AC Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Racial Discrimination

A gigantic head peeked out of the city walls that were more than a hundred meters high. The head was ferocious-looking and it immediately bellowed angrily, “Stop, alien! Stop or die!”

The roar was filled with intense killing intent. It was terrifying and if it were any ordinary person, they would stop in fright or even take a few steps back.

However, Shi Xiaobai ignored it. Not only did he not stop, he accelerated instead.

If it were nice words of persuasion, Shi Xiaobai would have stopped, but if it was a threat from the beginning, Shi Xiaobai would not stand for that!

“You’re courting death!”

The hundred-meter-tall gargantuan clearly did not expect a member of an alien race that was as small as an ant would dare to ignore its deterrence. Immediately, it was incensed, but since it was situated inside the city walls, it could only serve as a deterrent, so it could only bellow repeatedly.

The bellows were filled with an imposing pressure as well as a turbulent gust of wind.

“Shut up, or This King will eat you!”

Shi Xiaobai found the gargantuan’s bellow harsh on the ears as he railed out angrily. With an extremely fast speed, he charged towards the city gate that was dozens of meters tall.

The city gate was tightly shut and there were no guards at the gate. From the looks of it, the gargantuan was the gatekeeper.

Shi Xiaobai sneered as he made a mad dash towards the city gate before suddenly leaping up. He kicked at the city gate with all his strength!


A deafening crash echoed. After consuming a great deal of ‘food’, Shi Xiaobai’s physical strength was no longer the same as before. The power of his kick was rather terrifying as it caused the entire city gate to vibrate incessantly.

However, the city gate was rather hard, made of some unknown metal, so Shi Xiaobai had failed to knock it down with a single kick.

“Open the gate, or This King will not stand on ceremony any further!”

Shi Xiaobai looked up and yelled. Following that he began entering a punching stance.

The gargantuan’s threats had pissed him off greatly, and it appeared as though there was no intention for the tightly closed city gate to be opened.

If the city gate was still closed after ten more seconds, Shi Xiaobai did not mind letting the city gate have a taste of the horrifying power of Turtle-speed Divine Punch!

The hundred-meter-tall gargantuan found it unbelievable that an ant-like alien would dare to rave about ‘eating it’ or even dare to attack the Transcendents’ city gate!

This was a provocation on the mighty Transcendents!

“Alien, you will definitely die!”

The gargantuan roared angrily as a large pair of hands appeared above the city walls. The entire city wall began to vibrate!

The gargantuan was planning on leaping across the walls by using the walls as support!?

Shi Xiaobai immediately pulled his black sword out. If the gargantuan dared to jump out, Shi Xiaobai did not mind slicing off its legs!

At this moment, an anxious voice resounded from inside the city walls!

“Stop immediately!”

The moment this voice resounded, the gargantuan immediately withdrew his hands and the shaking of the city walls came to a stop.

“You fool, are you trying to tear down the city walls!?”

The anxious voice turned into one of condemnation.

The gargantuan’s deep voice sounded from inside, “No, Lord Moya. There is a lowly alien outside the city who ignored my warnings. He even dared to hit the city gate. It’s a provocation on us, the Transcendents!”

The scolding voice bellowed angrily like it was fuming, “Fool! Is this the reason for nearly tearing down the city walls? What right does a gargantuan-halfling like you claim to be a part of the Transcendents? Also, your job is not to be a gatekeeper, but a gate watcher. Do you understand? All you need to do is report what is happening outside the city in a timely manner, and not take the liberty to be rude to outsiders! Yesterday, you nearly entered a conflict with the alien Bravehearts, and you have yet to learn your lesson today?”

The gargantuan lowered its head as its voice turned increasingly muffled, “But… today is the day of the Martial Arts Tournament. His Majesty, Leonis, instructed me to be vigilant…”

“Shut up!”

The scolding voice from within the city immediately cut the gargantuan off. “Leonis only instructed you to be vigilant and to report if any Bravehearts come from afar to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament. It is not for you to bar them access. Fool, why aren’t you opening the city gate yet!?”

The gargantuan grunted indignantly but did not dare to refute the scolding voice.

When Shi Xiaobai heard this conversation, he slowly withdrew his fist. He did not have any grudges with the Transcendents. The only thing that slightly pissed him off was the gargantuan’s threatening words, but since the gargantuan was only a watchdog, Shi Xiaobai would not go as far as to pick a fight.

He found it odd. The hundred-meter-tall gargantuan did not even dare retaliate verbally after being scolded in a such a manner. What sort of ‘monster’ was the other creature inside the city?

At this moment, the heavy city gate slowly opened. It was obvious how heavy the city gate was from the screeching sound it produced as it dragged across the ground,

Just opening this city gate would require tremendous strength.

As the city gate slowly opened, it revealed the gargantuan’s body. It was extremely thin, as though it was a massive body that had been reduced to bones. The tiny amount of flesh did not make it look like a skeleton, but most of its large innards could be seen, making it look rather terrifying.

The gargantuan had pulled the city gate open with his bare hands before walking to the side of the city gate. The person scolding inside the city was finally seen by Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes immediately flashed a look of disappointment when he saw this.

The existence that was freely scolding the gargantuan was a tiny dwarf. He did not look much different from humans, but his skin was dark green in color. He had a single horn on the top of his head.

Was this dwarf a Transcendent?

Why could he scold the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan freely?

Shi Xiaobai was disappointed. The green-skinned dwarf, Moya, similarly flashed a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

“So it’s a human.”

Moya deliberately suppressed mutter did not escape Shi Xiaobai’s ears.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up slightly.

From the dwarf’s tone, it appeared as though he looked down on humans?

Moya gathered himself and said, “If I didn’t guess wrong, you must be here to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament with the other humans that came yesterday. Although it’s unfathomable how the God of Courage showed favor upon you humans with such weak physiques, the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament welcomes the participation of all Hexstar Bravehearts.”

Weak physiques?

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly as he said coldly, “You look down on humans?”

Moya chuckled, “You are being overly emphatic. Humans are considered a mysterious and strange race to us. Yesterday was also the first day we encountered humans. But on the surface, it seems the physiques of humans are inferior to the most inferior species in the world of Bravehearts, much less comparable to us, the Transcendents. Of course, this is on the surface. If you humans are able to put up a somewhat impressive performance at the Martial Arts Tournament, I wouldn’t mind changing my opinion. You are a guest, so I naturally don’t have intentions of belittlement and am just stating an objective opinion. Whether I look down or not is nothing to do with my thoughts, but on you humans.”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent. The dwarf sounded exceedingly nice, but his words were filled with a discriminating tone despite him appearing to take on an objective standpoint.

What an arrogant sentence of ‘whether I look down or not is nothing to do with my thoughts, but on you humans’.

This was the first time Shi Xiaobai felt racial discrimination from another race as a human. The crux of the issue was that you could not be angry after the dwarfs said those words, or it will appear as though one was turning angry from embarrassment, making it seem like a form of confession!

“Open your eyes well and wait. Humans will very quickly prove their excellence.”

Shi Xiaobai sneered before striding into the city. He did not know how impressive the Transcendents were, for them to claim that humans were the most inferior species. As a human, regardless of how impressive the Transcendents were, the discrimination he endured was the precursor to him using his actions to smack the dwarf’s face so much that it would swell into a pig’s head in time to come!

Moya was deadpan as a faint smile that exuded contempt suffused across his lips. He whispered, “Then I’ll wait and see. Follow me, I’ll bring you to your companions. The Martial Arts Tournament will begin soon, and I hope the lot of you would be able to give us a surprise.”

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