AC Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: This matter was so hard to refuse

Above the vast stretches of barren deserts, the sky was covered in a thin veil of sand. A stone dragon more than ten meters long was flapping its heavy stone wings as it flew forward.

And on the back of the stone dragon sat a youth who looked and dressed extremely normally.

The youth had his hands crossed, while his eyes were closed. He did not seem worried at all that a sudden backflip by the stone dragon would result in him being thrown to the ground.

The stone dragon was flying very smoothly as it steadily flapped its wings. Its flight trajectory was very simple and was nothing fancy. It was as though it was afraid to stir the youth riding on its back.

Shi Xiaobai could only see the youth’s back, but the youth’s back view made it unlikely that he knew him. However, with the stone dragon flying so carefully, he immediately guessed that the stone dragon was the youth’s mount.

Having eaten rocks all the way, Shi Xiaobai was tired of rocks. However, he did not know what flavor the dragon’s meat which was made of rock was. Immediately, he felt a strong craving for it that drove him mad.

But if the stone dragon was the youth’s mount, this matter was problematic.

Shi Xiaobai sighed and touched his heart and asked his consciousness if he could really bear to let the delicacy in front of him.

It was a bit difficult!

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and decided to first ‘discuss’ with the youth.

Shi Xiaobai sprinted at full speed ahead and quickly closed the gap between him and the dragon.

The youth on the dragon’s back appeared rather mighty since he could sense someone chasing him from behind. Opening his eyes, he turned his head to give a look.

Shi Xiaobai’s full speed was astonishing, but the youth only flashed a look of surprise before closing his eyes again, as though he could not be bothered with the sudden pursuer.

However, when Shi Xiaobai reached a distance a hundred meters away, the stone dragon also sensed something chasing behind it. It turned its head and gave a tumultuous roar.

The roar was deafening and contained a rather powerful dragon’s might. But to Shi Xiaobai, it was like a delicious duck quacking at him.

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt a stronger craving.

Maybe due to it sensing the hostile intentions of the black-haired youth, the stone dragon hurriedly turned its head and began flapping its wings furiously. It shot out at a faster speed, as though it was on the run.

“Don’t you escape!”

Shi Xiaobai gave out a loud laugh and chased fervently.

The stone dragon was not slow, but it was still inferior to Shi Xiaobai. The gap was constantly narrowed.


The stone dragon constantly roared as it struggled to flap its wings, using all its energy to escape, but soon, it realized that it could not rid itself of the human. Therefore, it could only fly towards the sky.

The stone dragon flew higher and higher, only coming to a stop when it reached hundreds of meters high. When it looked down to see Shi Xiaobai that was beneath it, its large eyes seemed to be filled with ridicule.

A human without wings could only stare helplessly from the ground!

Shi Xiaobai was amused. He was unable to fly, but he had cultivated his sword techniques to a particular realm. Unless the dragon could fly to a height tens of thousands of meters high, there was no way it could escape his grasp.

Shi Xiaobai noticed that the youth on the dragon’s back was composed, so he did not plan on holding back.

There was a price to pay to posture in front of him!

A black sword appeared in Shi Xiaobai’s hand. With his Sword Truth activated, Shi Xiaobai slashed upwards with the sword.

A golden sword beam shot towards the sky like a rocket, as it blasted at the stone dragon’s belly, in an attempt to rip it apart.

The stone dragon hurriedly lowered its head and opened its mouth. It spewed a beige-colored dragon’s breath that was ice-cold at the golden sword beams.


The two forces collide and immediately an explosion bloomed like a golden light show.

But out of the sparks and smoke, a transparent sword beam shot straight at the stone dragon’s belly like a cicada casting off its skin.

A translucent sword beam was contained within the golden sword beam. This sword within a sword attack was a move Shi Xiaobai thought off after countless of his sword beams had been resisted.

The stone dragon clearly did not expect the human to have such an ingenious method and was momentarily at a loss. It watched as the translucent sword beam nearly struck its belly.

At this moment, the youth on the dragon’s back finally opened his eyes once again. A silver light flashed from his normal-looking eyes.

Without making any movement, a silver shield appeared in front of the stone dragon’s belly. With a clang, the sword beam collided with the barrier as both of them shattered.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up slightly. The second translucent sword beam was weaker, to begin with. After being retarded by hundreds of meters, it was not a surprise for it to be blocked. However, the silver shield looked somewhat odd.

How did the youth, who was sitting on the dragon’s back, conjure a shield so precisely with the dragon’s body separating him?


As Shi Xiaobai ran, he gathered energy and slashed at the stone dragon in the sky once again.

A golden Bladestorm stirred as sword beams swept towards the stone dragon like arrows.

The sword beams surged disorderly while it was mixed in the wind. The youth pricked up his eyebrows and his hands that were crossed against his chest finally extended out straight.

The youth stretched out the index finger on his right hand as a silver halo bloomed on his fingertip. He quickly drew in the air what looked like a magical incantation.

