AC Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Leonis and civil strife

“Leonis is also quite a legendary figure among the Transcendents. He is not a purebred Transcendent, but a ‘hybrid’ of Transcendents and a member of the lion-headed species. The Transcendents are extremists when it comes to racial superiority. Therefore, Leonis suffered discrimination and bullying from a young age, but for some reason, the talent he possessed far exceeded all Transcendents, so he slowly became the strongest member of the Transcendents. Although he was able to use its redoubtable strength to become the king of the Transcendents, there are many people who are unconvinced about its reign as king. Especially when Leonis recently revealed his intentions of overthrowing racial discrimination, a revolutionary faction was secretly formed, with Moya, the second strongest Transcendent, as the leader. At the tournament, they would mutiny and attempt to overthrow Leonis. This is the story background of Transcendence. How is it? Is it interesting enough?”

Feng Yuanlin patiently introduced the situation regarding Transcendence to Shi Xiaobai.

This information was of course readily available on the Internet, collated by countless trial-takers over the years. This was also the reason why the first six levels of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower were determined randomly. It was to prevent trial-takers from using prior experience to come up with strategic shortcuts.

However, from the seventh level onwards, even if one knew exactly how to clear it, it would be useless without the strength to do so.

Shi Xiaobai had already experienced the Transcendents’ racial discrimination. Furthermore, the green-skinned dwarf that led the way was also called Moya.

The dwarf had spoken with an air of superiority, but it was unexpected for him to be the second strongest member of the Transcendents!

Shi Xiaobai could only feel a sense of ‘schadenfreude’ regarding the Transcendents’ civil strife. He had a poor impression of the race that found themselves superior.

“How did the civil strife end?”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask. Since this story was repeated every month, its ending should have happened countless times.

Feng Yuanlin held up two fingers and he said, “There are two outcomes. The simpler outcome is that the trial-takers, which is us, defeat Moya in the qualifying match, Moya would lose all prestige, demolishing the chance for mutiny.”

“The slightly more complicated outcome is Moya gaining the qualification to challenge the defending champion, battling the seven times defending champion, Leonis, in a final match. In that match, the eight Transcendent Bravehearts will suddenly attack Leonis sneakily. After that… guess what happens?”

Feng Yuanlin playfully kept Shi Xiaobai guessing.

Shi Xiaobai thought for a moment before saying, “Leonis won?”

Feng Yuanlin said with a chuckle, “Not only did he win, it was a wipeout! Leonis had always been hiding his true strength. In his rage, he finally went mad, killing the eight Bravehearts instantaneously. Moya could only last a few moves before dying as well!”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised. Despite only five trial-takers after Xu Taibai managing to defeat Moya over thousands of years to qualify to challenge the defending champion, Leonis was able to wipe out the eight Bravehearts. It was able kill Moya in a few moves despite being ganged up upon. If that was the case, how terrifying was his strength!? It was no wonder no one after Xu Taibai had managed to win the championship.

At this moment, Liu Yu said, “Therefore, although challenging the tournament is the most mainstream method, it might not be the easiest. The true strength of Leonis should not be much worse than the Infernal King. However, this method is less risky. Even if one fails in the challenge, one can still attempt the other methods.”

Feng Yuanlin said with a bashful smile, “It seems that’s the reason. Thinking about it carefully, there’s no hope to clinch victory at the tournament. Being able to defeat Moya is enough to brag for years. Anyway, Liu Yu and I are nobodies here to join in the bustle. Being able to reach the seventh level and enter the top ten for the selection is already something to be content with.”

The remark sounded lacking in ambition, but Liu Yu, who had been dubbed a ‘nobody’, did not retort. Instead, he said earnestly, “This Penniless Priest doesn’t have great ambitions. Being able to witness the outcome of the civil war is enough to content me. But for Benefactor Xiaobai and Benefactor Pulp Farmer, both of you are different as both of you possess limitless possibilities. If it’s possible, please do your best to defeat Moya. Let those snobbish Transcendents see how powerful we humans are!”

Be it the way the Transcendents looked at them or how bad the guest house designated to them was, they could feel the racial discrimination from the Transcendents, as well as the unequal treatment. In fact, Liu Yu and company were infuriated just like Shi Xiaobai.

Pulp Farmer nodded his head seriously and said in a heavy tone, “There’s no need for you to say that. I already can’t wait to let the Transcendents know that we humans are a great race that far exceeds their imaginations!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai’s blood boiled with fervour. He could not help but sigh, “This King… does not intend to participate in the tournament.”

Shi Xiaobai never planned on participating in the tournament even though he had the strong desire to brutally smack Moya and the Transcendents in the face at the tournament.

However, he could not do so, because once he participated in the tournament, he could not lose, at least not to the Transcendents.

He would have to work hard at clinching the ultimate victory.

However, by winning, it also meant losing the opportunity to create a fifth story. It would also mean leaving the seventh level before meeting Sunless. It would be equivalent to breaking his word.

As for abstaining after fighting a few rounds, it would be a waste of time. He might as well use the time to eat the holy tree secretly while the tournament was ongoing.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai did not plan on participating in the tournament.

Shi Xiaobai said with a sigh, “Sorry.”

Pulp Farmer said calmly, “There’s no need to apologize. We can understand your choice.”

Feng Yuanlin laughed and said, “Haha, this kind of trifling matter really doesn’t need Boss Shi Xiaobai to take action. The three of us will be enough to make those Transcendent idiots sit up and take notice!”

Shi Xiaobai nodded his head seriously, “Alright, This King believes that all of you will definitely be able to ruthlessly smack those aliens in the face! This King may not be participating, but This King will accompany all of you till the tournament ends before leaving.”

At nine in the morning, the tournament unfolded. The alien races in the Braveheart village began heading towards the tournament’s arena.

The arena could accommodate more than ten thousand people and the civilians of Transcendence had been waiting early in the morning in the audience stands, filling up the arena even before the tournament began.

The annual Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament was considered one of the biggest events of Transcendence. With more than a hundred species gathered, it was enjoyable watching the tussle between Bravehearts.

Pulp Farmer and company had already headed towards the waiting area for participants. After Shi Xiaobai bade them farewell, he headed to where the Transcendence Holy Tree was.

As Shi Xiaobai expected, there was nearly no one around the Transcendence Holy Tree as the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament was about to begin. After all, compared to the holy tree that could be seen at any time, watching the annual tournament was more important.

However, there were still four Transcendent guards defending the surroundings of the holy tree.

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