AC Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped

The Transcendence Holy Tree was more than a few hundred meters tall, and its crown was dozens of meters in diameter. The trunk’s circumference was the combined arm span of dozens of people. Four ten-meter high walls surrounded the Transcendence Holy Tree.

Although the Transcendence Holy Tree was free for tourists to view, they could only watch it from afar. Tourists could only awe at the magnificence of the holy tree outside the walled compound.

The four guards were standing on each of the four walls. In fact, it was not considered heavily guarded. Furthermore, the guards looked rather lazy.

This was because, despite the Transcendence Holy Tree looking divine and how there was a fragrance emitted by its leaves, the bark and leaves were poisonous. Furthermore, the holy tree would automatically counterattack if it were attacked.

In the past, the Infernals had invaded, nearly wiping out Transcendence, but the holy tree revealed its might, scaring the Infernals away, allowing the Transcendents to continue prevailing.

Therefore, there was no need for the holy tree to be defended. The four guards were just symbolic.

Although the four guards were not being negligent, their hearts were not on the job.

Shi Xiaobai did not know that the holy tree was laced with poison. He was only attracted by the fragrance from the holy tree despite him having even more ways to ‘get back’ at the Transcendents for their contempt.

However, the fragrance from the holy tree made him willing to take the risk to do it this way.

There was a fiery voice in his mind that made him unable to abandon such delicious ‘food’.

Shi Xiaobai was patiently observing from a secluded corner and soon realize that the guards were daydreaming.

Such lax defense was equivalent to nothing for Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai patiently waited until the last tourist headed to the tournament arena. Only when there were only the four guards did he begin his mission.

Shi Xiaobai first pretended to be a tourist that was here to admire the holy tree. As he approached it, the guard who was daydreaming gave him a quick glance before ignoring him.

Shi Xiaobai looked up as he pretended to admire the holy tree. As he nudged his feet slightly, he slowly came to a blind spot of the guard.

“Now is the time!”

Shi Xiaobai seized the moment when the guard blinked his eyes as Crab Steps went into full motion. Instantly, he came in front of the wall and by repressing his sounds and breathing, he leaped up gently, onto the wall. With both hands supporting him, he somersaulted once in the air and landed on the holy tree’s trunk.

This set of actions was done fluidly at an extremely fast speed. There was almost no sound to it.

The guard only felt a sudden gust of wind but did not pay attention to it.

Shi Xiaobai had specially picked the moment when there were no tourists around before jumping onto the tree trunk. Therefore, no one noticed him. From afar, all that could be seen was a tiny black speck on the tree trunk.

The four guards were standing guard with their eyes facing forward, but they had no idea that someone had went past them and entered the wall’s confines.

Shi Xiaobai naturally wasn’t dumb enough to hang on the trunk or any tourist would see him at a glance.

In fact, it was now a race against time.

“Please don’t let there be any tourists.”

Shi Xiaobai climbed up the straight trunk like a nimble monkey. As the trunk was massive, there was no way to cling onto it. Therefore, it was as though he was climbing up a wall, but this was not too difficult for Shi Xiaobai.

However, Shi Xiaobai quickly sensed poison entering his body through his pores.

Shi Xiaobai immediately realized that the tree bark was laced with poison.

The poison was extremely pervasive. If it were anyone else, they would have been poisoned to death. It was no wonder the defense was so relaxed.

But thankfully, Shi Xiaobai possessed a poison-resistant body. Furthermore, with Unleaking Turtle Aura’s ability to inhibit his senses, the poison did not impact his movement in the slightest.

Shi Xiaobai climbed up at an extremely fast speed. In fact, this was an exhausting affair because Shi Xiaobai needed to use strength from every muscle he had. If he relaxed just a bit, he would plummet straight down.

But the fatigue was nothing compared to the ‘delicacy’ in front of him.

Shi Xiaobai climbed up at full speed, approaching the crystalline leaves. Their fragrance was assaulting his olfactory senses.


Shi Xiaobai penetrated the leaves and finally reached the tree’s crown. The crystalline leaves refracted the sunlight, causing the crown to have a myriad of colors. It was nearly impossible to see into the crown from outside. This meant that Shi Xiaobai was temporarily safe.

In the crown, it was as though he was immersed in a rainbow, somewhat like a fairyland.

However, Shi Xiaobai only had eyes for the leaves. Stretching his hand out, he plucked a leaf and quickly placed it into his mouth.


Shi Xiaobai nearly spat it out.

The crystalline leaves were as bitter as Chinese medicine. It was extremely unpalatable!

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat stunned.

Why were these fragrant leaves so unpalatable?

He could even eat rocks with great relish, but he could not even chew on the leaves!

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai realized that something was wrong. He stretched his hand out and plucked a leaf, placing it to his nose to take a deep sniff at it.

“The fragrance isn’t coming from the leaves?”

When he took a deep sniff with the leaf in front of him, Shi Xiaobai was surprised to realize that the tantalizing fragrance did not come from the leaves. However, the fragrance was too rich, nearly permeating the entire crown of the tree, causing Shi Xiaobai to be mistaken.

Then, what was the thing emitting such a fragrant aroma?

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and climbed up the canopy based on his intuition.

The higher he went, the richer the aroma became.

He was approaching it. He was getting closer to the source of the aroma.

Shi Xiaobai gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

What was it that was so fragrant?

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai saw a fruit the same color as the leafs in the foliage.

The fruit’s outline could not be easily seen, as though it was a chameleon camouflaging itself into the leaves.

If not for the fragrance leading him, Shi Xiaobai would not have noticed the fruit hidden in the leaves.

After he pushed the leaves away, the crystal fruit that was shaped like a heart revealed its contours.

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and immediately felt like he had ascended into heaven, moaning out a few times.

Shi Xiaobai was certain that the fragrance he caught a whiff of from several kilometers away and nearly made him lose control was a result of this crystalline fruit!

Transcendence capital, King Leonis’ Palace

A green-skinned dwarf with a lion head was lazily sitting on a throne. One of his hands held his cheek, while his other hand was putting grapes into his mouth.

Two Transcendent ‘beauties’ were massaging him.

There was only Leonis, his maidservants, and a green-skinned dwarf that was genuflecting in the palace.

The green-skinned dwarf said in hushed tones, “Your Majesty, according to the spy you planted beside Moya, Moya plans to mutiny during the finals tomorrow! It seems… the other eight Bravehearts have joined the ranks of the rebellion.”

When Leonis heard this, he lazily lifted his eyelids, as though he did not put this alarming matter to heart.

“Since they plan on courting death, This King does not mind letting them know what reality is. Take your leave. This King has plans of his own.”

Leonis waved his hand.


The green-skinned dwarf nodded and quickly left the palace.

Leonis turned to look at the Transcendent ‘beauties’ massaging him.

“Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped?” Leonis asked with a chuckle.

The two Transcendent ‘beauties’ immediately knelt down in fear, claiming repeatedly that they did not hear a thing.

Leonis stood up from the throne and pushed a ‘beauty’ down beneath his crotch.

“I was planning on eating it only after it matured a bit more. It looks like it’s time to eat it now.”

Leonis’ gaze penetrated the palace as it landed on the Transcendence Holy Tree that ascended into the sky.

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