Boss Shi Xiaobai’s shattering of the diamond monster on the sixth level with that one punch is the best posturing act I’ve ever seen!”

Liu Yu said with a nod, “In terms of posturing, Shi Xiaobai is the only person that can awe This Penniless Priest. Both of you should ask for his advice.”

Shi Xiaobai slowly shook his head and said in all seriousness, “This King isn’t good at posturing either. That punch was purely lucky, and there happened to be a mountain behind it. If it was a diamond mountain, it would probably need two punches.”

Pulp Farmer was not at the sixth level back then, but upon hearing what they said, he could immediately imagine the scene. In addition to what Shi Xiaobai had said, Pulp Farmer’s expression was extremely fascinating.

Pulp Farmer said with great emotions, “Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture!”

At one in the afternoon, the tournament continued.

The first match was looked forward to by the audience. It was that human that won lying down, Feng Yuanlin, against one of the eight Transcendent Bravehearts, Mill!

Now, the Transcendents had a great aversion to the race known as humans. They felt that such a race was weak and despicable, but they had wicked luck. They did not consider them worthy of becoming glorious Bravehearts or deserving to participate in the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament!

And in this first match, Mill ranked seventh among their glorious eight Bravehearts would give penance to a human. It was something they eagerly looked forward to!

“Mill, all the best. Kill that human!”

“Lord Mill, don’t show mercy!”

“Let that foolish human know that the inborn gap between races is something unbridgeable!”


As the audience biased themselves in their cheers, the two participants appeared from both sides of the arena.

Mill raised both his hands to greet the audience. He clearly enjoyed the feeling of being in the limelight.

Mill stretched his finger out and said loudly, “One punch. I only need one punch and I’ll send this human scrambling out of Transcendence!”

Mill had begun vaunting himself before the fight even began. Bragging was all a part of posturing, so he did not mind posturing first!

The audience enjoyed this and immediately gave their kudos.

Feng Yuanlin sneered in his heart as he maintained his silence.

Such inferior posturing was extremely ridiculous. It was nothing compared to true posturing.

At the referee’s signal, the arena slowly turned silent.

The duel was about to begin.

Mill habitually talked smack. “Human, there’s still time to run!”

Feng Yuanlin did not respond as a shield suddenly appeared out of nowhere in his hand.

It was a shield made of bronze and it looked extremely ordinary. There were even patches of rust on it, giving it a worn-out look.

The way the shield appeared was rather fascinating, but its shape was greatly lacking.

Mill said mockingly, “A trickster? Can’t you buy a nicer-looking shield? Aren’t you humans very rich? I can shatter this crappy shield with a finger!”

However, Feng Yuanlin remained unresponsive. His eyes revealed a silence and seriousness, as though he was a young contestant facing the duel seriously.

Mill felt that he had postured enough verbally, so he did not speak any further. His body suddenly bulged as he turned from a short green-skinned dwarf into a three-meter tall gargantuan!


Seeing how both sides were ready, the referee signaled by waving his hand down!

The battle officially began as the audience immediately held their breaths as they calmly waited for Mill’s performance!

The Transcendent Bravehearts had never let them down, and it would be no different this time!

Mill laughed maniacally as he strode towards Feng Yuanlin!

“Watch me shatter it with a finger prick!”

There was practically not a moment when Mill wasn’t posturing!

Feng Yuanlin did not face him head on, nor did he dodge. Instead, he raised his shield and stood in place, like he was a member of a supporting cast!

Mill’s three-meter-tall body was rippling with firm muscles. His thick arms contained terrifying power, as his finger was nearly the size of a human’s fist!

Mill approached and with a loud roar, he stretched out his finger and poked at the shield!

The audience stared with widened eyes, looking forward to the shocking performance of that simple poke.


When the thick finger slammed into the worn-out and rusty bronze shield, it let out a dull thud!

The audience focused their eyes and were immediately left appalled. Despite being struck by the power of the finger, the shield did not even crack, much less shatter!

The human was still standing still and remained motionless!

What was going on?


Mill stared with widened eyes. How could this shield be so hard?

“Eat my fist!”

Mill reacted very quickly. Although he had failed to posture as the shield was not shattered with a prick from his finger, it did not really matter. He had only been careless!

He used 70% of his strength in his punch. He made sure to shatter the shield and not let the human stand up any further!

Mill gave a thundering roar as he punched out!

Feng Yuanlin held up his shield and remained motionless, as though he was a fool.


The large and hard fist smashed heavily into the worn-out shield!

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