AC Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: To dare mess with This King, eat first, talk later

After entering the city, the bustle of the city formed a stark contrast to the austereness at the city gate. As today was the day the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament was being held, Shi Xiaobai saw several races on the streets.

According to Moya, the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament welcomed Bravehearts from all races. There was still a form of cohesion among the different races in this world after all.

Shi Xiaobai saw dark-skinned dwarves the most along the way. Clearly, they were the prevailing look of Transcendents.

However, it was as though every dwarf had a stuck-up attitude. They seem to exude a sense of ethnic superiority against the foreign races.

But strangely, the conversations he heard along the way were how Bravehearts of other races would lower their statures despite being mildly ridiculed. It was as though the green-skinned dwarves’ contempt was a matter taken for granted.

Be it a three-meter tall ape-headed man, or a ferocious-looking tiger-headed man, or a bizarre snake-bodied person, they appeared very respectful towards the green-skinned dwarves in the city.

Even the most ordinary Transcendent would look at Bravehearts from other races with contempt.

And what rendered Shi Xiaobai the most speechless was how these Bravehearts from other races look at him after being treated with contempt. They looked at him with extreme contempt!

This blatant disparity from racial discrimination was infuriating.

Shi Xiaobai nearly wanted to use his sword to slaughter all these strange and ugly Bravehearts of other races.

A towering tree managed to divert Shi Xiaobai’s attention away, saving these alien Bravehearts in the process.

This towering tree was located in the middle of the city. It was several hundred meters tall; therefore, it could be seen even on the outskirts of the city.

The towering tree’s height was not only outrageous, it looked very strange as well. Its tree trunk and branches were brownish-black in color as a metallic sheen suffused from them. The leaves were like crystals refracting the luminance of the sunlight, as its massive crown was enveloped in a colorful luster.

“This is the holy tree of the Transcendents, known as the Transcendence Holy Tree. It possesses divine power, so when the Infernal King’s forces invade, the Transcendence Holy Tree will bestow its power upon us, making the Transcendents’ Bravehearts even more powerful and courageous!”

Moya was clearly accustomed to the shock outsiders had from seeing the Transcendence Holy Tree, so shocked that they would gulp their saliva. Therefore, he proudly introduced it.

However, Moya never expected that the human in front of him was gulping his saliva, not because of shock, but because he had a craving!

Despite being several kilometers away from the holy tree, Shi Xiaobai could still catch a scent of the aroma the tree’s leaves were emitting. The refreshing fragrance was different. To him, it was the fragrance of a delicacy.

What would be the flavor of the crystal leaves?

Shi Xiaobai gulped his saliva once again, taking a moment to suppress his terrifying appetite that nearly reared its head.

As he proceeded forward, the closer he reached the heart of the city, the scene looked even more flourishing. Although the buildings had a medieval flavor to them, they were frequently adorned with ornaments like gold and crystal, making the buildings very opulent.

Every brick that made up the royal palace in Transcendence was adorned with gold, making it look extremely extravagant.

After passing by the royal palace, they finally reached guest houses the Transcendents had prepared for foreign Bravehearts.

These guest houses were not considered luxurious but it was rather spacious and clean.

However, Moya did not stop at any of the houses but instead walked towards a corner.

“There is the resting area for you humans.”

Moya pointed to a corner.

When Shi Xiaobai saw this when he walked over, he immediately frowned.

It was a tiny hut and looked dingy on the outside compared to the terrace houses from before. There was no need to mention how little room there was on the inside.

It was like a barn beside a high-end hotel.

This was the guest house prepared for humans!?

Shi Xiaobai was immediately incensed.

Moya said with a chuckle, “Sorry, as you humans, who suddenly have the title of Bravehearts, appeared out of the blue, it has exceeded our expectations. As there are too many foreign Bravehearts that came for the tournament, there is a shortage of rooms, so all of you can only be temporarily put up here. Really sorry about that.”

The green-skinned dwarf’s words were apologetic, but be it his facial expression or the tone in his voice, there was not the slightest hint of apology.

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and said coldly, “You will feel remorse for what you have done very soon.”

Despite knowing that the Transcendents did not really exist, with them being non-playing characters created by the assessment program, Shi Xiaobai was so infuriated that he nearly lost his reason when faced with such racial discrimination.

However, Shi Xiaobai was vaguely aware how terrible things would become if he were to let his anger boil.

Therefore, he forcefully repressed his anger.

Moya said in a deadpan manner, “It seems you are very angry, but that is normal. You should cherish this moment of anger. That’s because when you realize the power of the Transcendents, you will have awe and fear left in your heart. Look at all those other species, they are just like you humans. They complain and resent the disparate treatment, but now, they have accepted it. This is because the world is not fair. From the moment you are born, your race is decided, destining your stature. Then, we shall meet in the Martial Arts Tournament. If you wish to prove the stature of humans, that is the best opportunity.”

After Moya finished speaking, he left.

Shi Xiaobai stood in his original spot with a deadpan expression. He took a few deep breaths, suppressing an inexplicable impulse in his heart.

He realized that when he was angered, he felt a faint feeling of him losing his reason. There was a raging desire to destroy. That primordial foul emotion made Shi Xiaobai have no choice but to force himself to calm down.

Shi Xiaobai realized that he could not be so easily controlled by anger.

However, it was impossible for him to take this injustice lying down.

Smacking faces only at the Martial Arts Tournament?

No, that would be too late. Shi Xiaobai was eager to vent his pent up feelings!

This desire was extremely intense!

As Shi Xiaobai took deep breaths, he could not help but look at the towering tree that could be seen from any location.

This was the holy tree of the Transcendents?

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up slightly as he had a thought on his mind.

Since these Transcendents who thought highly of themselves belittled humans, to the point of giving them unfair treatment, why did he need to maintain any decorum with them?

“It’s all of you forcing This King… to eat your holy tree!”

Shi Xiaobai sneered as he began pondering how to devour the holy tree.

Regardless what problem would be provoked from eating the holy tree, Shi Xiaobai could not take this lying down!

To dare mess with This King?

Eat first, talk later!

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