AC Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: It’s venomous, you are toxic

In front of them was a dense swath of black scorpions creeping out of the deep ravine, and behind them were countless steel rhinoceroses swarming forward in a stampede from the horizons. There were hundreds, if not thousands of stone dragons flying in the sky.

Shi Xiaobai and Speechless were instantly surrounded. From the aggression displayed and murderous intent emitted from the horde, it was unlikely that these monsters came in peace.

Speechless’ expression turned slightly serious. The monsters were trivial when alone, but in such large numbers, it could easily exhaust him. But now, with two of them, the situation would probably be much better. The only thing he was unsure about was how psychologically robust Shi Xiaobai was.

Just as he was thinking of this, Speechless heard Shi Xiaobai mutter to himself with eyes shimmering, “So, it’s because the food is here!”

Gee, why does this fellow seem more fearless than he was?

Speechless said, “Each person takes one side. If you can’t hold on or you lack the stamina, shout out and This Emperor will save you.”

Shi Xiaobai said scoffingly, “You stole This King’s line. Alright, This King will take this side.”

With that said, Shi Xiaobai took a step towards the ravine.

Judging from the momentum of the beasts, the stampede of the steel rhinoceroses looked fiercer, but in terms of danger, the gigantic black scorpions were far more dangerous than the steel rhinoceroses.

The reason was because the gigantic black scorpions were venomous creatures. Touching a tiny bit of the venom or being stung by the scorpion’s tail would probably kill an ordinary person hundreds of times over.

However, Shi Xiaobai was different from ordinary people. He had previously received the reward of the Absolute Choice of ‘enhanced poison resistance’. He was immune to 80% of the venom, and the other 20% could be absorbed by Unleaking Turtle Aura, enhancing his physique.

Therefore, not only was Shi Xiaobai unafraid of venom, he actually loved venom.

Speechless hesitated for a moment before saying with a nod, “Alright, be careful.”

The two agreed on their roles in a short period of time, and like playing video games, each person took one side to hunt mobs.

But in fact, what they were facing was a sea of monsters, with great potential for them to have their lives taken at any time.

Speechless looked calm as he turned to head towards the left before charging towards the steel rhinoceroses.

Shi Xiaobai was extremely composed. With each hand holding a sword, he faced the gigantic black scorpions that covered the lands.

At this moment, the stone dragons circling the skies were first to pose a threat as they swooped down one after another.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were cold as he slashed both his swords out as a storm of sword beams filled the sky. Immediately, one stone dragon after another was reduced to rubble!

These stone dragons were massive in size, and they looked very powerful, but in fact, it was just on the surface. Their physical defenses were very weak!

Of course, this was if they faced Shi Xiaobai. If it were any ordinary rookie, the stone dragons would be quite a troublesome foe.

At that moment, the gigantic black scorpions were quickly approaching like a wave that rolled towards the coastline.

Shi Xiaobai was naturally not foolish enough to rush in or let the scorpions surround him. Just think about how there were scorpions everywhere on the ground, with nowhere to place his feet. There was a possibility for a bunch of scorpions to climb all over him. What sort of feeling would that be?

Shi Xiaobai immediately began spinning like a top as sword beams swirled like a hurricane as the sword beams ignited. Immediately, there was a column of fire around Shi Xiaobai.

The moment the gigantic black scorpions entered the flames, they cried in pain as their carapaces were instantly burnt to a crisp.

However, the gigantic black scorpions were unafraid of death. They advanced wave after wave into the flames, using their bodies to douse the flames!

Shi Xiaobai did not expect to easily defend against these gigantic black scorpions; therefore, he activated the power of his Sword Truth!

These monsters were perfect for him to practice his dual blade technique that he had yet to fully master!

A sword like wind slashed at the stone dragons!

A sword like fire burned the gigantic black scorpions!

With swords used in unison, wind and fire raged into the sky, as the sweeping inferno illuminated the ravine a shimmering red. The gigantic black scorpions that had yet to climb out of the ravine cried out tragically as they plummeted!

