AC Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: The importance of a posturing technique

Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu had won too fast, resulting in the ignorant audience to mistake it for match fixing. Immediately, there was public outrage, but at this moment, the third human Braveheart had come on stage. He was also in the same group as the second strongest Transcendent, Moya!

The audience went into a frenzy!

“Lord Moya, wipe out those despicable humans that engaged in match fixing!”

“Despicable humans, get the fuck out of the tournament!”


The denouncement and cursing went back and forth, and of course, there were some voices of reason in them, but they were quickly drowned out.

At this moment, Moya had walked to the middle of the arena. Other than Feng Yuanlin, the other seven contestants knew their worth and walked to the edges of the arena in a bid to get as far away from Moya as possible.

Feng Yuanlin stood closest to Moya at a corner of the arena. His usual cheeky grin was replaced with something more serious.

Just like Shi Xiaobai, even if they were maligned, they would not waste their breaths in an argument. They would use facts to speak for themselves and smack faces. This was because they possessed the power to do so.

Even though his opponent was the second strongest warrior, Moya, who had only been defeated by five trial-takers throughout history, Feng Yuanlin would not cower. After all, the reputation of his partners, as well as the dignity of humanity, was at stake.

What he wanted to defend and prove was a hundred times more important than being defeated!

Therefore, he had to face it straight on!

“Go to one side and let me fight Moya alone!”

Feng Yuanlin bellowed angrily at the other participants. He was extremely high-handed and arrogant!

Moya’s eyes were filled with an ill-humored look.

The other Bravehearts showed disdain for him as they scoffed, “Who the hell do you think you are? Wouldn’t it be humiliating if we followed whatever you said?”

Feng Yuanlin’s eyes turned cold. He did not mind demolishing the bunch of idiots!

Shi Xiaobai’s impression of Feng Yuanlin increased by several times upon seeing his domineering attitude. He was extremely eager to see Feng Yuanlin fight a wonderful match so as to vent the anger that had welled up.

At the same time, he was somewhat curious how strong this green-skinned dwarf, Moya, was.

At this moment, the referee announced the commencement of the battle!

At that instant, the one-meter-tall Moya suddenly swelled up, as though he was a shriveled balloon that was suddenly injected with a large amount of gas.

In an instant, the green-skinned dwarf turned into a three-meter-tall green-skinned gargantuan!

His muscles bulged, making him look as hard as a rock. His massive limbs contained terrifying power!

What was going on?

The audience immediately answered Shi Xiaobai.

“Wow, Lord Moya has activated his first form!”

“It looks like Lord Moya does not plan on going easy!”

“Heh heh, it’s just the first form. It’s said that Lord Moya is a monster that can reach the third form. Other than King Leonis, no one can match him!”


Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised.

So this was the reason why the Transcendents were so powerful?

They even had transformations. Moya, who had activated the first form, was now like an elephant compared to its previous state. Moya went from a harmless looking dwarf to a three-meter-tall gargantuan that obviously appeared to be filled with explosive power!

The free-for-all had already begun, but no one moved. Feng Yuanlin was given quite a fright by Moya’s perverse change.

At this moment, Moya suddenly lifted his right foot and stamped on the ground!


An explosion sounded as the foot that trampled towards the ground possessed terrifying power. Instantly, the ground cracked as a shockwave emanated!

Feng Yuanlin snapped out of his daze as he quickly concentrated. He bent his legs and stood firmly as though he was rooted to the ground.

As the ground quaked, he could sense the vibrating energies surge through his body from his foot.

Feng Yuanlin wobbled gently a few times, abating the energies.

This stamp naturally could not knock him down.

Two shields appeared out of thin air into Feng Yuanlin’s hands!

“Moya! Eat this!” Feng Yuanlin bellowed angrily as he raised his shields and charged at Moya!

Your contempt!

Your slandering!

I’ll destroy them all!

The match has only just begun!

“The match is over!”

The referee’s resounded voice suddenly splashed a basin of cold water, dousing Feng Yuanlin’s burning rage. He stopped in surprise as he surveyed his surroundings.

He realized that the remaining seven participants had fallen to the ground, with some of them even unconscious!

Moya’s stamp was something Feng Yuanlin could withstand, but the other Bravehearts could not resist it at all. They instantly lost their ability to continue doing battle.

“Fuck, aren’t they just too weak!?”

Feng Yuanlin could not help but curse.

Moya transformed back to a dwarf state and nonchalantly glanced at Feng Yuanlin before leaving.

The free-for-all had ended in an instant, and Moya had no interest in staying even though the human that spoke recklessly had managed to withstand his most ordinary stamp. Feng Yuanlin was unable to give him the slightest desire of fighting.

This was because the opponent was too weak!

The scene Moya left behind while departing was like it was an invincible powerhouse seeking defeat. It looked somewhat lonely, but it was also excellent posturing!

It was a successful act of posturing because the audience had clearly seen Moya’s stamp. They had also seen the resulting cracks on the ground, as well as the shocking scene of how the powerful stamp had ended the battle!

“Moya! Moya! Moya!”

The Transcendents went wild as they screamed Moya’s name at the top of their lungs!

At this moment, Moya was the center of attention!

As for why the human did not fall down despite the stamping attack, it did not matter. He was just an irrelevant side character!

There was no end to the deafening cheers because the audience could no longer extricate themselves from the magnificence and thrill of that single stamp.

Only after a long time did the cheers fade away, allowing the next free-for-all to continue as per normal.

In the following matches, the eight Transcendent Bravehearts took the stage one after another. For some odd reason, the eight Bravehearts were experts at posturing. They used a variety of methods of posturing, attracting the wild screams of the audience till they turned hoarse.

A silent Shi Xiaobai had no interest to continue watching the matches any further. Pulp Farmer and company had already taken the stage and they had successfully reached the second round’s sixty-four people knockouts. Yet, Shi Xiaobai was not happy at all.

Strength aside, they had lost when it came to posturing. It was an abject defeat!

“Sigh, if it were This King…”

Shi Xiaobai imagined what kinds of posturing he would do if he took the stage.

Shi Xiaobai realized that if he were to take center stage, a simple move would make everyone stand aside.

In terms of posturing, the eight Bravehearts were greatly lacking!

“Unfortunately This King did not participate in it!”

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat regretful that he did not participate in the tournament. If he knew that posturing could redeem themselves as humans, he would have done it without any qualms.

Shi Xiaobai sighed, but he was in no hurry at the moment. There was still the 64-strong playoffs in the afternoon.

There were no tricks to a duel between two people.

When the time came, Pulp Farmer and company would demonstrate their strength, letting those idiots shut their mouths!

Afternoon, afternoon, please come quickly!


Author’s Note: Some people said that the recent plot is lacking in pleasure intensity, but that’s normal. As the plot now is all about building the suspense… but, the building of the suspense has been a bit long, but I will try my best to write the climax in a way that’s extremely pleasurable. Reading books and writing books require patience. Only with sufficient groundwork would the climax feel good.


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