AC Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Not only mimicry

Shi Xiaobai was not surprised that the youth knew of his identity. After all, he was rather famous among the rookies at present. It was very likely that news regarding him had spread throughout each level in the trial. Many of his features were very identifiable.

In fact, Shi Xiaobai had also roughly guessed the identity of the youth. Although they had exchanged only a few blows, the trouble and pressure the youth gave him was higher than any rookie, much higher than Sen Senyuan and Pulp Farmer.

The rookies with such power that participated in the trials could only be the ones ranked first or second, Speechless Li or Mu Lengxi in the official forecast. Shi Xiaobai did not know the identities of these two people.

However, Mu Lengxi was apparently a girl based on the official forecast’s information. Then, the mysterious and powerful youth that had arrived in the seventh level was most likely Speechless, a person he had frequently heard people mention, but had no understanding of him.

Apparently, this was a person who rendered people speechless.

Using a million bucks to buy a slice of rock cake and even going to the point of using force to force a sell was indeed rather speechless rendering. Furthermore, the strength he possessed made him feel rather helpless.

Speechless had requested to buy a rock cake from Shi Xiaobai from the very beginning. Shi Xiaobai had rejected it a few times, and he had even told him that it was only a rock. In fact, Shi Xiaobai could have thrown the rock in his hand or a rock from his pocket to let the youth test its authenticity, then everything would have been simpler.

But in actual fact, the matter was not as simple as it seemed.

Place yourself in the other person’s shoes, if you were to see someone eating a cake that looked like a rock with relish, but when you bit at it after it was given to you, only to find out that it was a rock, what would be your first reaction?

Would you really think the other person was truly eating a rock?

No, you would think the other person was playing you for a fool! A certain trick undetectable to you that had replaced the cakes in your hand or pockets with a rock might have been employed.

When that happened, Shi Xiaobai would have to come up with a new explanation and a cumbersome way to prove himself.

Therefore, explaining would only create new misunderstandings, and misunderstandings needed new explanations. Trying to prove that he was really eating a rock was quite a troublesome matter to begin with.

For a stranger, Shi Xiaobai naturally could not be bothered to explain or prove that he was really eating a rock.

But from the looks of it, explaining was futile. It would only steer itself in the path the youth wanted.

Shi Xiaobai said scornfully, “Speechless, since you wanted to fight This King from the beginning, why is there a need to go through so much trouble?”

Seeing his identity and goal seen through, Speechless did not quibble. He said with a chuckle, “There’s no other way. There is no one in the trial that dares to fight This Emperor. Pulp Farmer, Liu Yu and the rest run whenever they see This Emperor. It wasn’t easy to meet a passable opponent, so how can This Emperor let you go? Therefore, it’s best if you want to fight, and even if you don’t, you have to!”

With Speechless’ ability to ‘imitate’ the moves and abilities of others, there was indeed no one who would be willing to fight him.

However, Shi Xiaobai was different.

He was not afraid that his moves would be stolen, or even easily replicated.

This was because a move depended on the person using it. Different executors of the same move, regardless of how powerful it was, would definitely be different.

Furthermore, there was a sentence Shi Xiaobai always remembered—every superpower had its weakness and limitations!

Shi Xiaobai condensed a psionic sword in his left hand as his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

Since you insist on doing battle, This King will keep you company to the end, shattering the ability that you hold so much pride in!

“Dual blade style? Slightly interesting.”

The corner of Speechless’ mouth suffused a belittling smile. The spear in his right hand transformed into a black sword and his left hand similarly condensed a psionic sword.

People said that being able to learn a particular move with a single look meant being a rare genius.

And the heavens gave Speechless possession of the most outstanding talent in the world!

He could replicate his opponent’s moves and weapons with a single glance. He could use his own insights to enhance them to an even stronger realm!

Speechless said with a sneer, “Shi Xiaobai, if you think This Emperor is strong only in replication and imitation, then you can’t get any wronger.”

Shi Xiaobai naturally did not think so because Tyrant Spear that Speechless had used was clearly replicated from Pulp Farmer, but it was much stronger than Pulp Farmer’s.

Speechless had added his own insights over his imitations.

“Unfortunately, This King is often imitated, but never surpassed!” Shi Xiaobai responded with a sneer as well.

The period of smack talk came to an end as the sound of winds echoed. The two of them charged at each other nearly simultaneously!

At the same time, golden beams of light lit up from their bodies as they activated the power of Sword Truth!

Shi Xiaobai looked at the golden light from Speechless’ body as a sneer suffused across his lips.

This was not his Sword Truth!

Or it could be said, it was not Sword Truth at all!

“You can only replicate moves!”

Shi Xiaobai roared loudly and by attacking with both swords as one, he slashed them at Speechless!

Sword Truth was the sublimation of Sword Intent. It was the path of enlightenment that one’s sword pointed in. It was a swordsman’s understanding of swords!

Speechless was only able to replicate sword moves, sword beams, sword shapes, but he could not replicate Sword Intent or Sword Truth!

The golden light was just a superficial imitation!

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai did not use any sword moves for this strike, not did he slash out any sword beam!

This was a strike that was augmented purely by Sword Intent, as well as the essence of concentrated Sword Truth!


The four swords clashed violently as energy spewed in all directions, blasting the surrounding air as dust flared into the air. A deep pit sunk into the ground.

The two experienced the repulsive forces of the collision, but neither of them retreated. Instead, they both took a step forward!

At this moment, it was a contest of strength. Whoever retreated first would suffer an abject defeat.

The two was deadlocked for a moment.

Shi Xiaobai said in a heavy tone, “So that’s the case. Disguising Sword Truth is also Sword Truth. Is this your Sword Truth?”

Speechless had also used a pure and concentrated Sword Truth as well. However, the power of his Sword Truth was different from Shi Xiaobai’s. The strike looked like an imitation, but it was only imitating the move. The core strength still belonged to Speechless.

Speechless said with a chuckle, “It’s just Sword Truth. This Emperor gained insights into it at the age of eight. People call Sunless Ye the number one genius in the way of the sword among the younger generation, but it’s only because This Emperor doesn’t use a sword.”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent. This person was great at posturing, but Speechless did have the ability to posture.

With the deadlock at that moment, Shi Xiaobai had no way to withdraw. He could only inject more power. Whoever had the strength to repress the other would gain access to a great advantage.

Speechless said with a laugh, “Shi Xiaobai, you are really good. Among peers that This Emperor has seen, you can be considered one of the best. Unfortunately, you are still weaker than This Emperor!”

Shi Xiaobai said with a chuckle, “Defeat This King before you brag any further!”

Speechless shook his head and laughed. His lazy-looking eyes suddenly flashed a look of seriousness.

Shi Xiaobai grinned as his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

The two were in a stalemate, but they apparently had tricks up their sleeves.

It was a problem about who to attack first and when they would attack.

This was because the first person who made the move would end up being in a passive state.

They were waiting, waiting for the moment their opponent lost their patience to attack!

At this moment, a gust of wind howled!

A hard tail made of rock swung at an extremely fast speed at them!

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils slightly contracted. The stone dragon had taken this opportunity to sneak an attack!

At this moment, any one of them could defend against the dragon’s tail if they withdrew their power, but the person would end up being injured by the opponent’s power!

The stone dragon had chosen a moment to make an extremely cheap shot!

However, why?

Why was the hurling of the dragon’s tail aiming straight at Speechless?

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