Shi Xiaobai constantly brandished his swords as the endurance provided to him by Unleaking Turtle Aura allowed him to have sufficient energy to do so.

The stone dragons that deluged the skies were diced to pieces in mid-air, while the gigantic black scorpions that flooded the ground were burnt to a crisp before they even proceeded half the distance.

Shi Xiaobai did not even move from his spot from the beginning to the end!

A smile suffused across his mouth.

Unknowingly, he had already become so powerful.

However, this was far from sufficient. He needed to become stronger at a faster rate!

These monsters were not powerful, but their numbers were terrifying. Shi Xiaobai slew the endless gigantic black scorpions that crawled out of the ravine from noon till dusk until they were completely wiped out.

With the endurance provided by Unleaking Turtle Aura, Shi Xiaobai was able to persist all the way despite being exhausted. However, he did not have much free time to eat during this period of time. His hunger was driving him crazy.

With the gigantic black scorpions no longer crawling over, Shi Xiaobai finally could no longer endure it.

He immediately picked up a gigantic black scorpion that was grilled to a crisp.

“It’s poisonous!”

A warning cry came from behind him.

Shi Xiaobai turned to take a look and Speechless had dealt with the ‘problem’ on his side as well. At this moment, his forehead was dripping with a few beads of sweat, and his clothes were somewhat messy, but he did not look too exhausted. He clearly still had strength left.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised. From the looks of it, Speechless had an endurance technique on par with ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’.

Shi Xiaobai said with a laugh in response to Speechless’ warning, “This King isn’t afraid of poison.”

Although the gigantic black scorpions were roasted, they were still extremely poisonous. It was not something edible by normal people, but to Shi Xiaobai, it was equivalent to a tonic.

Without another word, Shi Xiaobai took a bite.

Immediately, there were the crisp, crackling sounds.

It was very crispy, and the flavor was…

“It’s actually potato chips…”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but moan. Having starved an entire afternoon, the feeling of being able to finally eat something felt too good.

Furthermore, the roasted gigantic black scorpions had the flavor of potato chips—barbecue-flavored, giving him a pleasant surprise.

After removing the scorpion’s head, he finished the scorpion very quickly.

Shi Xiaobai did not immediately eat another scorpion but instead, he walked towards another side.

The other side similarly looked hellish. There were the carcasses of steel rhinoceroses everywhere.

Shi Xiaobai was eager to know what the flavor steel rhinoceroses were before he decided on what was for dinner.

Shi Xiaobai sliced off a piece of steel hide from a rhinoceros’s carcass. It was very hard when pinching it.

Hesitating a bit, he placed the steel hide into his mouth and gently bit at it.

Unsurprisingly, the steel hide may be hard in his hands, but in his mouth, they mysteriously became brittle with a single bite. It melted in his mouth, but not in his hand…

Furthermore, this steel hide tasted identical to chocolate!

Yea, and it had the sweetness of milk. Was this milk chocolate?

Shi Xiaobai sighed.

How was he to choose between barbecued-flavor potato chips and milk chocolate?

He might as well eat all of them!

Shi Xiaobai was not vexed either. He believed it was very likely for him to finish all the ‘food’ on the ground.

For Shi Xiaobai, eating anything seemed like a normal affair, but in the eyes of others, it was a fascinating matter.

Eating venomous scorpions?

He even ate steel hide with such relish?

Speechless said in a speechless manner, “You are toxic!”

Shi Xiaobai did not refute him and thought for a moment before asking, “Why were those monsters suddenly attacking us?”

Shi Xiaobai remembered that he did not see a single creature while running in the desolate desert for such a long period of time, but for there to be so many monsters suddenly surrounding him, it was certainly not a coincidence.

Was this related to the rules of the seventh level?

Shi Xiaobai had been in the seventh level for a period of time, but he still did not know what he needed to do. This was unacceptable moving forward.

Speechless was a trial-taker that had always been leading in the forefront, so it might be possible to obtain some information from him?

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