AC Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Stop or die!

The most famous story of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower still belonged to the man whose existence was most dazzling even when placed throughout the history of mankind. He had established the age of heroes, thus he was dubbed “Hero King”!

This was a well-known legend, but this was the first time Shi Xiaobai was hearing this. The word ‘hero’ could always pique his interest; hence, when he heard this, Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask, “He established the age of heroes?”

Speechless said appalled, “It can’t be that you don’t even know the legend of the ‘Hero King’?”

Shi Xiaobai nodded calmly.

Speechless rolled his eyes and said in a speechless manner, “In the nine years of compulsory education, nearly every textbook has mentioned the stories of the Hero King. Therefore, all hero organizations and hero institutes would pay homage to this great man on December 25. The first person that comes to mind for every child who aspires to become a ‘hero’ would be the Hero King… You are at least a rookie of a particular hero organization, but you don’t even know of the Hero King!? It’s best you read some books in the future. The stories of the Hero King can go on for three days and three nights.”

Shi Xiaobai nodded in silence. He did not like reading books, but Speechless’ exaltation of the man known as ‘Hero King’ made him suddenly have the urge to read to better his understanding.

Shi Xiaobai asked, “What did the Hero King do on the seventh level?”

This was the matter Shi Xiaobai was most concerned about at the moment. Be it surviving a hundred days or defeating the Transcendents in the Martial Arts Tournament to be made the champion, or killing the Infernal King, were stories that caused his blood to boil in excitement. And what the Hero King had done had surpassed the three predecessors. It had the honor of being the most famous story, so the story was bound to be a lot more interesting.

A look of anticipation flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes.

Speechless quipped, “It was common for This Emperor to narrate stories to his younger sister back in the day. When it came to the highlight of the story, the look in her eyes would be identical to the one you currently have, but usually, at such a moment, This Emperor can’t help but keep her in suspense.”

Shi Xiaobai said, “Therefore, you plan to keep This King in suspense?”

Speechless gave a sinister laugh and said, “No, This Emperor plans to stop right here. To learn more, wait till next time!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but pull his sword out as he said coldly, “Wretch, pull your sword out!”

Speechless guffawed before his expression turned slightly serious. He solemnly said, “Shi Xiaobai, to tell you the truth, This Emperor has only one goal in joining this trial, it is to replicate the legend of the Hero King. You and This Emperor are the same type of person, so This Emperor is somewhat afraid that if you were told what the Hero King did, you would not help but want to go down the same path. This is a very dangerous path that only admits one; hence, This Emperor does not plan on continuing the exposition.”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said, “You are wrong. This King is not the same kind of person like you. This is because This King will not walk down the same path others have gone down. No matter how legendary the feat accomplished by the Hero King is, This King would not deliberately mimic it. This King will walk down a path that belongs to him!”

Speechless’ eyebrows pricked up slightly as he said with a laugh, “It looks like This Emperor has looked down on you. Go ahead, create a fifth story that belongs to you. It’s time for This Emperor to leave. The Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament is held in the country of the Transcendents, Transcendence, towards the east. The castle the Infernal King lives in is to the west. The other rookies have basically headed to Transcendence since participating in the Martial Arts Tournament is still the most mainstream method when it comes to clearing the level. You can go there and take a look.”

Shi Xiaobai nodded.

Speechless waved his hand before he turned around and headed north.

“See you next time.”

The north was where the ravine several hundred meters across was. Speechless quickly walked to the edge of the ravine as he leaped forward. Suddenly, a pair of crystalline wings appeared on his back. Lustrous light flashed as his wings were flapped and like a meteor, he flew straight towards the other end of the ravine.

Shi Xiaobai watched Speechless leave but did not immediately make a move. He was hesitating if he should head east or west.

Of course, the most important thing was because Shi Xiaobai was famished again. And with ‘food’ littering the ground, it would be a waste not eating it!

Shi Xiaobai indulged in the countless gigantic black scorpions and steel rhinoceroses. His stomach was like a bottomless pit, with no end in sight.

Shi Xiaobai knew he would be satiated sooner or later, but he never expected that only after he finished all the ‘food’ on the ground to the point of him feeling sick from just catching a whiff of potato chips or chocolate, was he barely satiated!

Shi Xiaobai ate an entire night till the early hours of the next morning.

Shi Xiaobai sighed. Filling this stomach was quite difficult, and he had no idea how long this meal would last him. He wished he would not be famished so quickly again.

Although he had a heavy heart, Shi Xiaobai was also feeling pleasantly surprised. After eating the countless gigantic black scorpions and steel rhinoceroses, Shi Xiaobai could no longer imagine how strong his physical strength and defense had become.

Now, once his body completely absorbed the energy given to him by the food, Shi Xiaobai’s physique would reach new heights in strength.

Shi Xiaobai contemplated as he ate, eventually deciding on going to Transcendence to see the Martial Arts Tournament. Although killing the Infernal King was very attractive for him, he had promised to meet Sunless on the seventh level back on the fifth level. According to what Speechless said, the Martial Arts Tournament was the mainstream method used by most people. As such, it was likely that Sunless was in Transcendence.

Shi Xiaobai did not plan on clearing the seventh level using the Martial Arts Tournament, but he wanted to fulfill the promise of meeting Sunless. He also wanted to take a look at how powerful the talented Transcendents were for them to prevent human trial-takers from clearing the level for thousands of years.

Shi Xiaobai bolted through the barren lands and headed east. Along the way, all he saw was sand and limestone. It was a desolate scene.

However, what looked like an oasis gradually appeared. Slowly, it was replaced by lush green plains, with an inkling of civilization.

It appeared as though he was approaching Transcendence!

Shi Xiaobai continued running and during this period of time, he was not as hungry as before. From the looks of it, eating so much ‘food’ in one go was effective.

Another half an hour later, a gigantic wall appeared across the lush green horizon!

The wall was nearly a hundred meters tall, and it stretched across the horizon, with no end in sight. The length was evident, and in the middle of the wall, there was a city gate about fifty meters tall!

This was the city of Transcendence?

It was really expansive!

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as he felt a hint of anticipation.

Shi Xiaobai was very fast, and in a few moments, he had gone from one end of the horizon to a spot in front of the city walls.

When Shi Xiaobai came several hundred meters from the city gates, a domineering voice resounded from within the city.

“Stop, alien!”

At the same time, a gigantic head peeked out of the hundred-meter wall!

It was a gigantic head that had little flesh, making it look like a large skull. Its head was more than ten meters in diameter and peeking out over the city walls, its body was situated behind the city walls.

It was a gargantuan more than a hundred meters tall!

“Stop or die!”

The gargantuan roared, sending reverberations across the world!

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