A gigantic silver shield appeared beneath the stone dragon, covering its entire body.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

More than a hundred golden beams struck the silver shield, causing the silver shield to quiver incessantly, and very soon, cracks began to appear, as though it was about to shatter at any moment in time.

But only up to the final sword beam’s strike, did the precarious silver shield shatter!

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback.

Was this a coincidence? Or was it calculated ahead of time?

This youth was not a simple person!

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt his fighting spirit stir. It was not going to be easy to eat the stone dragon, but the harder it was to obtain it, the more compelling it was!

Shi Xiaobai was contemplating how he could slaughter the stone dragon that was hundreds of meters in the air with an inclination to fly even higher, under the ‘aloof’ youth’s hands.

At this moment, a shout came from the sky.

“Watch your feet!”

It appeared to be a shout from the youth.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as he suddenly felt an inkling of danger. He immediately came to a halt, and thankfully, Crab Steps possessed a deceptive trait to it. The level of changes he could do was what most movement techniques could not match, so Shi Xiaobai was able to seemingly violate the principle of inertia as he came to a sudden stop.

After coming to a stop, Shi Xiaobai looked in front of him. In front of him was a wide ravine hundreds of meters across!

The ravine spread through the desolate desert without any end in sight. It looked like endless darkness, and the gap that spanned hundreds of meters was impossible to cross with one’s strength alone.

If not for the youth’s reminder, and Shi Xiaobai’s perception of danger, he might have plunged headlong into the ravine while he was fully focused on the sky.

Shi Xiaobai did not have wings after all. He had no way to forcefully cross a ravine. From the looks of it, he could not succeed in his chase.

The stone dragon seemed to discover this as it raised its head and roared, as though it was cheering how it had finally shaken the human off.

Shi Xiaobai pouted. Food that was nearly in his mouth had flown away. It was infuriating!

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt famished from his anger. Taking out a rock from his pocket, he stuffed it into his mouth and chewed on it.

Hey, this rock was beef-flavored. It had quite a nice chew to it.

Shi Xiaobai began devouring the rocks to vent his anger, secretly swearing to slaughter that stone dragon the next time he encountered it, so as to have a taste of stone dragon meat.

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of the wind that echoed above him.

Shi Xiaobai looked up and saw the stone dragon that had already fled return!

Huff, puff….

The stone dragon flew closer and landed beside Shi Xiaobai.

The stone dragon warily watched Shi Xiaobai with great hostility, while on full alert. Clearly, it had flown back reluctantly.

Then, it had to be the youth on the dragon’s back that flew back because of something?

Indeed, the youth’s voice was immediately heard from the stone dragon’s back.

“This brother, can I buy some food from you?”

The youth leaped from the stone dragon’s back and stared at Shi Xiaobai with burning eyes.

Shi Xiaobai found it somewhat amusing.

He was planning on eating the stone dragon the youth was riding, but now, the youth was trying to buy food from him?

What food did he have to offer?

But seeing how the youth had warned him to watch his feet despite it being superfluous when it came to him, the youth did not appear to be someone wicked. As such, there was no reason for Shi Xiaobai to give him a stinky face.

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said, “Sorry, This King does not have any food to sell.”

The youth’s eyebrows pricked up, clearly unaccustomed with Shi Xiaobai’s way of addressing himself. However, he quickly pointed his fingers at the rock in Shi Xiaobai’s hand and said with a laugh, “Isn’t that food? You must have quite a lot in your pockets.”

The rock in Shi Xiaobai’s hand had been bitten through halfway. Regardless of who it was, the rock looked like food that resembled a rock, if not, how could anyone eat it?

But Shi Xiaobai knew very clearly that the rock was not really food, but because there was a problem with his body. He could only say, “Sorry, this is not food, but a rock.”

The youth frowned slightly and seemed somewhat unhappy. He said, “Brother, the thing seems like a rock, but the both of us know that it’s actually rock cake, a famous delicacy in the capital. I have not eaten for some time now, and I’m having a craving suddenly after seeing it. If you can’t bear to part with it, just say so directly. Why is there a need to give such a lame excuse? I saw you eat a few of the rock cakes with my own eyes. The one in your hand is bitten halfway. Are you telling me that you are eating rocks?”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent. Indeed, he was eating nothing other than rocks.

But if he said so, the youth would probably believe that he was treating him for a fool.

Shi Xiaobai could only shake his head and said, “It’s really a rock.”

Shi Xiaobai was reluctant to scam others. After all, the youth had warned him to be careful.

The youth sighed and said, “Are you willing to sell a slice of rock cake for 100,000 bucks?”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback.

The youth immediately stretched out two fingers, “200,000?”

Shi was somewhat startled, unsure of a response.


The youth said with a heavy tone, “A million. A million to buy a slice of that rock cake. How about it?”

Shi Xiaobai felt helpless.

Spending a million to buy a rock…

Sigh, this matter was so hard to refuse!

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